‘Bridgerton’ Season 1: Recap – Things To Remember Before Watching Season 2


The first season of “Bridgerton” took the internet by storm! Some admired it for reimagining the history of England, while others dismissed its halfhearted attempt.  Love it or hate it, “Bridgerton” was able to create quite a stir. Since season 2 of “Bridgerton” is about to release on Netflix this Friday, let us revisit the important events that unraveled in Season 1. 

Who Were The Bridgertons? And The Featheringtons?

The series is set in 19th century England. The Bridgerton family is an affluent family, consisting of Lady Bridgerton, her daughters, and sons: Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth. Daphne was set to take part in the social season in which eligible bachelors participated, hoping to find their right match. She was one of the most promising single ladies and was even admired by the Queen herself.

The Featherington family consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Featherington and their three daughters. Mr. Featherington was a gambler, and by the end of “Bridgerton” season 1, they lost the shelter above their heads owing to his gambling addiction. In the social season, the three Featherington sisters also debuted. They were joined by their cousin Marina, who was in search of a match as well.

The twist in the tale was that Marina was pregnant, and Lady Featherington wanted her to get married before her secret was spilled. She tried to set her up with an old man who wanted an heir, but Marina was hopeful that her lover would return from Spain and marry her. In the meantime, Colin took an interest in Marina, and she too decided that was her best option considering the situation she was in. The only problem was that Penelope Featherington was attracted to Colin and did not approve of this match.

Did Simon And Daphne Get Married?

Anthony tried to set Daphne up with Lord Berbrooke, whom she despised. At one such gathering, she chanced upon Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings. Daphne wanted to get away from proposals, and Simone had his reasons to remain unmarried , so the two decided to be a pretend couple throughout the season. Daphne and Simon’s love story was not an easy one. When Daphne started to feel romantically for him, Simon chose to distance himself from her to help her find a better match.

Later, Daphne even courted Prince Friedrich of Prussia, but when he proposed to her, she ran away and found Simon in the garden. He wanted to bid goodbye before leaving for London, but as Daphne ran away, heartbroken, Simon followed her and the two kissed each other for the first time. This was witnessed by Anthony. He demanded Simon to marry Daphne, but he refused to do so. Anthony then proposed a duel.

When Daphne realized that their kiss was also witnessed by Cressida Cowper, she knew that the duel had to be stopped and their reputation needed to be saved. Simon explained that the reason why he could not marry Daphne was that he was incapable of producing an heir. Daphne chose to marry Simon anyway, before the gossip column of Lady Whistledown tarnished their name. After their simple church marriage, the two made passionate love with each other, but Simon was careful not to get Daphne pregnant.

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Why Did Simon Choose To Not Consummate His Marriage With Daphne?

It was only later that Daphne found out that her husband chose to not produce an heir, and that he was not incapable as she thought he was. Simon stammered when he was a young boy, and his father disregarded him for that. It was Lady Danbury who helped Simon overcome his limitations and helped him with his education. On his father’s deathbed, he promised to never produce an heir out of sheer hatred for his father. The truth created a distance between the lovers, but they reconciled once they tried to understand each other’s perspectives and reasons. The couple finally gave birth to a boy, and they had their happily ever after.

Who Was Lady Whistledown?

The gossip column that did not refrain from sharing nasty personal details of popular English families was hated by many. The Queen was also among those who wanted to know about Lady Whistledown’s identity. One such curious mind was Eloise, who surprisingly joined hands with the Queen to help her reveal the true identity of the gossipmonger.

It is only at the end of “Bridgerton” season 1 that the audience gets to know the truth, but the characters remain unaware of their identity. Penelope was Lady Whistledown. She was a part of every social gathering, but nobody paid attention to her. She was not doubted by anyone, but she controlled the social circle through her written words. In an attempt to break the marriage between Marina and Colin, she published the news of Marina’s pregnancy. Her plan did work, Marina later left the town with the brother of her lover, who informed her about his brother’s death and that he was willing to take responsibility for Marina and her unborn child.

Though before Penelope could confess her feelings to Colin, he decided to leave the country for a vacation. He needed some time off after all that had taken place. Meanwhile, Anthony, who was in love with a working-class woman, Siena, decided to stop searching for love after his heart was broken. 

What To Expect In Bridgerton Season 2?

As the trailer goes, in Season 2 we have Anthony at the center of the drama. He is in search of a suitable wife, and he is particularly interested in the sisters, Kate and Edwina Sharma. While Edwina seemed like the perfect match according to his mind, his heart wanted someone else. Anthony and Kate secretly admire one another, but will he sacrifice honor for love? Well, to find out, we have to wait for March 25th, 2022, and indulge ourselves in love and royalty!

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