‘Blood Sisters’ Ending, Explained: What Were The Secrets Of The Ademola Family?


“Blood Sisters” is a Nigerian thriller series that narrates the journey of two sisters who were not related by blood but loved each other to death. Sarah and Kemi have been each other’s support since their childhood days. Sarah will soon be married to the owner of a pharmaceutical company, Kola. While their lavish wedding arrangements have become the talk of the town, there is a dark secret that remains buried in their relationship. Only Kemi knows the truth and wants Sarah to not make a mistake. In an attempt to take control of her life, Sarah faces the demon, but the result is not favorable. “Blood Sisters” is about two strong women who had to fight the prejudice of society to prove their innocence.

‘Blood Sisters’ Plot Summary: Why Was The Wedding Cancelled?

People gathered to celebrate the union of Kola and Sarah, but there was a visible uneasiness between the two. Kola disapproved of the dress Sarah wore the night before their wedding. She had to change and dress according to his taste. His dominance went over the roof when Sarah’s ex-boyfriend, Kenny, forcefully entered the venue and requested Sarah to not marry the man she was about to. He professed his love for her, and that infuriated Kola. He asked his men to teach Kenny a lesson outside the venue. Kola sat in his room ranting with anger when Sarah entered to have a word with him. He doubted Sarah and asked if she was in contact with Kenny during the time. She replied that Kenny contacted her from different numbers, but she did not respond to his requests. Kola did not care whether or not Sarah showed interest; he was enraged, knowing that they were in contact. Kola’s monstrous self took over, and he physically abused Sarah.

At the dinner, Kola pretended as if nothing had happened between the two, holding Sarah’s hand when her father raised a toast. Kemi noticed Sarah’s demeanor and went up to her room to have a word with her. Sarah acted to be fine, but the pain from the abuse made her weak. She confided in Kemi the truth. Kemi was shocked that the abuse had not stopped. Sarah had previously talked to Kola regarding the physical torture, and he had promised to never do the same again. Kemi advised Sarah to call off the wedding before it was too late since Kola was a beast and there was no other way to deal with it.

In an attempt to call off the wedding, Sarah spoke to her mother. She explained how she was a victim of an abusive relationship. Her mother asked her to wipe her tears away and continue with the wedding. They were living a luxurious life only because of Kola and his family. Her father had even taken a loan from the Ademola family, and it was only through marriage that they could strengthen their bond. Her mother tried to establish that there was a lot more at stake than her well-being. On the wedding day, Kemi asked Kola to meet Sarah in her room as she would only marry after she had a conversation with him. With Kemi’s support, Sarah was able to say that she could not marry him. She was scared of the person Kola was and could not commit to him for a lifetime. Kola could not take no for an answer; he was worried about the image the cancellation of the wedding would create. Some people came from other countries to attend the ceremony, and calling off the wedding would also harm his family’s reputation. Since words could not pursue Sarah, he started to choke her with anger, cursing her for trying to ruin him. Just when Sarah was gradually losing consciousness, Kemi entered the room and attacked Kola behind his head with an object, but that did not stop him. He hit back and continued to choke Sarah. During his scuffle with Kemi, he had dropped a gun. Kemi grabbed hold of the gun and shot Kola behind his head.

The series focuses from thereon on how Sarah and Kemi try to escape from the tragic incident of the wedding night. While the murder was out of self-defense, they knew that no one would believe them or would try to help them. The Ademola family was influential, and there was no way they could escape their ruthless hunt for the murderers.

How Was Kola’s Body Discovered?

The sudden disappearance of Kola on his wedding night created suspicion, though his mother believed that her son had realized he was making a mistake and fled. She disliked Sarah since she did not belong to a rich family and the cancellation of the wedding was what she had always hoped for. Sarah and Kemi maintained that Kola had indeed entered Sarah’s room to discuss a personal matter, after which they made up, and he left. The body was kept in Sarah’s bathroom at the hotel. They attempted to dismember the body, but they could not bring themselves to do it. After beheading Kola, they went for an alternate plan to get rid of the body. They dressed as the hotel staff, carried his body and head in a laundry bag, and secured it in the trunk of their car. They drove away and buried him in an empty spot. Sarah met Kenny and narrated the whole incident to him. She needed someone to share the emotional turmoil she was going through.

While they planned to leave the country, the body was discovered by stray dogs, and the police started investigating the case. Sarah and Kemi were questioned by Inspector Slo Jo Obasanjo. They shared the story that they had agreed upon. When Kenny was taken away for questioning, Kemi was worried, knowing that he knew that he knew the truth. They decided to flee their house. Kenny spoke about Kola’s abusive nature, but he did not share Sarah’s secret. The best friends ran away and hid in the crowded slums of Lagos. Taking off their wigs and glamorous clothing, they blended with the crowd. Kenny started to help them escape and promised to arrange for the passports to help them flee the country.

As the two friends were missing, suspicion was raised. Kola’s mother, Uduak Ademola, wanted to get hold of the girls, and she employed Uncle B, her trusted assistant, to help find them anyhow.

Who Was Blade? How Was Femi Ademola Connected To The Case?

While Kola was murdered by Kemi and Sarah, it was his elder brother, Femi Ademola, who wanted him dead. He had hired a professional killer to end his brother’s life on the wedding night. He was extremely jealous of the fact that Kola was the head of the family company, even though he was the eldest son. That bitterness grew over the years, and with the support of his wife, Olayinka, he planned to remove his brother from his path of success forever.

