‘Blood Red Sky’ Summary & Ending Explained – A Motherhood Personified


Netflix’s movie description can be deceiving at times. They want you to believe that you are in for a ride if you click on the play button. They captivate your attention with a language that creates curiosity inside you. It’s a mere play of words that market their product, i.e., films, in a very skillful manner. You cannot say no to any movie if you go by their description. For the first, I felt that this play of words didn’t do justice to the film’s content. Blood Red Sky, streaming on Netflix, isn’t just about vampires. It isn’t just about thrill and suspense. There aren’t any moments of tension, I believe. It’s a pure drama, personified as a thriller. When you shed off its skin, you realize that the real marvel lies inside. 

Blood Red Sky is written and directed by Peter Thorwarth and has been co-written by Stephan Holtz. 

‘Blood Red Sky’ Plot Summary

We see an opening shot where there is mayhem and chaos. A plane had been apparently hijacked, and it was making an emergency landing at the Scottish airport. The forces are ready for action, but they see something unusual. A small boy comes down from the plane. The forces try to interrogate him about what is happening inside the plane, and that’s when we cut to the flashback. 

Nadja is getting ready to board a plane to New York. She seems skeptical, though, for some reason. She wears her wig, and we see her talking to a doctor, who assures her that she would be fine once she comes to New York. They talk about some special treatment that will cure her illness once and for all. Nadja had sent her son Elias alone to the airport as she wanted him to submit the bags at the baggage counter as she had some medication in her bag, which she wasn’t sure would be allowed on board. The mother and son board the flight successfully and start their journey. 

A Hijack 

An already messed up situation gets even more tumultuous when the plane passengers realize that their plane has been hijacked. The hijackers take control and threaten the passengers that unless and until a ransom has been paid, they wouldn’t let them off. 

Elias tries to escape to an area beneath the plane’s surface, which he had spotted in the plane manual. Nadja tries to stop him, but the hijackers see her. A psychotic hijacker named Eightball shoots her multiple times. She lies on the floor, spitting up blood. 

The Snake sheds its Skin

Nadja, even after being shot multiple times, wakes up from her short slumber. We then realize that the pills she had been taking were a kind of “vampire suppressant.” The injections were not letting her lose control of herself and were stopping her from drinking human blood. But after the plane is hijacked and it’s a do-or-die situation, there aren’t many options left. She goes to the basement of the aircraft, where luggage is kept. She kills a dog, drinks its blood, and initiates the conversation from a human being to a bloodthirsty monster. 

‘Blood Red Sky’ Ending Explained- The Magical Motherhood

Blood Red Sky is not about vampires. It isn’t about the highjack also. It is about the beautiful bond shared by Nadja and Elias. Nadja is trying to suppress her evil side but is also trying not to harm her son Elias. When vampires see humans, they aren’t able to stop their bloodthirst. It is not in their hands to do so. The urge becomes way too much. Nadja fighting that urge constantly is the most beautiful aspect of this film, making it quite authentic in its approach.

Elias also never gives up on his mother. He believes that no matter how savage she becomes, She would never hurt him. Though in the end, he does press the remote and detonates the whole plane, also killing his mother. That was because he understood that Nadja had now become a threat to humankind. She might still not hurt him, but there wasn’t any guarantee of that fact. Nadja sacrificed herself so that her son could live. 

It’s never easy to think beyond oneself. But motherhood is such a magical potion that it makes you do things that you never thought you were capable of doing. 

This film is about the extent to which a mother can go to protect her child.

Blood Red Sky is a 2021 German Action Thriller film directed by Peter Thorwarth.

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