‘Boy Kills World’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Did Boy Kill Hilda?


Directed by Moritz Mohr and starring Bill Skarsgard, Boy Kills World is an action-packed dystopian comedy film that is entertaining and perfect for a light watch. Boy was born into a totalitarian kingdom ruled by Hilda Van Der Koy. Those who dared to raise their voice against the ruler were hunted down and publicly murdered. The ceremony was called ‘The Culling’ and it had become a ritual to kill twelve rebellions in a single day, and the entire kingdom watched them die and celebrated Hilda for the power she continued to hold. Boy’s mother and sister were shot dead right before his eyes during ‘the Culling’, and from that day on, he decided that he had only one mission in life—to kill Hilda Van Der Koy.

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What role did Shaman play in Boy’s life?

After Boy lost his mother and sister, he was tortured, his tongue was severed, and he was hung from a tree. Boy assumed his end was near, and that was when Shaman came into his life. Boy’s mother was a rebel, and Shaman was her friend. He rescued Boy and brought him to the forest. He stayed in hiding for years, preparing to confront the Van Der Koy family. Every day, he trained to become a ruthless warrior. Boy missed his sister, Mina; she was his support system, and he often wondered how she would have reacted to his present situation. He missed their time together, and he found comfort in his memories. The Shaman advised him to forget his past, and while Boy had successfully forgotten most of the details, Mina and his memories with her were etched in his mind forever. The Shaman trained him day and night for years, and even though Boy’s combat skills had drastically improved, the Shaman did not believe he was ready to face Hilda Van Der Koy yet.

One day, while selling vegetables at the market, Boy came across Hilda’s brother-in-law, Glen, and brother, Gideon. They were in search of twelve people to participate in the Culling ceremony, and when a woman protested against the tyranny, Glen ended up shooting a random man. This triggered a massacre led by their trusted enforcer, June 27. Innocent lives were lost, and Boy decided it was his time to kill Hilda. Shaman warned him that he was not prepared for the big task, but Boy refused to wait any longer.

How did Boy make it to the Van Der Koy mansion?

Boy climbed into the trunk of Gideon’s car and ended up at the warehouse. His plan was to quietly find out Hilda’s location, but he was once again distracted by the image of Mina. He often thought about his little sister, and she joined him on his thrilling adventure to seek revenge on Hilda. It was while speaking to the ghost of his sister that he ended up revealing himself to Glen and his army of men. Boy single-handedly took down the guards one after the other, during which he met Basho. He was being held captive, and Boy released him. Boy was about to destroy Glen when Basho stopped him, saying that the man could provide them with useful information that could help them track Hilda. Upon questioning Glen, he revealed that Hilda, along with the entire Van Der Koy family, would be at the mansion to celebrate the Culling ceremony. Glen begged Boy and Basho to let him go since he was not like the rest of the family, and he was ready to help Boy and Basho take down Hilda, but before he could be of any assistance, Basho ended up dropping the bench press on his face, instantly killing him.

Basho later introduced Boy to the Resistance, or rather, the only living member of the organization, Benny. The three of them came up with a plan to destroy the Van Der Koys. Dressed as a chef, Boy made it to the mansion. He killed anyone who came in his way as he walked up to the dining hall where the Van Der Koy family was having dinner. Without any hesitation, Boy chopped off Hilda’s head, but as it turned out, it was all a decoy. The real Hilda was hiding in a bunker, and the one Boy killed was a fake. It was all Gideon’s plan, and he successfully captured Boy.

June 27 questioned Boy and she was interested in finding Shaman’s location. Boy did not respond, and after June 27 left the room, Gideon expressed how he too looked forward to Hilda’s downfall. She did not value him, and he believed she was too paranoid to run the kingdom. Gideon secretly passed a scalpel to Boy so that he could release himself and cause mayhem on live television. Hilda’s sister, Melanie, did not expect the Culling ceremony to turn into such a disaster. Boy, Basho, and Benny were responsible for the bloodbath, and Melanie decided to deal with them all on her own. She shot Basho and Benny, but Boy was impossible to get a hold of. He overpowered Melanie and killed her with the camera. It was finally time for Boy to head to Hilda’s bunker, and before he did so, he killed Gideon as well, because no Van Der Koy could ever be trusted.