He hired a hitman named Blade. Blade had endless crimes to his name and was well known by the police department. He arrived at the wedding venue and was determined to end Kola’s life, but Kola figured out his ill intentions. With one look at Blade, Kola knew his life was in danger. He intentionally made Blade follow him to the hotel corridor, where he got hold of him and his gun. With the gun in his hand, Kola questioned Blade about the person who hired him. Even before Blade answered, he knew Femi was behind the fiasco.

After handing Blade over to security, Kola informed Femi that his plan to murder his brother was destroyed. He then went to his sister, Timeyin Ademola, and asked her to look for Femi if anything happened to him. This became crucial as Timeyin doubted Femi for the loss of her brother’s life.

The police doubted Blade from the moment they retrieved his gun. Inspector Obasanjo could not dismiss the involvement of Blade. When he met with Timeyin at the rehabilitation center she was kept in, she informed him that Kola had doubted Femi’s intention before being murdered. His doubt was further confirmed when Blade was shot after he started to join the pieces of the puzzle. It was Olayinka who orchestrated the murder since Blade was asking for money to keep her husband’s name out of trouble. The death of Kola was a boon for Femi and Olayinka as he took over the role of CEO of the company, and they murdered Blade to keep their troubles away. Even though the Inspector doubted Femi, he could not arrest him since the system was in support of the Ademola family.

‘Blood Sisters’ Ending Explained: What Were The Secrets Of The Ademola Family?

As Sarah and Kemi were planning to run away, Uncle B caught hold of them, and they had to burn down the hut they were staying in to escape from him. While Uncle B informed the Police Superintendent about the whereabouts of the sister, Kemi called Kola’s friend, Akin, whom she trusted and confessed the truth to. While Akin did not know that his friend was violent, he started asking Kola’s ex-girlfriends about his nature behind closed doors. He met Princess, one of Kola’s lovers, whose one eye was covered with cloth. She explained that it was Kola who did that to her. He used to physically torture her, and after turning her blind in one eye, he warned her to stay still and sketched a picture of her. He was a heinous man, and Akin was determined to find evidence to prove that the girls acted in self-defense. While investigating Kola’s house, he discovered a secret room that sheltered Kola’s dark truth. The room had paintings of various women, and amidst it was a collection of sketches of women who were drawn after being tortured or violated. Among those women was Sarah, and that was enough to prove the truth. He contacted the Inspector and shared with him all that he had found. Even though the Inspector was convinced that the women murdered Kola to protect themselves, the department was not in favor of the idea as they were paid by the Ademola family to find the girls.

Uncle B shared the location of Kemi’s grandmother’s house with the police to arrest them. The girls were found and taken into custody. Kola’s mother rejoiced at the news and asked them to bring the girls to the old factory warehouse. Timeyin overheard the conversation and requested her mother to take her along. The mother took her son and daughter to the warehouse, and the girls were brought in front of the Ademola family. Uduak asked her son, Femi, to shoot the girls to prove that he was truly the head of the family. With a gun in his hand, Femi struggled to find the courage to shoot them as Sarah started to speak about her abusive relationship with Kola and how they acted out of fear. Femi could not make himself do it, and that is when Timeyin stepped up. She took the gun, saying that by executing the girls, she would prove her commitment to the family. The mother was heavily impressed. But instead of shooting the girls, she shot Uncle B. She pointed the gun at her mother and started to spill the secret of the family. Her mother never liked her because of the bond she shared with her father. Timeyin reminded her of her late husband, whom she had murdered. Uduak was having an affair with a minister. Kola was their son, and her husband had learned the truth. She then got her husband killed. Femi did not know about it; he was taken by surprise. Their mother agreed that she was indeed guilty of the crime, but she challenged her daughter to take action. Timeyin released Sarah and Kemi, and as they were escaping, they were found by the Inspector. Timeyin had notified him about the family meeting at the warehouse and asked him to join them. In a moment of rage and indecisiveness, she shot Femi and his wife. As she held the gun to her mother’s head, the Inspector asked her to not take the step, but she wanted to end the madness of the family that was rooted in her mother. In the end, she simply replied that it was done, and the screen turned black. The series leaves room for interpretation, though going by the words and the determination on her face, it perhaps means that she had already decided to shoot her mother, and that is what she would do in the end.

The mother knew about her son’s abusive nature, yet she never stopped him. She believed that every woman that her son dated deserved it in some way or the other. Her son was a good man, according to her, and he was meant to get whatever his heart desired. Born out of wedlock, Kola was special to Uduak, and she trusted him with the company over the children she shared with her late husband. “Blood Sisters” takes the issue of an abusive relationship and binds it with the murder thriller elements. A particular scene that highlights the issue of how women are considered guilty even before proven to be so was when the security guard at the hotel spoke about how the bride-to-be was responsible for the disappearance of the groom since she seemed controlling and that might be the reason why he eloped. Along with the gender biases, there was the difference in status that added to the assumption that it must be the poor girl from the village who could not satisfy the needs of the wealthy businessman. “Blood Sisters” manages to hold on to the audience’s interest with one revelation after another.

“Blood Sisters” is a 2022 Drama thriller series created by Temidayo Makanjuola.

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