Will There Be A Season 2 Of ‘Boy Swallows Universe’? Possible Storyline, Explored


Boy Swallows Universe was produced as a limited series based on the semi-autobiographical work of Trent Dalton, which means that there won’t be a season 2. It was never intended, but like most things, we want more of what we like, and considering the show’s success, the makers may be tempted to further the story of Eli, Gus, Frances and Robert. There are a few ways in which this could go, so let us speculate on where and how this story could unfold.

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Would the Bells’ past be shown?

We definitely got a look at the family’s past in Boy Swallows Universe. We saw why Frankie had to leave Robert and how she found Lyle. Her struggles with addiction and the subsequent effects on the family were also explored. But maybe there is something more? After all, the story is semi-autobiographical. We haven’t read the book by Trent Dalton, but we are sure that he has more to say. If it is not in his book, he may have spoken about it on some other occasion. After all, a child dealing with the underworld has to have a lot more humor and twists and turns than seven simple episodes could capture. Boy Swallows Universe season 2 could be a prequel of sorts, one that explores Eli’s interest in Tytus Broz and whether his investigation of the man’s business was strictly about his first scoop.

Will Tytus try to kill Eli?

Considering that Boy Swallows Universe season 1 was a limited series, the expected explanation for Tytus’ fate is that he is in jail, and since the evidence against him has been found, he will stay locked up for a long time. Eli dreamt that Tytus was coming to kill him, before he opened his eyes to the happy ending for his family. However, in Boy Swallows Universe season 2, we may see Tytus actually burning for revenge. He was the kingpin in the area, and he must have multiple operations and affiliates in place who were either destroyed or are scrambling to find shelter in light of his crimes being revealed. They may want revenge against Eli for upending their businesses this way. Also, what is to say that Tytus won’t try to kill Eli from within the prison cell? In the series, we saw that as long as you knew the right people, it was easy to get messages and people in and out of jail, albeit temporarily. Tytus would definitely have some contacts that work for him while he is in prison. He would try to get revenge on Eli and Caitlyn.

Once Eli realizes that his family is not safe after all, he would scramble for insurance for their protection. They may either move to a different place and live under different identities, or Eli can find something incriminating against Tytus that would cause the crime business mogul to back off. Tytus has killed Lyle, a person that Eli deeply loved and respected, so Eli wouldn’t make things easier for Tytus. However, he may not make them tougher. Eli was close to Slim Haliday and Alex Bermuda. They would still have contacts in prison. Eli can simply say that if Tytus didn’t leave his family alone, he would have him killed in prison.

Will Robert and Frankie get back together?

That seems to have already happened at the end of season 1. From the ease with which it happened, we would assume that Frankie never got over Robert but just moved on to different people because he was incapable of a relationship. Maybe Boy Swallows Universe would show the flashbacks of their relationship and the challenges they are facing in the present. Frankie has gone to college and gotten a decent job, and even Robert is working on himself to be a better man. But it is the nature of addiction that one doesn’t need the actual substance to be under its spell. That could come back for both of them. On the other hand, Gus and Shelley may see progress in their relationship. Perhaps they will get married or continue working for the causes they believe in.

Will Eli and Caitlyn be together?

This romance can be described as ‘icky’ at best. Caitlyn should have brushed off Eli’s feelings as a harmless teenage crush, which is what they looked like till the end. The ‘almost kiss’ was unnecessary and awkward. However, Caitlyn is Eli’s first and most enduring love. In Boy Swallows Universe season 2, they may perhaps start out with some tension between them. Ideally, Caitlyn should brush off his feelings and her own, saying it shouldn’t happen. Eli can move on to someone more age-appropriate and finally see proper romance developing in his life. He may be a little hung up on Caitlyn, but she will probably manage it better than she did at the end of season 1. But if these two continue dating, we hope Eli’s family raises the alarm at the situation, though that will be tricky because they owe their lives to him, and there is an element of dysfunctionality in them yet.

Will Eli continue dealing with the underworld?

Eli has a lot more connections to the underworld than he even remembers. Bich Dang is dead, but her son is alive and in prison. Darren may get free and have business with Eli. Or perhaps Eli may chance upon him for his own investigations. Additionally, Bich Dang died after her meeting with Caitlyn. Darren, in a twisted sense of revenge or honor, may try to kill her, ultimately making himself an enemy of Eli. There is a significant subplot to be explored with him. We also did not see Christopher (the brain cancer patient) again. He may come back to be Eli’s friend. Eli is a crime reporter, and his entire life has prepared him for that. If it isn’t a person from his past, maybe it could be a different gang, and Eli will deal with them using what he has learned from Slim Haliday, Alex, and so many more people. Finally, Gus’ visions may get stronger. His arc was simply touched upon in the series. Maybe it will take center stage in Boy Swallows Universe season 2? That remains to be seen. 

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