‘Bloody Daddy’ Ending, Explained: Does Sumair Rescue His Son?


Bloody Daddy tells the story of a corrupt NCB officer, Sumair Azad, who steals a bag of cocaine with the help of his colleague, Jaggi. Since the robbery ended with a killing, officers Aditi Rawat and Sameer Singh began an investigation into the matter. Meanwhile, Sikandar Chowdhary, a hotel owner and mob boss, holds Sumair’s son, Atharv, hostage until Sumair returns his bag of cocaine. Since Sumair is already failing to be a good father and is being hounded by his ex-wife for being so irresponsible, he forgets about earning any money from the drugs and decides to give back the bag to Sikandra and rescue his son. But he goes to Sikandar with just one of the packets and hides the rest in the vents of the bathroom with the intention of giving it to Sikandar as soon as Atharv is safe. This plan of his is ruined by Aditi, who shifts the bag from the men’s toilet to the women’s toilet. And by the time Sumair figures out the location of the bag, Hameed Shaikh enters the picture since he’s the one who has paid Sikandar to give him the drugs.

Spoilers Alert

Sumair Tries To Dupe Hameed And Sikandar With Flour

While Sameer takes the bag from the women’s toilet, Sumair frantically searches for it, only to learn that it has probably been confiscated by either Sameer or Aditi. He knows that he won’t get his son back if he doesn’t give Sikandar the drugs. So, he decides to rope in two cooks from the kitchen to craft a stupid ruse. He plans to give Sikandar a duffle bag full of flour packets because flour looks just like cocaine. To make sure that Sikandar or his associates don’t check if it’s flour or cocaine, he tampers with the chain of the bag so that it doesn’t open immediately.

Sumair goes to Bunty, the bartender, and lies to him about Sikandar’s anniversary. He tells him to get to Sikandar’s office in about 5 minutes with two other hotel employees. Little does Bunty know that Sumair wants to make them look like NCB officers who are there to bust the drug racket. Sumair’s plan works because he manages to usher Hameed out of the premises with the bag full of flour packets and convinces Sikandar to give his son back to him. It’s only after Hameed checks one of the packets in his car that he realizes he has been duped. Hameed holds Sikandar responsible for this act of deception, but Sikandar knows that it’s Sumair’s doing. So, he orders Vicky to stop Sumair from taking his son to safety and re-kidnaps Atharv.

Sumair Convinces Aditi That He Is Working Undercover

Sameer tries to get Aditi off his back, or else she’ll discover that he’s in all this because of the drugs. Instead of doing so, she goes after Sumair, who corners her and tries to learn where she has kept the bag. When she refuses to give up the information, Sumair lies and says that he has been working undercover for the NCB all this time and that this has been a complex ploy to catch a mole in their department. He explicitly states that Jaggi is a dirty cop and insinuates that Sameer is the big-time dirty cop that Jaggi is working for. After some pushing and shoving, Aditi reveals that the bag full of drugs is in the ladies’ toilet. It’s not there, though, because Sameer has moved it into his car. But neither Sumair nor Aditi is aware of that. So, Sumair makes his way to the washroom. He’s stopped in his tracks by Sameer, thereby leading to one of the worst edited fight sequences in the history of Indian cinema.

Of course, Sumair beats Sameer and meets up with Jaggi to acquire the gun that he asked him to bring over to the hotel. Jaggi, who is in cahoots with Sameer, tries to convince Sumair to forget about the bag and just get Atharv and get out of there. However, Sumair is hellbent on baking his cake and eating it too. So, he inadvertently gets Jaggi killed and learns that he was working with Sameer all this time. He kidnaps Hameed and coaxes Sikandar to kill him. During all this mess, Sumair gets knocked out and is forced by Sikandar to reveal the location of the bag. With no other option left, Sumair takes Sikandar to the ladies’ bathroom. When he finds out that the bag isn’t there (it’s in Sameer’s car, FYI), he knocks out Sikandar and makes a run for it through the vents.

‘Bloody Daddy’ Ending Explained: How Does Sumair Rescue His Son?

In order to learn about the location of his son, Sumair follows Bunty (the bartender) as he goes to the room where Atharv has been held hostage to deliver his pretentious meals. Sumair proceeds to destroy everyone in his vicinity and then escapes with Atharv. This leads into a couple of horribly edited action sequences, with a cheap version of Hans Zimmer’s score from The Dark Knight punctuating Badshah’s lazy song and Sumair finally getting to Sameer’s car. Just when he’s about to drive away, Sikandar and Vicky catch up to him. Rafa (Hameed’s right-hand man) kills Vicky. Aditi kills Rafa. During this chaos, Sumair gets out of there for good, along with Atharv. Sameer arrests Sikandar and takes the bag of money. While driving to the police station, Aditi realizes Sameer is the traitor, and she gets shot by Sameer. He kills Sikandar, as well as the police officer driving the car. The car veers into a ramp, and Sameer tries to make it look like it’s all Sikandar’s doing. But when he’s pulled out of the crash, he finds out that Aditi is still alive, which means that his jig is up. Sumair is rushed to the hospital. Forty-eight hours later, he’s discharged and received by Atharv, Riya (Sumair’s ex), and Akash (Riya’s current love interest). Atharv, who is now convinced that Sumair is the best father in the whole wide world, refuses to go on vacation with his mother and Akash and instead decides to spend more time with Sumair.

At the end of Bloody Daddy, Aditi meets Sumair and tells him there’s going to be an investigation into the missing three kilograms of cocaine from the bag. Although Sumair pretends that he doesn’t know anything about it and even states that he’s willing to help the NCB with the search, Atharv finds out that the cocaine is in the glove box of Sumair’s car. As Sumair drives away, Atharv begins to realize that his father isn’t a hero but a villain. Yes, he spends a lot of time demeaning Riya for being pregnant without marrying Akash, but that’s only to feel somewhat superior and pious. He prevents a woman from getting hurt and then beats up Aditi because he prevented that woman from harm because he wanted her boyfriend’s clothes. And no matter how much he says that he went through hell for Atharv, he actually did it all for the cocaine. Does that make him a bad father? Of course, it does. Why is that even a question? It doesn’t matter if Ali Abbas Zafar thinks Sumair is cool. He’s a bad character, and this is a bad movie.

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