‘Blood Of Zeus’ Season 3 Expectations: How Will The Gods Defeat Typhon?


The first season of Blood of Zeus had an explosive conclusion, and even though it was open-ended, it wasn’t of the “massy,” hype-generating nature. But the second season of the show has blown the roof off with its mind-blowing cliffhanger. The plot was largely centered around the tragic romance of Hades and Persephone, and the journeys of Seraphim and Heron served as the two major subplots. However, amidst all this chaos and drama, the show kept hinting at this entity, who was so feared that even the gods wouldn’t utter their name. And when Hades decided to opt for violence instead of accepting Heron’s plea for peace, Gaia uttered the words “Typhon” and ushered in the end of the era of the gods, thereby setting the stage for an exciting third season of Blood of Zeus. Now, Netflix hasn’t made any announcement regarding the greenlighting of Season 3. So, all I can do is speculate and pray that Netflix sees the light and immediately gives the thumbs up for Blood of Zeus Season 3.

Spoiler Alert

Will Heron survive?

I think the showrunners of Blood of Zeus are going to end every season of the show with Heron getting stabbed in the chest. It’ll be the running joke of the series, and, to be honest, I support it. But the question is, will he survive the stab from Hades? Well, I think he will. At the end of the first season of the show, the demigod plunged Seraphim’s bident through his chest to kill Seraphim and then lived to tell the tale. So, I am sure a knife-stab isn’t going to be a big deal for him. That said, how is his return from the dead going to change him? I feel that he is going to stop being a nice guy. He didn’t do anything malevolent in the first season. Alexia did point out that Heron gets “lost in the sauce” when he channels the powers that he has inherited from Zeus. However, he never misused it, even when he amplified it with the help of Eleusinian stone. He asked everyone to calm the hell down. I think it was wrong of him to do nothing for Hades and Persephone despite knowing everything that they’ve been through. Did he deserve to be stabbed for that? I don’t know. Either way, what’s done is done, and I think that Heron is going to be quite unhinged in the third season. He’ll eventually realize the error of his ways. Until then, though, it seems like he is going to do some really ugly things because being a nice guy hasn’t paid off for him.

Will Seraphim get to save Gorgo’s soul?

Genocidal maniacs getting a redemption arc in the fantasy genre is a trope as old as time. So, it wasn’t surprising to see Seraphim get the same treatment (the character designers made him hotter than he was in the first season as well) in the second season, especially after his reign of terror in the first season. He was pretty non-violent after his return from the Underworld, and he only wielded his bident when it was absolutely necessary. And when he did what Hades wanted him to do (getting the Eleusinian stone), he got the water from the Lethe river, which would allow his love interest, Gorgo, to forget about the pain that she has suffered after being abandoned by Seraphim and go to the afterlife in a peaceful manner. However, Hades’ backstabbing of Heron and Gaia summoning Typhon is probably going to prevent Seraphim from doing so in Blood of Zeus Season 3. I don’t think he is interested in saving the world, the humans, or the gods. He just wants to ensure that Gorgo is freed from her state of agony. If Hades is occupied with the wrath of Gaia, the gods, and Typhon, I don’t think he’ll have the time to attend to Seraphim’s wishes. In that case, Seraphim has to find some other way to get into the Underworld and reunite with Gorgo. It’ll be a difficult task, but Seraphim is a determined lad. I believe that he’ll get the job done to free the love of his life.

How Will the Gods Defeat Typhon?

During an expository scene between Hades and Seraphim, the former explained that after the battle between the Titans and the gods, it was assumed that the blood of the last Titan only led to the birth of the Giants. But it also created a monster called Typhon. It was convinced by the serpent, Python, to lay dormant so that it could become more powerful than the Giants and the Titans combined. On the day of reckoning, Typhon finally emerged and wreaked havoc. Defeating the beast took a huge toll on the gods, but they did manage to immerse it in the lava beneath Mount Etna. Since Typhon was an elemental, the gods were unable to kill it. That was why the goddess of witchcraft, from Anatolia (she is probably called Hecate), was brought in to bind the soul of Typhon to the Eleusinian Stone. Now that Gaia has uttered its name, Typhon’s soul is free, and it’s coming back for blood. During the first fight between the gods and Typhon, the former were somewhat united. In the present day, the gods are not only divided, but most of them are sick due to Demeter’s COVID-19-esque disease. Zeus is in a pit in Tartarus. The only guy who can wield Zeus’ powers, Heron, is on the brink of death. So, if the gods really want to defeat Typhon, they have to put their differences aside. Demeter has to find a cure for the sickness that she has caused, and I have a feeling that that’s where Persephone will come in handy. Zeus has to be freed to turn the tides in the favor of the gods, which will either depend on Hades or the prayers of humans. Heron and Seraphim have to take a stand. On top of all that, it remains to be seen whether Gaia sides with Typhon or not. If she even decides to stay neutral, well, then we are in for a very tragic ending in Blood of Zeus Season 3.

Will Evios Join the Gods and the Humans?

It’s not a major plot point, but it’s an open plot thread, so I have to address it. While searching for adamantine metal in Heron’s old village, Alexia, Heron, Kofi, and Evios found out that the Keres (vampires) were feeding on the living instead of just feeding on the dead because the fabric of reality had been disrupted after Zeus’ “death.” Evios suddenly remembered that an old associate of his could be in danger because of the ever-changing circumstances. So, he decided to discontinue his journey with the heroes and go help this unnamed associate of his. Apparently, Kofi knew what Evios was talking about, but he chose to stay with Heron and Alexis. Hence, Evios parted ways in episode 5 of Blood of Zeus Season 2 and was nowhere to be seen in the last three episodes of the show. I don’t know who this friend is or why it’s so important for Evios to go and look after her. However, I feel that it will be addressed in Season 3 and there’s  a good chance that this friend of Evios might end up being a key player in the fight against Typhon. That said, if the showrunners are feeling really mean, I guess they’ll just kill both of them unceremoniously. Hence, be prepared for anything.

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