‘Bridgerton’ Season 2: Here’s What We Can Expect From The Show!


Based on Julia Quinn’s second novel in the Bridgerton series, “Bridgerton” season two is set to premiere on March 25, 2022. As the first season of the series set its score as the second most-watched series on Netflix, audiences have high expectations from the upcoming season. The excitement among fans is fourfold as the romantic leads of the season are Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and the Sharma sisters (Simone Ashley and Charithra Chandran). Let’s find out what fans can expect from this season of the series.

Taming Anthony Bridgerton

In season one, Anthony Bridgerton was established as a quintessential, entitled Englishman. To Anthony, marriage was an unnecessary distraction from his duties as a Viscount and the eldest son of the Bridgerton family. Some fans argue that even his rendezvous with Sienna Rosso was mere escapism for him from his responsibilities. However, his relationship with Sienna exposed viewers to the soft side of the Viscount and ignited curiosity about his romantic involvement.

Season two introduces Kate Sharma as the romantic interest of Anthony. Kate’s willful, confident, and witty nature looks like the perfect recipe to tame Anthony’s arrogance, uncovering his better side. The season also promises to give insights into how the passing away of the late Viscount Bridgerton impacted his eldest son. Anthony Bridgerton’s charm is that of an archetypal Alpha Male or Bad Boy that the masses love to mollify. However, what’s interesting in this series is that Anthony meets his headstrong competitor instead of a cliched, naive girl.

The Sharma Sisters

Kate and Edwina Sharma (based on the Sheffield sisters from the novel) are about to be seen in a captivating love triangle with Anthony Bridgerton. Edwina Sharma’s innocent, beatific charm makes her the most desirable debutante in the marriage mart. However, any suitor who wishes to win her heart must first impress her elder sister, Kate Sharma. The forthcoming season will unravel the mystery of why Kate is helping her sister find her suitor before finding one for herself. Kate plays the “suitor filter” for her little sister, quite similar to what Anthony did for Daphne in season one. Perhaps relatability is the underlying factor that draws Anthony towards Kate. Nonetheless, Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley share dazzling chemistry that fans want to see more of!

Indian fans around the world are head-over-heels to see Indians as the prominent leads of the season. While Indian representation in global content has been on the rise lately, Bridgerton stands out for portraying aristocratic Indians of the early nineteenth century (something that’s never been seen before). Everyone is aware of the sheer inaccuracies of the show’s racial representation (like the representation of blacks in season one). Even so, most viewers are letting it slide and are desperately waiting for the lavish seductiveness the period drama promises to offer.

As for cultural representation, the Sharma sisters are seen dressed like any other aristocratic Londoners of the Regency era, with the slight addition of a dupatta. Besides, the trailer’s glance into the Haldi ceremony shows a little more cultural research on the makers’ part. Nonetheless, it is too soon to comment on the cultural representation and the backstory of the Sharma sisters, which increase one’s excitement about watching the show.

The Absence Of Simon Bassett

Perhaps the only disappointing part of the upcoming season is that Simon Bassett (Rege Jean Page) won’t be a part of it. The absence is likely due to the second novel in Julia Quinn’s series, wherein Simon Bassett did not have any significant story arcs. However, fans can only hope to see more of him in the following seasons. The good news is that Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) will still continue to be a part of the season, this time with Baby Bassett! Hopefully, Francesca Bridgerton will have more screen time in season two, which she did not have earlier due to unclear reasons.

The Man In Prospect For Eloise

One of the most surprising things about the trailer was the man that is likely to be Eloise’s romantic interest. More than any Bridgerton sibling (even Anthony), Eloise had the lowest opinion of marriage. She loved her independence and had ambitions that were far from settling to be someone’s wife. In the early nineteenth century, most men would be wary of a wife like Eloise, who could challenge their male ego. Considering these factors, the personality of Eloise’s romantic interest is sure to be exceptional and attention-grabbing. 

Penelope In Disguise

Penelope Featherington is the most admirable underdog in the show. She is a warm, intelligent girl whose potential has always been overlooked by her family. Drawing on her character arc, season one had the most satisfying ending as it revealed Penelope to be Lady Whistledown. The upcoming season promises revelations about Penelope’s journey and the motivations behind becoming the talk-of-the-town gossip writer. Things are about to get interesting as Queen Charlotte, more bloodthirsty than ever, is set to hunt her down! Does Penelope’s identity get revealed as Lady Whistledown in season two? Well, we need to watch the show to find out!

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