‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 6: Recap/Ending – How Does Hwal Save Si Ho?


In Episode 5 of Bulgasal: Immortal Souls, Hwal takes Sang Un to the well to take back his soul and imprison Sang Un in the well forever. But before he could do that, Hye Suk arrived and informed him about Si Ho’s disappearance. Eul Tae confessed to ordering the water monster to abduct Si Ho so that Eul Tae could blackmail Hwal. Will Hwal be able to rescue Si Ho in Episode 6?

Detective Kwon Helps Hwal

Sang Un reassures Detective Kwon that Hwal has no intention of hurting her. After finding out about Eul Tae and the kidnapping of Si Ho, Kwon asks Hwal to let him help them. The monster that kidnapped Si Ho has made his den near the water bodies. As a formal police investigator, Kwon uses his connections to find the water reservoir where most strange accidents have occurred.

The water monster is disguised as a security guard at a construction site near the lake. Sang Un feels the monster’s presence, and they start looking for it inside a building. Hwal and Kwon go behind the monster, and Sang Un searches for Si Ho. But will Hwal and Kwon defeat the monster?

The Death of The Water Monster

The water monster tries escape and leads Hwal and Kwon to the top floor, which has a swimming pool. The water monster jumps into the pool and uses the water element to amplify his power. He grabs the detective’s hands and rips them off, but it turns out to be just Kwon’s memory from his past life when the same monster had ripped his hand apart. Kwon screams in pain while Hwal fights the monster but lets him go to help Kwon. Kwon is surprised that the pain he felt wasn’t real. The monster flees the scene and encounters Sang Un, who rescues Si Ho.

Sang Un and Si Ho manage to run away from the monster somehow. Sang Un sends Si Ho downstairs and runs upstairs to check on Hwal. It is unnecessary, as he is powerful and can protect himself. No one is present near the swimming pool when the monster attacks Sang Un again. He drags her into the water, and she starts drowning. Hwal comes to her rescue and kills the monster in an aggressive fight. However, the monster drags Hwal down with him, drowning in the pool. Sang Un sees all of it happen, but Si Ho comes up to get her while she’s thinking of saving Hwal. Sang Un ends up saving Hwal, despite Si Ho’s opposition. With teamwork, Si Ho is safely rescued, and Sang Un doesn’t have to surrender to Eul Tae, at least for now.

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 6: Ending

In exchange for her soul, Hwal has promised to help Sang Un. Only they know of this agreement. The detective initially believed that Hwal was Bulgasal, but he has his doubts after finding out about Eul Tae. Sang Un clears his doubts by lying to him about Hwal’s not being a Bulgasal, but he still suspects Hwal’s identity. When Sang Un saved Hwal from drowning, it reminded him of his past. Bulgasal had saved Hwal from drowning when he was still a kid. He dreams of Sang Un trying to kill him and saying that he would never get rid of Bulgasal’s curse. This shows a deeply buried fear that Hwal has of Bulgasal, a trauma that he has suppressed over the years.

When Sang Un asks Hwal to prove that she is a Bulgasal, he tells her about the scar that he had given her in the past life. Sang Yeon had that scar on her shoulder, which is proof, but Sang Un does not have one. Since they shared the same soul, Sang Un should have had the scar, but its absence only increases the mystery around her. What could Sang Un really be? Hwal never trusted Sang Un completely, and now, she has started to look suspicious of him. Eul Tae has been telling Hwal that everything about Sang Un is a lie. Is it really true?

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls Episode 6 is streaming on Netflix.

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