‘Bodkin’ Ending Explained: Is Fiona Dead? What Happens To Dove?


Bodkin, the latest Netflix crime thriller, follows the quest of a journalist who was asked to accompany a podcaster, and she absolutely hated it since she felt that a real journalist shouldn’t be making podcasts. But Dove had no option because her informant, Krtek, recently died by suicide, and somewhere, she was to be blamed for it. An internal inquiry was launched after Krtek’s laptop was found in Dove’s home, and so her superior at work, Damien, had no option but to transfer her to a place where she wouldn’t be in the limelight. So let’s find out what Dove and Gilbert ended up finding and if they were able to solve the mystery at the end.

Spoiler Alert

Who killed Malachy? 

In the third episode of Bodkin, we saw that a car was found in the bog, and two bodies were retrieved from its trunk. For the longest time, nobody knew who that car belonged to, and Dove, Emmy, and Gilbert knew that the revelation could help them make a breakthrough. From the very beginning, Dove knew one thing: there were a set of people who were only making baseless theories about what happened on Samhain night 25 years ago, and there were a handful who knew exactly how Malachy, Fiona, and Teddy went missing, but they were not revealing the truth. Seamus was involved in all sorts of shady businesses, but somehow, Gilbert and Dove were not able to link him to the disappearances. Darragh’s sudden death made things even more complicated, but Gilbert’s decision to attend the funeral proved to be a blessing in disguise. Gilbert went and talked to Darragh’s sisters, and he got to know two things: firstly, Malachy, back in the day, took advantage of the deceased man and leased his land for a much lower price. The second striking revelation was that Malachy and Seamus were brothers, a fact that had been hidden from them since the very beginning. Seamus’ real name was Jackie McFadden, and Dove learned through the archives in the library that he indulged in all sorts of illegal trade. Dove and Emmy also figured out that he was currently involved in eel smuggling, and that’s why the Wildlife Crimes and Environmental Action Department of Interpol was after him. Emmy had found a small knife in the car, and it apparently belonged to Teddy. That’s how Emmy and Dove got to know that the car was registered in the name of Sergeant Power.

In Bodkin‘s ending, Dove once again went back to Sergeant Power, as she had evidence to prove that the car found in the bog belonged to him. Seamus asked Gilbert to let him see the bodies that had been retrieved from the bog. He wanted to see his brother and his lover one last time. He wanted to know how they had been murdered. He had several questions on his mind, and he told Gilbert that he wouldn’t be at peace if he didn’t take a last look. When Seamus saw the bodies, he realized that though one body belonged to his brother, the other one was not Fiona. Dove and her team got to know that back in the day, Malachy and Seamus had gotten the McArdle brothers arrested, and they intended to take over their entire business.

The “Troubles” ended in 1998, and a lot of people were happy as the tension in the region was supposed to subside after that. But Sebastian’s worries increased as he realized that the McCardle brothers would be back and would definitely come after him. Seamus killed one of the brothers, and the former knew that he had busted his chances of a negotiation. The rival gang might have forgiven him for trying to steal their business, but now it was about family, and they were going to come after him with all their might. Seamus told his partner Fiona and brother Malachy to go into hiding, as he knew that the rival gang members would want to hurt him in the same manner. Sergeant Ruairi Power decided to help both of them, but he had no clue what his own son, Teddy, was up to. Malachy came to meet Sergeant Power that day, but Fiona didn’t show up. We got to know in Bodkin season 1 that Teddy was infatuated with Fiona, who was his schoolteacher. Teddy didn’t like her closeness with Malachy, and so he decided to take matters into his own hands, which was probably the biggest mistake he could have made. Teddy killed Malachy, though I would say that he probably didn’t want the outcome to be so extreme. Teddy did that in a fit of rage, and then his father, Sergeant Bodkin, had no option but to hide the body. He put Malachy’s dead body in his trunk and while he was on the way to the bog, he accidentally hit another woman named Greta. So, the second body in the truck was of Greta, and the poor woman had nothing to do with the issue. So basically, as suspected, Seamus had nothing to do with his brother’s death, though one could say that they both paid the consequences of their actions. 

What happened to Fiona? 

So basically, when the entire Teddy and Malachy fiasco was taking place, Fiona realized that she could use the opportunity to escape from the clutches of her criminal partner and live her life in peace. Fiona knew Maeve from before and the latter decided to help her out, and it was decided that they would go to the island of Inish Mac Tire. Teddy, after giving a fatal blow to Malachy with a brick, came to look for his teacher, and Maeve reacted impulsively and hit the boy with the oar of the boat. Maeve had no clue if the boy would survive or not, so they rowed to the island and went straight to a convent where the nuns specialized in nursing. Teddy was sent back after a couple of days, and his blow had an adverse impact on his brain functioning. Teddy was never the same again, and that was how the podcasters found him singing in that bar at the beginning of Bodkin. What nobody knew at that time was that Fiona was pregnant with Seamus’ baby. Fiona stayed in the convent, but unfortunately she passed away during childbirth. Edna, a nun from the convent, decided to adopt the baby, and she came back to Bodkin with him. Only Edna and Maeve knew that Seamus had a child, and they never wanted him to know about it because they knew how the man was capable of ruining the kid’s life.

During Bodkin‘s ending, we learn that Sean, the guy who was driving Dove, Emmy, and Gilbert around the town, was Seamus’s and Fiona’s son and the apple hadn’t fallen very far from the tree. Sean worked with Seamus, and he was involved in all the shady businesses. We saw that his car was burned at the beginning of the series, and we got to know that it was the work of Maeve and Edna, as they never wanted him to be even remotely associated with his father. The Interpol was still after Seamus, and simultaneously they were also looking for Dove, as her orders had come to extradite her as she was the prime suspect in the murder case of Krtek. Seamus wanted to make an escape somehow, but it was proving to be very difficult for him since, apart from the law enforcement authorities, even the McArdle brothers were once again after him. Seamus detonated a bomb, tried to create many distractions, and played every card he had, but the odds just didn’t favor him. The ending of Bodkin didn’t exactly show what happened to Seamus, but I believe that Interpol was able to capture him. 

When the chaos was over, Dove decided to quit her job, and surprisingly, she decided to create her own podcast. Dove, aka Dubheasa Maloney, could never make peace with her past. Her mother was a drug addict, and she had the most traumatic childhood one could ever imagine. Her mother left her when she was just 12 years old, and she was never able to get rid of the ghosts of her past life. She had accidentally set the chapel on fire, and it haunted her how everybody pinned the blame on her. She wanted to reconcile with her past, so she decided to return to her place of birth and make a podcast about it. As for Emmy, she joined The Guardian as Dove put in a good word for her. Gilbert decided not to make a podcast on the present case, as he felt that he had crossed the ethical line and didn’t have the right to use everything for his own benefit. Gilbert was an honest man, and he wanted to do something where his conscience wasn’t marred. 

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