‘Blood Of Zeus’ Season 2 Ending Explained & Series Summary: Is Heron Dead Or Alive?


The entire power dynamics saw a radical change in the previous season of Blood of Zeus when Zeus passed away, and Heron and Alexia were accepted into Olympus. A lot of gods and demigods didn’t like the fact that Zeus favored Heron, but they had no option but to accept the command of the ruler of heaven. Seraphim was still out there, and it was quite clear that Hades might use his power to bring him back to the mortal world. Since Zeus had passed away, his position was vacant, and it was obvious that a lot of contenders were going to fight for it. So, let’s find out what happened at the end of Blood of Zeus season 2 and if Heron and Seraphim were able to come to terms with their predicament.

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Why was Hades supporting Seraphim? 

We got to know in Blood of Zeus season 2 that Hades played a key role in turning Seraphim into a beast. We saw that Seraphim died in the previous season, but Hades made sure that he brought him back to the mortal world just so that he could fulfill his own agenda. Back in the day, Seraphim heard a voice in his head, and because of that, he devoured the body of a dead giant. That voice was of Hades, as he wanted to influence him to the point that he had some leverage over him. Some physical changes happened after that in his body, and he transformed into the leader of demons. He threatened every mortal and killed those who didn’t surrender to him and join his army. Now, Hades had a hidden motive behind supporting Seraphim.

Hades wanted to take what he felt rightfully belonged to him. He always felt that, back in the day when the ruler of heaven was being chosen, Zeus and Hera cheated and got what they wanted. It was Hera who made sure that when Zeus put his hand in the box, he picked up the Eleusinian stone. Because of that act, Hades was made the god of the Underworld, and the downside of it was that he could stay in the mortal world only for a limited time. Now that Zeus had passed away, his position was vacant, and the one who had the stone with him was going to become the king of gods. At that moment, in Blood of Zeus, Gaia had not interfered in the matter, so everybody believed that if somehow they were able to enter Gaia’s hidden realm and get the stone, then they could become the rulers of heaven. Even Ares and the other children of Zeus were after the stone, but nobody knew that Hades was a step ahead of them. 

What did Seraphim ask from Hades? 

In Blood of Zeus season 2, we saw that Seraphim appeared in front of the judges, and he told them very clearly that he did not repent his actions and that he did what he wanted to. The judges told him that if he said that he did not repent, then he would be given the harshest punishment, but Seraphim didn’t care. He told them that he had already lost everything and that he wasn’t worried about the consequences of his actions. Seraphim loved a woman named Gorgo, the daughter of Solon from Kyllini. That woman was killed brutally, and her soul was unable to transcend to the afterlife as, after her death, proper rituals were not followed. Hades told Seraphim that he would allow the love of his life to enter the afterlife, provided he brought the Eleusinian stone to him. Hades loved a woman named Persephone, and that’s why he didn’t want to stay in the Underworld as he wasn’t able to be with her all the time.

But Hades wasn’t given that opportunity, and so after spending half the year with Hades, Persephone always returned to the mortal realm. Hades and Persephone both craved to be with each other, and the former knew that he could change his circumstances only when he became the king of gods. That’s why it was so important for him to get that stone. Hades also revealed that after the last Titan fell, its blood touched the sea bed, and that’s how giants were born. He said that there was a creature that was more powerful than the Giants and the Titans combined. The gods and the mortals didn’t take the name of that beast, as it was said that if anybody did that, then it would come back from the abyss where it was held captive. The power of the beast was put inside the stone, and another interesting fact was that only giants could enter the realm where the stone was kept, which was why Hades chose Seraphim for the job.

Was Seraphim able to take the Eleusinian stone? 

During the latter half of Blood of Zeus, it came to be known that Seraphim was not actually a bad person, and it could be said that he was a victim of his own circumstances. Life had not been fair for him, and he had been subjected to a great deal of torture. We saw in the previous season how his own uncle tried to kill him, and then he had to carry the guilt of killing his own biological mother, Electra. Hades filled Seraphim with hate, and the latter blamed Zeus for whatever happened in his life. Seraphim felt that if Zeus wanted, he could have informed him about the nature of their relationship. So now Seraphim was soaked in vengeance, and more than anything, he wanted to get the stone for his lover, Gorgo.

At the end of Blood of Zeus, Gaia told everyone that there was going to be an open challenge for the position of the king of gods, and anybody who wished to participate could do that. So now all the children of Zeus, together with Seraphim and Heron, were after the stone, and they knew that Gaia had opened the hidden realm, where they had to go and acquire the bolt. Seraphim reached Gaia’s hidden realm, and he somehow managed to deceive the Kouretes, who were guarding the entrance. Hades, all this while, was guiding Seraphim, and he told him that he had to act very judicially about the challenges that Gaia gave him once he entered her realm. Seraphim had to face three challenges, and even Heron had to go through the same process. In the end, Heron was able to get hold of the Eleusinian stone, and he was quite magnanimous in his victory. Heron knew how things had changed in the mortal world: he saw Talos sinking ships for no rhyme or reason and how the Keres had started feeding even on the living beings. The balance of the world had been disturbed, and the first thing that Heron wanted to do was bring it back to its normal state. Heron decided that he would be the bigger person and end the enmity that existed between him and his half-brother, Seraphim. Heron told Hades to give Seraphim whatever he wanted and to let the soul of his lover pass to the afterlife. It felt like everything would be fine in the end, but it was not so. 

Is Heron dead or alive? 

In Blood of Zeus season 2’s ending, Heron decided that everything would be restored to its normal state, and that meant that Hades was going back to the Underworld. Hades’ plans got spoiled, but this time around, he didn’t want to leave things up to the Fates, so he went ahead and stabbed Heron and killed him. Gaia appeared in front of the gods and demigods, and she told them that none of them deserved to become the ruler of heaven. Gaia felt that Heron was a righteous man, and Hades did an extremely wrong thing by killing him. Gaia told everybody that she was going to usher in the creature who should not be named. She took its name, Typhon, and she told the so-called demigods that they deserved to bear the consequences of their actions. Gaia declared that the reign of the Olympians was over and that the Titans would return once again. So basically, in season 3 of Blood of Zeus (if there is one), there would be a state of unrest where, on one end, the gods would try to protect their territory, and the Titans would make sure that they got control of the entire realm. As for Heron, I personally believe that he will come back to life and play a crucial role in the scheme of things. 

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