‘Bulgasal’ Episode 3: Recap/Ending – Why Does Bulgasal Save Sang Un?


Bulgasal often goes to Sang Un’s old apartment to find traces of her. This time, Sang Un is actually present in the apartment, and Bulgasal feels her presence. He tries to break the doorknob, but Sang Un manages to run away. Bulgasal has hired multiple detectives to find Sang Un. In Bulgasal Episode 3, he finally finds Sang Un after years of hunting.   

‘Bulgasal’ Episode 3: Recap

When in her old apartment, Sang Un hears loud thuds on the front door, reminding her of the Bulgasal’s thud that she had heard in her childhood. Scared, she runs away through the same hole in the wall that Sang Yeon had made for her 15 years ago. Bulgasal discovers the hole and realizes that whoever was inside had run away, so he goes outside to search, but police stop him for his suspicious activity. He is pretty sure that the person inside was Sang Un, so he sets out to find her as soon as possible.

Sang Un can recognize monsters when they are around her. Like her previous lives, many monsters are behind her soul. When she is standing at the bus stop, her hand starts quivering. When she looks around, she finds a person staring at her who is not just a human but a monster. It is the same monster who had attacked her in her childhood. She runs away and traps the monster. She tells him to stop following her, but he says he and many others will find her again.  

What Is Sang-un’s Secret?

Sang Un was on a bus when she realized for the first time that she could feel and see monsters. When she and Sang Yeon ran away from home, the bus driver attacked Sang Un because he could smell her soul. She had lived a life like a normal human before that incident, but now she lives in hiding, always running away from monsters.

When the monster almost killed her, she repels him with force and hurts him with a knife. The monster sees some visions from Sang Un and gets scared. All the while, Sang Un lived in fear of monsters and never fought back, but she defended herself for the first time in her life. However, she has no idea how she fought back or what scared the monster.

‘Bulgasal’ Episode 3: Ending

Bulgasal catches the monster who had killed Sang Un in her past life and takes him to the old apartment. He asks him to recognize the picture of Sang Un. The monster finds the picture familiar but doesn’t recognize her, which means he hasn’t killed her yet. When Bulgasal is threatening the monster not to kill Sang Un, the monster says that he smells something which leads Bulgasal to find a red hair tie and visualizes a place with a lot of detergents. He immediately tells his detectives to check all the places with detergents.

While the detectives are searching other places, Bulgasal checks the nearby laundromats. At one of the laundromats, Sang Un is working the night shift in place of her colleague, but the owner is not aware of it, so when Bulgasal asks the owner about her, he tells him that she’s off from work. Bulgasal, however, bribes the owner to get her address. Sang Un is working with her body and face covered. Bulgasal helps her with a task that she struggled to do without knowing her real identity.

When Sang Un is getting off work, she feels her hand trembling. She looks into the CCTV and finds the same bus driver monster outside. He has come back for her, and she is running for her life. Bulgasal, who is on this way, suddenly remembers that the red tie the woman in the laundromat was wearing is the same as he has found. He turns back to go to the laundromat. He sees the monster attacking her and immediately fights with it and saves Sang Un from the monster. She sees wounds on Bulgasal’s face, and when she touches the wound, Bulgsal sees visions, probably from her past life. It makes him wonder what it is about her that he doesn’t know. 

Bulgasal has finally found her, but before he could talk or do anything to her, Sang Un’s sister Si Ho comes looking for her. Bulgasal is stunned to see her. She looks exactly like his wife from past life. Bulgasal saved Sang Un only because he wanted her soul but now, with Si Ho’s arrival, will he still do that? The question arises of their relationship with each other and why they meet in this way in this lifetime. A big revelation could be on the way in the following episodes of Bulgasal.

Bulgasal Episode 3 is streaming on Netflix.

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