‘Bogeyman’ Ending Explained & Netflix Film Summary: Was Sultan’s Plan A Success?


Netflix’s Egyptian release, Bogeyman, revolves around the life of gangster Sultan, also known in prison as the Bogeyman. Even though Sultan wanted to walk away from the world of crime, an attractive offer lured him back into the mess. Shokry Durgham proposed that Sultan commit one last crime before retirement. Sultan had to steal a valuable statue from Tohamy, and to do so, a fight was inevitable. The plan was to make Tohamy believe that they intended to buy the statue, but they would instead steal it and keep the money for themselves. Tohamy was accompanied by Saadah, an old friend of Sultan’s. He had previously planned on betraying Shokry with the help of Saadah. They pointed their guns at both parties and successfully stole the money and statue. But before leaving the room, Saadah misfired, which led to complete chaos.

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What happened to Sultan’s plan?

We soon find out in Bogeyman that Sultan never planned on playing it fair with Saadah. Soon after escaping the shootout, Sultan shot Saadah because he had always planned on taking the statue and money all for himself. This was not the first time that Sultan betrayed Saadah; in the course of the film, we are told of multiple instances when Sultan had hurt Saadah in the past. While Saadah was determined to seek revenge on Sultan this time, he always ended up in the worst possible scenario. Saadah was shot, run over, and crashed into, but yet he continued to survive like a superhuman.

Shokry continued to follow Sultan, and he planned to escape. While he was about to leave, two kids stood at the doorway. The little boy and girl claimed to be his children, and Sultan found himself caught up in another dramatic mess. The children presented him with a letter that their mother—his ex-wife—had written. The two got divorced when Sultan went to prison, and soon after, she discovered that she was pregnant. In the letter, she stated that she had remarried a man from Saudi Arabia, and he refused to accept her children. She and her husband decided to leave for Saudi Arabia, and since she had no one else to ask for help, she believed it was time for Sultan to take responsibility for his children. Initially, Sultan refused to accept them as his own, but the birth certificates were impossible to ignore. Malek and Mariem were non-identical twins, and as much as Sultan tried to hate them, it was almost impossible. He tried to get rid of them several times, but he always failed. Malek admired his father, and he was desperate to win his attention, so every time Sultan tried to get them to run away from them, he always managed to get right back with him.

What truth did Sultan learn about his children?

When it comes to the story, there is barely anything going on apart from the chaos that is repeatedly built into Bogeyman. The comedy is derived from the loud madness, and it is while finding out the truth about his ex-wife and children that the film takes a serious turn. Sultan was enraged when he found out that Malek and Mariem were beaten by his brother-in-law when they started living with their aunt. He decided to teach him a lesson and attempted to choke him to death once he entered the apartment. Sultan made it clear that he wanted him to never repeat his past mistakes. He planned on leaving Malek and Mariem at their aunt’s while he took care of his business, and he promised to take them along with him once his job was done. When his sister-in-law tried to shame him for abandoning his children, Sultan tried to remind her that it was their mother who chose to run away from her responsibilities to live a splendid life in Saudi Arabia. She could bear the insult and confessed that her sister did not remarry but had passed away. She had been suffering for the last six years, but she never backed out of her responsibilities. She took care of her children, even during her illness. Sultan was shocked to learn that the letter was written by his sister-in-law because she believed it was Sultan’s duty to look after his children. The kids were unaware that their mother had passed away, and they continued to believe that she was living abroad.

Towards the end of Bogeyman, Sultan was devastated to find out that his son suffered from the same heart condition that his ex-wife did. Sultan realized that his children needed him now more than ever. He apologized to his children for being a terrible father in the last few hours. The thought of living without them now pained him, and he intended to keep them close to his heart. From then on, he wanted Malek to be his Bogeyman and always have his back. Just as Sultan was about to leave the room, Malek collapsed on the floor, and was admitted to the hospital.

Who ran off with the statue and money?

Sultan was busy taking care of his newfound family, and he appointed Soka to take care of the job. Soka had fallen head over heels in love with Salma, the medical student, who, in a strange way, ended up becoming a part of their crazy adventure. Salma had received a scholarship abroad, and she was at the airport when she ran into Sultan and his kids. She got caught up in his mess and ended up losing the scholarship. Salma desperately needed to gather money to continue with her education plan, and when she heard Soka mention the two million, she knew she had to persuade Soka to hand it to her. She proposed that Soka betray Sultan and get the two million from Shokry in exchange for sharing Sultan’s location. She was asking a lot from Soka, but the man was madly in love and was ready to make any sacrifice for her.

When Shokry pointed his gun at Sultan, he immediately knew that Soka had betrayed him. He managed to escape from the tricky situation, and Soka apologized for making a questionable decision. He knew that Shokry would target Sultan’s children, so he transferred them to a safe location. Shokry continued to chase Sultan, and Soka and Sultan ended up crashing a bus into the hospital where Malek was admitted. Police arrived at the scene, and Shokry was arrested. Sultan took the blame for the crash on himself and was handcuffed. He promised to confess his crime once he got the chance to meet his son.

Sultan felt guilty for not living up to the expectations of his children. He was in handcuffs sooner than he had anticipated. Before leaving for prison, he wanted to assure Mariem and Malek that he loved them no matter what. He wanted to become an honest man, and by confessing his crime, he wanted to make his children proud. Malek stopped his father from leaving and whispered that the statue and the money were in the car as it was. The minute Sultan learned he had dollars in his name, he decided not to confess and frame the entire incident as an act of self-defense. Sultan managed to fool the police, and he was a free man once again. He could not wait to have his hands on the bags again, but once he did, he was heartbroken. There was no money or statue left in the bags, and instead, he found a letter. Salma wrote a letter explaining her situation. She stated that the money she took was compensation for the trouble he got her into. As it turned out, at the end of Bogeyman, Salma found the money and statue when she opened the trunk of the car to fetch tools for Soka. She believed it was God who had brought the money to her, and it was her duty to accept it. But the story does not end here. Bogeyman ends with Sultan and Soka traveling to London to confront Salma. They tracked her down after she attempted to sell the statue. Salma was shocked to see them, and she immediately knew she was in trouble. She tried to come up with a story about how she intended to return the money to Sultan by selling the statue. While Salma denied stealing the money, when Sultan threatened to harm her, she confessed.

Bogeyman‘s suggests that Sultan will get his money back, and hopefully, he will leave some for Salma, whose life truly took a turn for the worse. We can expect Sultan to try to become a better person for his children, though, of course, he will always be known as the scary, edgy father at Mariem and Malek’s school.

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Srijoni Rudra
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