‘Bulgasal’ Episode 2: Recap/Ending – Why Does Hwal Live In Hiding?


In ‘Bulgasal’ Episode 1, after the woman Bulgasal kills Hwal, she takes his soul, causing Hwal to turn into a Bulgasal himself. She has become a human after taking his soul, but Hwal kills her, and now, she will be reincarnated as a human. Hwal promises himself that he will follow this woman in her every reincarnation to show her what being cursed by a Bulgasal feels like. Bulgasal Episode 2 follows Hwal’s hunt for the woman.

‘Bulgasal’ Episode 2: Recap

The General’s army reaches the forest where Hwal has already killed Bulgasal. They praise him for his courage, but when they see the sword inside his body, they understand that he has turned into the evil spirit Bulgasal. They run back to the General and lie to him, saying that Hwal sacrificed his family and the soldiers to turn into Bulgasal. The General is enraged that his adopted son killed his own daughter and grandson. People had told him to not take in a monster, but he had still done that.

The General and his military set out to find Hwal. If he cannot be killed, they will bury him under the well. The General promises that he will end Hwal himself. However, when the military climbs the mountain to find Hwal, the General stays at the bottom, knowing Hwal will come to see him when he is alone. Hwal does come to meet his father. The General asks him if he really killed his own family. Hwal answered yes. He killed his own family because he brought them into all of this. If his family wouldn’t have gone with him, they would still be alive.

Did Hwal Find The Woman Bulgasal?

The General believed that Hwal was not born a monster, and he still had a human heart. He didn’t want Hwal to die, but the soldiers found him. When the General tries to protect Hwal, a soldier kills him with a sword and makes up a story that the General died while killing Bulgasal. Hwal watches him and, enraged by the murder of his father, attacks the soldier. While breathing his last breaths, the General tells Hwal to go live in hiding, but under one condition; to never drink human blood.

After ruining his life, ending his family, and giving him painful immortality, the Bulgasal would be born in mortal human life. Hwal is not going to let the woman live peacefully like that. He has been searching for her for years, and in the late Joseon era, a man recognizes the painting of the woman and takes Hwal to another painter who has also painted her. Turns out, the painter was a past-life monster whom Hwal had killed. The painter had killed the woman because he wanted to avenge Hwal, and since the woman had Hwal’s soul, she was killed.

Centuries later, the woman is born as a twin- Min Sang Yeon and Min Sang Un. Sang Yeon can see her past and knows that Bulgasal is after her. She has dropped out of school and doesn’t leave the house. She tells her twin sister, Sang Un, to at least wear a mask when going out, but she doesn’t believe Sang Yeon. Hwal has hired a private detective to find out the whereabouts of Min Sang Yeon, and he succeeds in doing so.

‘Bulgasal’ Episode 2: Ending

Hwal starts following Sang Un to reach Sang Yeon through her. After a while, Sang Un realizes that someone is stalking her. One day, Sang Un comes home scared and tells Sang Yeon that a guy was following her and asked her to show her shoulder. Sang Yeon asks Sang Un to pack her bags, and they run away together. Sang Yeon takes Sang Un to a lady who seems to have some past connection with Sang Yeon. She tells Sang Un to not go back home, or she will get her family killed. In fear, Sang Un calls her mother.

Sang Un runs back to her family, and when Sang Yeon sees them together, she knows they’re doomed. She takes them home and tries to make way for Sang Un to escape. When everything fails, she hides Sang Un and faces her fate. Before going, she tells Sang Un how to find Bulgasal and asks her to find a way to kill him. Sang Un manages to survive a hit from Hwal and leaves the city with her younger sister to go to the lady that Sang Yeon had taken her to.

Hwal comes looking for Sang Un in the hospital after the incident, but she has managed to run away. He also finds the place where Sang Yeon and her sister lived all these years, but they had left before he could find them.

The end of Bulgasal Episode 2 leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions. If Sang Yeon was the Bulgasal, why is Hwal looking for Sang Un? Is some part of his soul in Sang Un as well? Does he want to end her too? Or is he looking for something else that she has? It looks like the revenge story has more depth than what is shown until now. Let’s wait and watch what twists and turns Bulgasal Episode 3 will bring.

Bulgasal is a 2021 South Korean Fantasy Thriller Television Series directed by Young-woo Jang.

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