‘Bulgasal’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending – Did Hwal Really Kill Sang-Un’s Family?


In Episode 3 of Bulgasal, Hwal meets the younger sister of Sang Un, who looks like his past wife and is evidently her reincarnation. When she sees him for the first time, she finds him weird, unlike Sang Un. Hwal is now stuck in his karma, and his beliefs and morals are tested. He wants to avenge his family’s death, but to do so. He will have to kill his wife’s current family member, i.e., Sang Un. Where will this conflict lead to? Let’s find out what happens in Bulgasal Episode 4.

‘Bulgasal’ Episode 4: Recap

Hwal lives in a solitary house that looks like it is haunted. The house has hardly felt the presence of a living human being. The only human who has ever stepped into his house is Hye Suk, who delivers animal blood to him frequently and knows his secret. But this time, he has a visitor, or a trespasser.

Hwal had brought the monster’s car when he met him the last time. The monster had hidden a high school student he had kidnapped inside the car. While Hwal is out doing some work, the kid, Do Yoon, sneaks into Hwal’s house and even goes into Hwal’s room, where he sees all his seemingly mysterious items. Contrarily, Do Yoon is not scared of any of it and gets clingy to Hwal after they meet.

Sang Un is not feeling safe anymore and wants to move out, but Si Ho has a reason to stay. She is pregnant, and her boyfriend does not want to take responsibility. She cannot afford to move out and start a new life at the moment. Si Ho reassures Sang Un that they will get through this and that she will find a way to kill Bulgasal. She still doesn’t remember what Sang Yeon had told her before dying. Sang Un meets the old lady (who was Sang Yeon’s sister in her past life), hoping to get a solution to get rid of the monster chasing her. The old lady is not mentally stable, but she tells Sang Un the only way to kill Bulgasal is through her. What did the old lady say to Sang Un, and is it really possible to kill Bulgasal?

Why Hwal Encounters People From The Past?

Detective Kwon used to work for the police before becoming a private detective. He lost his job after he couldn’t solve the murder case of Sang Un’s family. When Detective Ku tells him about Hwal, who has been looking for Sang Un for 15 years, he digs for more information on Hwal. Seeing how adamant Kwon is, Ku gives him Hwal’s mobile number. Hwal doesn’t pick up calls from strangers, but Do Yoon spots Hwal’s mobile phone and picks up Kwon’s call. Though Do Yoon is suspicious of Kwon, he gives him the home address. Kwon takes Do Yoon to find Hwal, as he recognizes him by face.

The duo spot Hwal fighting with the rain monster. Kwon runs towards Hwal to stop him, but Hwal is taken aback when he sees Kwon’s face. Kwon looks like his father; he is the reincarnation of the General of Goryeo. First, his wife and now his father, Hwal’s past, appears in his life again. Hye Suk, who delivered him the blood, was a shaman in her past life and knew Hwal. She had told him years ago that one day his karma would send all the people back into his life, either as friends or enemies. It looks like that time has finally come in his life.

‘Bulgasal’ Episode 4: Ending – Is There Another Bulgasal?

The rain monster attacks Si Ho when she is alone at her home, but fortunately, Hwal arrives there and saves her. Si Ho could see people’s pasts in her past life by touching them. She carries this ability in this life as well. When Hwal’s hands accidentally touch hers, she sees something horrible and thus hides it from Hwal. Hwal has an informer tailing Sang Un everywhere. When the informer speaks to Hwal about Sang Un meeting the old lady, he suddenly disappears from the call. Suspicious, Hwal drives to the nursing home and finds a monster attacking Sang Un.

Hwal hits the monster with his car, but the monster suddenly disappears. Sang Un runs away into the woods, and Hwal follows her. Sang Un confronts him and asks why he killed her family. Surprisingly, Hwal answers that he didn’t. On the day of the murder, he was following Sang Un, and when he heard screams from her apartment, he went up to find out everyone except Sang Un was dead. He could’ve killed Sang Un back then, but he didn’t because of seeing her dead family. The monster who attacked Sang Un returns to the woods to look for her. Hwal orders Sang Un to run away.

Hwal and the monster get into a fight, and the monster reveals his real form. He is none other than a Bulgasal. He claims that he had been living for many years before Hwal turned into a Bulgasal. He drinks human blood and is more potent than Hwal. He easily defeats Hwal and runs behind Sang Un. He yells at her for turning into a human and betraying him. Hwal is stabbed by a sword and is desperate. He pulls the sword out of his body, but the other Bulgsal feels the pain too. He becomes weak and falls on his knees. Hwal stabs him with the same sword to make him weaker. He runs away, leaving Sang Un behind. Sang Un tells Hwal that only a Bulgasal can kill a Bulgasal. That’s what Sang Yeon and the old lady have told her.

Sang Un’s belief in Hwal killing his family has been proven wrong, and another Bulgasal who really killed her family has appeared. Hwal has only helped her until now every time they have met. The episode leaves Sang Un and Hwal in a conflicting situation. What could be the relationship between Sang Un and the other Bulgasal? Episode 5 might answer how all of them are connected.

Bulgasal Episode 4 is streaming on Netflix.

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