‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 7 & 8: Recap/Ending – Does Sang Un Remember Her Past?


In the previous episode of Bulgasal: Immortal Souls, a mystery around Sang Un’s true identity is built when Hwal finds out that she doesn’t have the scar that he had given her in the past. Sang Un doesn’t remember her past, and Hwal doesn’t believe her. To start somewhere, he takes her to the place where she lived in her most recent past life. Will it help Sang Un to regain her past memories?

Hwal Reminds Sang-un of Her Past

Hwal takes Sang Un to the village where she lived 50 years ago. In that life, Sang Un’s name was Kim Hwa Yeon, and she was the eldest daughter of her family. She knew about her past and never left her house in fear of being killed by the Bulgasal. No one in the village talks about her or her family, as they believe they are the reason their village is cursed.

50 years ago, Hwa Yeon’s parents and their neighbors were burned to death in a fire, and villagers still believe that Hwa Yeon had set the fire and ran away. Her younger sister had survived, and she was the same old lady who took care of Sang Un and Si Ho when their family was killed by Bulgasal. This is why she called Sang Yeon her sister.

They dig deeper and discover a fire monster disguised as a shaman in the village. She has been setting fires in the village for 50 years and was responsible for the accident that killed Hwa Yeon’s family. The monster is weak and can’t leave her bed, so Hwal leaves Sang Un alone with her and warns her not to enter the monster’s room. She still enters her room to get to know her past, which the monster knew. The monster had seen Eul Tae kill her and also knew his secret, his weakness. When Eul Tae stabbed the knife in Hwa Yeon’s stomach, he also bled, and that’s how the dark hole in his chest was formed. She also tells a big secret about Eul Tae that is hard to believe, but if true, will change a lot of things in both Sang Un and Hwal’s lives.

Will Hye-suk’s Prophecy Come True?

Hye Suk met Hwal during the same fire accident 50 years ago. She was trapped alone in her house when Hwal rescued her. Hwal was going to find Hwa Yeon, but a strange incident stopped him. Hye Suk spoke of Hwal’s karma and those around him. She also mentioned that Hwa Yeon was already dead. Hwal understood that she was someone different and decided to keep her close to him.

Hye Suk is living at Hwal’s place currently with Sang Un, Si Ho, and Do Yun. While everyone is busy watching TV, Hwal notices Hye Suk sitting silently in the kitchen. When he calls her, she shouts loudly and says that someone with no memories will destroy people close to them after gaining the memories. Sang Un is the one who has no memories of her being a Bulgasal. Hye Suk’s prophecies have always come true. If it comes to pass this time, will Sang Un remember her past and really kill everyone around her?

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 8: Ending

Detective Kwon has a personal interest in the case of Bulgasal. His father and younger sister were killed by Bulgasal, and later, in the case of Sang Un, he had lost his job. Despite Hwal’s warnings, Kwon locates Eul Tae’s hideout and stalks him. Kwon’s recklessness lands him in trouble when Eul Tae catches Kwon tailing him. He applauds Kwon’s bravery in going against a Bulgasal alone, and he spares him. Eul Tae’s assistant suggests he use Kwon to make Hwal surrender. Eul Tae denies it and orders the assistant to not touch Kwon.

Eul Tae’s assistant, Duoksini, is a monster that Hwal has killed in the past. She wants her revenge and hence defies Eul Tae’s orders. She kidnaps Kwon and asks Hwal to come and get him. She knows that Hwal can’t be killed, but he can feel the pain. She injects him with strong animal poison and is going to kill Kwon in front of him. Eul Tae receives a call from Do Yun, who lives with Hwal as Eul Tae’s spy. He had asked Eul Tae to not hurt anyone else if his only target was Sang Un. After hearing about Kwon, Eul Tae goes back and bites Duoksini.

Eul Tae is desperately trying to get on the good side of Hwal. More than revenge, he wants to end his painful life. Both Eul Tae and Hwal have been living painful lives because of Sang Un. Sang Un comes when Eul Tae is bad mouthing Sang Un in front of Hwal, calling her a killer who destroyed Hwal’s family. That’s when Sang Un reveals the secret that the fire monster has told her. Sang Un did not kill Hwal’s family, but it was Eul Tae who had taken Sang Un’s form. Her words do not make sense to either of them. Will Hwal believe Sang Un? Moreover, will Sang Un be able to prove it? Stay tuned to find out.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls Episode 7 and 8 are streaming on Netflix.

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