‘Blood Free’ Ending Explained: Is Chae-Woon Dead? Will There Be A Season 2?


The ending of Blood Free is one of those open-ended, no-closure kinds of endings that makes you wonder if there’s going to be a second season with a revenge story or if it’s simply one of those dystopian endings where the bad guy wins all. I’m not sure if what I make of the ending is worse than what the show planned, but well, here we are, so take everything I say with a pinch of salt. If you can’t tell already, I’m deeply disappointed by the end of the series. Blood Free is a sci-fi drama that tells the story of South Korea’s cultured meat business. Pioneered by the CEO, Yun Ja-Yu, the company is the first of its kind and globally massive. However, as a significant hero’s uncle once said, “With great power comes great responsibility,” and with great innovation comes great hatred. That’s me talking. So, with Ja-Yu’s company gaining global attention, many people in high places start to think she’s got something else going on behind closed doors. On the other hand, there’s DORSON CEO Seonu Geon, whose son is the current prime minister and ex-father-in-law is the ex-president of the country (wow, that’s a mouthful). 

Spoiler Alert

Ultimately, ambitious Ja-Yu, who actually cares for the world and is a good person, ends up on the radar of the wrong people and ends up suffering. But how and why? Ja-Yu’s good-natured work began when her sister fell sick, and later she watched some pigs getting slaughtered. Her twin sister suffered from mad cow disease and died much before Ja-Yu was able to create her cultured organs—illegally,  of course. This leads the PM to set up his own investigation into BF, not because it would be helpful for the country but for selfish reasons. Apparently, that’s all the Seonu family is really good for. So this leads to a huge beef between Ja-Yu and Seonu Jae, while Chae-Woon, the bodyguard, gets stuck in the middle. Chae-Woon’s role in the show is to be a righteous man who always does the right thing and doesn’t care whose team he’s on. However, Chae-Woon is stuck doing everyone’s dirty work, and by the end of the series, he ends up facing the consequences of that. 

What Will Seonu Jae Do With Ja-Yu’s Research? 

Seonu Jae seems genuinely disappointed when he hears of Ja-Yu’s death. I guess it’s because there’s no way he can know what’s really in her research without her, and maybe she’s the only person he can hold accountable. Also, she’s the only person who knows what he’s really like and is willing to put up a fight with him, so maybe it excites him in some way. Anyway, I’m certain if there’s a second season, he’s going to try and find out if she’s really dead or not. What he can do with all her research at his father’s company, which is now his, is culture those organs and use them for himself, but also sell them to the highest bidder. The exact opposite of what Ja-Yu planned to do. Ja-Yu wanted to create a product that was accessible to the common man. She didn’t want to make people immortal; she just wanted to help people in need, like her sister. Now, with her research in the wrong hands, it’s probably going to be misused by the powerful. I don’t see how Seonu Jae is any different from Seonu Geon. 

What’s On San Planning? 

I’ve always had my doubts about San. Despite his undeniable support for Ja-Yu, there’s something about him that seems to be an act. Maybe he’s actually somewhat evil? At the end of the show, he warns assistant Jung that she might end up like Professor Kim or the engineer. What prompts him to say this? Seonu Geon will be imprisoned anyway, so who is really around to go after her except for himself, of course? Maybe he’s the one who killed Kim? Plus, Jung did hurt Ja-Yu, so maybe it’s his love for Ja-Yu that made him threaten her that way. Also, I’m pretty sure Jung remembers everything after we see her tearful eyes while talking to her doctor, which implies that she’s actually afraid. Alternatively, it could be her feeling bad for forgetting everything, but that’s most probably not it. 

Is Chae-Woon okay? 

Okay, hear me out on this theory, but at the end of the series, when the camera moves through the entire empty lab and lands in the one secret room, and then we hear Ja-Yu’s voice, but we see Chae-Woon’s face, doesn’t it make sense to think that all those fancy doctors used their intelligence and Yongshil’s capacities to brain transplant Ja-Yu into Chae-Woon? It’s giving Y2K sci-fi, I know, but what else can explain this strange ending? Okay, I know, the other option is that Ja-Yu’s alive and Chae-Woon is too, and they’ll get together and fight the bad guy, save the day, and maybe live together happily ever after if there’s a second season. Hopefully, my theory is all wrong, and the ending makes more sense than a 2000’s Ekta Kapoor plot. 

What About the Terrorist? 

We know that Chae-Woon found the real terrorist when he was in Dubai, but not much more. San looks at the pictures, and then we cut to him talking with the prosecutor. On San makes up a story for the prosecutor’s office to make sure there’s no more searching at BF, maybe because Ja-Yu’s cultured organ surgery went well and they need to figure out her hiding their situation. Honestly, the end of the series was quite complicated, so if he got the terrorist, did he free Kir? Is Kir’s family as safe as he promised? I suppose so, again, only because Seonu Geon is in prison. 

Though it is not confirmed, we can expect a second season for Blood Free because there are so many things left unanswered.

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