How was Boy related to Hilda Van Der Koy?

Boy was surprised to see himself in the family portrait in Hilda’s bunker. As it turned out, everything that Boy remembered from his past was a lie that the Shaman made him believe. Boy was not the son of a rebel; instead, he was Hilda’s son. Boy did not watch his mother and sister die; he was the one who held the gun at Shaman and his family during the Culling ceremony. Shaman and his wife were involved with the resistance, and Hilda wanted her son to toughen up and punish the traitors with his own hands. Boy ended up shooting Shaman’s wife and children, but narrowly missed Shaman. Boy went into a state of complete frenzy after shooting the family, and he ran away from his responsibilities as the heir of the Van Der Koy family. He was overwhelmed by the killing, and all he wanted was peace and to spend time at the gaming arcade with his sister, Mina.

Boy ended up in the woods, and Shaman found him there. He poured all his anger and frustration on Boy. He severed Boy’s tongue and took away his speech. He used hallucinogens to make Boy forget his past. He offered Boy an alternative past so that seeking revenge on Hilda would become an obvious choice. Everything Boy believed was true turned out to be false, and at that moment, he did not know how to react. He had spent years focusing on one single goal, and all of a sudden it was taken away from him. He perhaps wondered what his purpose was, and he found his answer when his mother introduced him to his sister, Mina.

Was Mina alive?

Towards the end of Boy Kills World, it was revealed that Mina was alive. The Shaman made Boy believe that his sister was killed along with his mother, but in reality, her sister had grown up to become June 27. Boy did not know that the deadly killer who overpowered him during combat was his little sister, Mina. Hilda held Boy in her arms, but his eyes revealed to her that he had no respect for her. She believed he was a lost cause, and she commanded Mina to kill him. Mina punched and kicked Boy but the minute he gestured the five-finger salute, Mina was reminded of a fond memory that she and Boy shared. She realized that, even though they had been apart for a long time, the man she was about to kill was very much her brother, whom she had spent years searching for.

Mina ended up striking Hilda Van Der Koy with her weapon, and it was the end of the ruler. Mina and Boy teamed up to fight the guards who were waiting for them outside. Even though they were wounded, they managed to make it to the elevator. Mina had grown up to hate the rebel because she held a grudge against the Shaman, who had taken her beloved brother. She admitted that by killing them, she found a sense of satisfaction because she believed that she was avenging her brother. Mina and Boy had grown up under the influence of vastly different ideologies, but at the end of the day, all that mattered to them was being together.

Did Boy and Mina make it out alive?

Just as Boy and Mina were about to leave the mansion, the elevator went back downstairs, and Shaman confronted them. Killing Hilda was not enough, the Shaman wanted to kill Mina as well. He probably would have murdered Boy since he too was a Van Der Koy. Both Mina and Boy struggled to fight the Shaman. He was brilliant with his techniques, and he had been waiting and preparing to seek revenge for all these years. Mina was wounded, and it was only Boy who could save her. Boy had assumed that his sister died years ago, but now that he had found out that she was still alive, he was determined to fight till his last breath to protect Mina. A sudden madness took over Boy and at the end of Boy Kills World, the teacher and his student engaged in combat. The intense fight ended with Boy killing his master to protect Mina. Boy did not feel remorse about losing his entire family because he had come to realize the destruction and damage that they had brought, but when it came to Mina, it was different. She was still his little sister, and he could not afford to lose her once again in life.

Boy Kills World‘s ending suggests that Boy would try to save Mina and take her out of the totalitarian kingdom. And even if Mina does not make it in the end, she and Boy will always be together in the memory they created at the gaming arcade. No one could take it away from them, the memory was the safest place for them to be and protect the love that they had for one another.

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