‘Bob Biswas’ Ending, Explained – What Happened to Bob & Mini?


‘Bob Biswas,’ a prequel to the 2012 popular thriller film, ‘Kaahani,’ released on Zee5. It is based on a character who goes by the same name and whose on-screen presence was barely 8-9minutes if put together in ‘Kahaani.’ The eccentric character became popular among the audience. The iconic dialogue ‘Namaskar, ek minute’ was a hit. 

The pot-bellied Bengali contract killer’s role was played by the Bengali actor Saswata Chattopadhyay. Abhishek Bachchan takes on the role of Bob Biswas for the prequel, weighing 100 kgs and changing his appearance for the role.

‘Bob Biswas’ Plot Summary

Bob Biswas, a middle-aged man, woke up from a coma after 8 years but had lost his memory. Bob’s wife, Mary, and his son, Benny, took him home, where he failed to remember his life as a father. Bob also learned about his step-daughter, Mini, and the fact that David was Mini’s father and Mary’s ex-husband. After David died in an accident, Bob married Mary. 

Soon, two policemen, Jishu and Kharaj, took Bob away in a car and compelled him to work for the police. They blackmailed Bob for his past crimes and showed him pictures of the people he murdered.

Later, Bob met Dhonu, a fast-food vendor, who owed much of his everything to him even though Bob had no memory of him. It is Dhonu who advised Bob to meet Kali Da as he is the only person who could help Bob with his troubles. Kali Da is the owner of a homoeopathy medical store. Upon visiting Kali da, Bob realized that he was another person from his past who knew him very well. He asked Kali da (Paran Bandopadhyay) for help, and he came up with a packet with what he calls Nux vomica, a homoeopathy medicine. He advised Bob to open the packet later and not inside the store. With the gun given by Kali da, Bob started working as a contract killer again. His first target was Bubai, the drug dealer, who sold a concentration drug named Blue to desperate school kids.

History of Drug ‘Blue’

The story starts pacing when Indira Verma, a police officer, starts investigating the death of Bubai. CCTV footage from Paris Bar indicated the presence of Ishaan and Mini at the bar. The post-mortem report of a schoolgoer demonstrated an overdose of the substance. The doctor informed Verma that the substance was banned after going through the trial phase. The substance was made to increase the attention level among those who had attention deficiency, but it came to notice that those who consumed it got heavily addicted to the substance. The drug was produced by New Life Pharma.

David and The New Life Drug Pharma

The New Life Drug Pharma is a crucial piece in this puzzle thriller. Bob is asked to assassinate Rahul, the investor we were introduced to at the very beginning of the film. Bob followed him to the New Life Drug Pharma company, when memories from the past started haunting him. He followed Rahul and shot him and his bodyguard. Throughout the day, he could remember his time spent with David and Mary. He used to be a couple’s friend and was attracted to Mary. Bob killed David to be with Mary, the memories started disturbing him in his dream. He realized that the person his wife thought he was, was an elaborate lie, and he felt that he had to leave Kolkata and start a new life with his family. 

The Buried Diary

In an attempt to leave with his family and start a new life, Bob searched for the secret wealth that he hid before losing his memory. While commemorating David’s death, it struck Bob that he might have concealed his wealth in David’s grave. Upon searching the grave, he came across a diary that had a list of all the people he killed and the men who hired him. The diary also had a key attached to it. 

Jitu and Kharaj found Bob to question the reason for his inaction. Bob refused to work for them any longer and threatened them by mentioning the diary with which he could reveal the names of all those who employed him to murder. Bob went to Kali Da to return his gun and asked him if he had any idea about the key. Kali Da took Bob inside his store to a secret passage that had several locked trunks. Kali Da showed Bob his trunk and said that he could open the trunk with that key. Bob found that the trunk was loaded with money. 

How Did Mary and Benny Die?

While arranging Bob’s clothes for their trip to Kalimpong, Mary found a gold bracelet. After returning home, Bob found Mary with the bracelet, she said that it belonged to David and was stolen along with his wallet when he was killed. She wanted to know how Bob got that bracelet. Bob said that he could explain it all, but before he could, he was struck on the head by a gun. He woke up to find himself with two unknown men who wanted to know about the diary. Bob answered about the whereabouts of the diary when he realized his family was at risk, but the killers came back to kill him. This is when Mary holds onto Bob and is killed in the process. Bob fights with the men and kills them, but later, he finds that Benny was shot in the chaos.

‘Bob Biswas’ Ending, Explained

Bob was briefly arrested by Indira Verma, but she let him go as Bob would eventually seek revenge that would ultimately help the police. It is also disclosed how Bob was hired for murder by a member of the police force itself who wanted a share of Ustaad’s business. Bob got his gun back from Kali Da and kept all his money at his deposition, and he asked Kali Da to give it all to Mini. 

Bob sets out to kill his enemies, and he takes the help of Jitu to navigate the places and murders the people involved. Many revelations occurred, from how Rahul was an undercover police agent and not a real investor to the real identity of ‘Doctor Uncle’ by the end of the film.  

The character ‘Doctor uncle’ is not visually shown to the audience. He is only spoken of when Mini discussed her interest in medicine; when Bob asked who ‘Doctor Uncle’ was, she replied that he used to work with her father and continued to help her with her studies. The climax exposed how Ustaad was ‘Doctor Uncle’ who worked with Mini’s father, David, at the New Life Drug Pharma. Desperate for some Blue, Mini resorted to helping Ustaad in any way possible, even if that meant killing people. Bob was injured by Mini, but he managed to kill Ustaad in the end. 

After 6 months, Mini and Bob visited Mary and Benny’s grave. Mini still preferred not to share a word with her step-father. Bob complained about the situation to Mary; this was when a notification alert buzzed, and he flipped open his phone to find the image of Vidya (Vidya Balan) of the 2012 film ‘Kahaani’ and repeated the iconic dialogue from ‘Kahaani,’ ‘Namaskar, ek minute’ while looking at the picture indicating all that unfolds in ‘Kahaani.’ Bob continued to live his life as a contract killer.

Kali Da once referred to an image of Kaliya Daman and said to Bob that when Krishna asked Kaliya do you not have anything else to offer other than poison and destruction, Kaliya smiled and replied that God you gave me nothing other than poison to live with; therefore, it is God who creates and it is God who destroys. This becomes important in understanding why Bob continued to live the life he chose. He knew nothing better.

Bob Biswas is a 2021 Indian Language Film directed by Sujoy Ghosh.

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Srijoni Rudra
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