‘Bodkin’ Season 2 Expectations: Is Seamus Dead Or Alive?


In Bodkin season 1, we saw that Gilbert, Dove, and Emmy solved the case, and they found out what actually happened with Fiona, Malachy, and Teddy back in the day. The series didn’t exactly leave us on a cliffhanger, but we saw that in the end, every character was making a new beginning in their lives, and that is why I am here to speculate about the possibilities of what could happen to them in the future. As of now, there hasn’t been any official announcement of season 2, but let’s try to decipher if there is one, then where would the lives of these characters lead them?

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Did Emmy get the job at The Guardian?

Emmy started off as an amateur assistant to Gilbert Power, but as the show progressed, we saw her make certain breakthroughs that helped the team solve the case. It was Emmy who found out that it was Greta’s body that was there in the car that was found in the bog, and we also saw how she threatened the Interpol agents and told them not to arrest Dove if they wanted to keep their reputation. Emmy’s character graph was quite interesting, and we saw her becoming a fierce woman and leaving her timidity behind. There was a time when she got scared when Sergeant Power shouted at her, but the entire case and the incidents that she witnessed brought about a change in her personality.

At the end of Bodkin season 1, we saw that Dove started to respect the kind of person Emmy was and how dedicated she was to her job. Dove praised her in front of Damien, and when Emmy learned about it, she told him that she wanted to work for the Guardian. Actually, it would be more apt to say that Emmy told Damien that she was the best in the business and that he ought to give her a job at the newspaper. If Bodkin season 2 is greenlit, I believe Emmy will find herself in the middle of another case. Emmy had a lot of potential, and I believe The Guardian will provide her with the best platform she needs to launch her career. Emmy idolized Dove and the kind of fearless attitude she had. I believe that Emmy might also find herself in serious conflicts as Dove did in the past. Emmy might once again cross paths with Gilbert and Dove, and possibly, we will see them working on a case together in the future. 

Was Seamus arrested by the Interpol? 

At the end of Bodkin Season 1, we saw that Marcus got to know that Sean was his son, and he tried to reconcile with him. Sean couldn’t gulp down that information, and how could he, considering all his life, he believed that he was from Romania and Edna was the one who adopted her? Seamus decided that he would end the chaos once and for all, but Dove knew that if that happened, she would be extradited back to her country. Dove caught Seamus, and she punctured his boat, which he was going to use to escape from there. Seamus saw that, from one end, the McArdle brothers surrounded him, and on the other end, the Interpol agents were standing on the cliff. Dove told him that he should surrender to the law enforcement authorities as otherwise the rival gang would kill him. But Seamus probably had other plans, and he detonated the bomb that he had kept in the hideout in the underground tunnel.

The ending was very ambiguous, as we saw that the members of the McArdle gang were lying on the ground, whereas Seamus was nowhere to be seen. The general deduction could be that Seamus exterminated the McArdle gang members and handed himself over to the police. If this speculation is to be entertained, then I believe that in Bodkin season 2 (if there is one), we will find Seamus behind bars. However, I believe that Seamus might become an informant and provide information about other major players to the Interpol. He knew how the system functioned, and his 25 years of experience in the smuggling business could be of great use to the investigative agencies. Alternatively, if Seamus was able to escape at the end, then I believe he will go on the run, but that possibility seems slim as of now. There would definitely be other players in the region who would want to take advantage of the fact that Seamus was not there, so there is a huge possibility that we might see other criminal minds rising and getting a hold of the system. 

What’s next for Dove? 

Dove went back to her roots because she realized that she couldn’t keep running away from them all her life. Dove had some serious abandonment issues, and she had transformed herself into the kind of person who didn’t have any empathy inside them. Dove’s mother had left her at a very young age, and even after she cured her addiction problem, she didn’t want to see Dove. Then, the entire chapel incident happened when Dove accidentally set the place on fire, and people felt that she had done so intentionally. Years later, after working together with Emmy and Gilbert, she got a bit of herself back. Dove gave up her job, as she obviously couldn’t continue because of the internal inquiry, and she decided to start her own podcast. If there is a Bodkin season 2, we will definitely see Dove entangled in yet another complex case. Dove said at the end of season 1 that she was hungry for stories, and I don’t believe that she will be able to give up her inclinations and lead an uncomplicated life. She wanted to know the story of the church where she was born, and I am pretty sure she will find something that will draw her attention. There will be some secrets hidden in the sands of time, for sure, and Dove, I believe, will bring them to light. 

Gilbert, on the other hand, had no clue what he was going to do, but I believe that in the future, he will also get looped in if his two colleagues decide to investigate a case together. No matter how odd it might have sounded at the beginning, Gilbert, Emmy, and Dove worked really well as a team, and at very crucial junctures, they had each other’s back. So I hope there is another season of Bodkin and we get to witness what the future has in store for these extremely capable investigative journalists.

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Sushrut Gopesh
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