‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 9 & 10: Recap/ Ending – Did Eul-tae Kill Hwal’s Family?


In the previous episode of “Bulgasal: Immortal Souls,” Min Sang Un’s past life sister told her the secret of Eul Tae, that he had killed Hwal’s family by taking Sang Un’s form. Eul Tae asked Hwal repeatedly not to trust Sang Un, but Hwal did not trust either of them. He still has human feelings left in him and does not want to hurt the innocent. Hwal sets out to find the truth, and until he finds it, no one is his friend.

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What Is Eul Tae’s Past?

About 1000 years ago, Ok Eul Tae was born to a local emperor of a village. Eul Tae was a physically weak child that became a reason for his frequent illness. His mother passed away at an early age, which further took a toll on his feeble health. His father wanted to expand his territory, and for that, he needed a worthy successor who could carry on his legacy. The emperor had another son from his second wife, who was perfectly fit and healthy, unlike Eul Tae. Eul Tae overheard the conversation where his father discussed abandoning him in the village and moving out with the other wife and son. Angered and betrayed, Eul Tae found his step-brother and killed him with a giant rock. 

Later, He brought his dead brother’s body home and lied to everyone that he was killed by a Bulgasal. No one had heard of or seen Bulgasal at the time, and even Eul Tae wasn’t a Bulgasal when he murdered his brother. Hence, the episode leaves behind some curious questions, “Did Bulgasal not exist before Eul Tae made it up?” And if Eul Tae was not a Bulgasal, to begin with, how did he become one? 

On a side note, in the current time, Eul Tae has never tried to hurt detective Kwon because Kwon is his father from the past life. Even though his father tried to abandon him, his affection for him has not changed, even after 1000 years.

What Is Do Yun and Eul Tae’s Relation?

Do Yun was born with blindness while his older brother was terminally ill. As a child, Do Yun asked a man to help them, and the kind man has been helping them ever since. He helped Do Yun to get an eye transplant and has been paying for his brother’s treatment for all these years. This kind person is none other than Eul Tae. Despite his monstrous tendencies, Eul Tae helped a little boy when he asked him to. Over the years, Eul Tae has grown fond of Do Yun, and he is his only friend.

Owing to this friendship, Eul Tae asks Do Yun for a big favor. He asks Do Yun to bring Sang Un to him in any way possible. Do Yun has helped Eul Tae in his most challenging times, and he respects him for that, but Do Yun has been living with Hwal, Sang Un, and the rest of the people like a family. As an orphan, he is experiencing a family for the first time and has grown fond of them, especially Hwal and Si Ho. He hears the news of Si Ho’s pregnancy and grows even more worried. Helping Eul Tae means betraying all of them and cutting them off from his life forever. Stuck in a dilemma, Do Yun decides to help Eul Tae, but tells Sang Un the truth.

However, Hwal finds out about Do Yun’s plan and asks him to leave and never come back. He does not give Do Yun a chance to explain himself. Do-Yun faced what he feared the most: betraying Hwal. He has nowhere else to go now except to Eul Tae, but Eul Tae tells him that his brother is dead and that he should go back to the orphanage. Do Yun’s karma hit him instantly, and he was betrayed by Eul Tae. He still gets an explanation from Eul Tae, but Duoksini kidnaps him by deceiving him. Do Yun’s life is in danger as Duoksini can do anything to get revenge on Hwal.

Hwal Finds His Son

Before going to meet Eul Tae, Do Yun receives a call from Si Ho, and he tells her about everything, including his relationship with Eul Tae. Duoksini calls Hwal just to tell him that if she can’t kill him, she can make him suffer painfully. Hwal believes that Eul Tae has ordered Duoksini to abduct Do Yun. However, when Hwal informs Eul Tae about Do Yun, he starts searching for him. Eul Tae does not want Do Yun to get hurt, and Hwal and Kwon are both surprised by his genuine intentions.

When Hwal finds out Do Yun’s truth from Si Ho, he is hit by a sudden realization that makes him regret letting Do Yun go. Do Yun was born blind just like Hwal’s son A-chan, and considering how Do Yun is connected to him in this life, he is the reincarnation of A-chan. Sang Un tags along with Hwal to the Duoksini forest because she can sense monsters. They get Do Yun’s location before killing both Duoksini and her husband. Surprisingly, Duoksini is still alive, and Eul Tae finds her. Eul Tae rushes to get Do Yun after Duoksini reveals what she has done. Eul Tae catches Do Yun and stabs him while they hug. Do Yun calls him brother.

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 10: Ending

In her past life, Duoksini told Do Yun that Eul Tae had killed him and his mother. Although he had no idea of his past, Hwal knew, and if he found out, Eul Tae’s fake show would be over. Eul Tae never intended to hurt Do Yun, but he did. His memories of Do Yun flashed before his eyes before stabbing him. He pretended not to have emotions, but he hesitated to kill his friend, and it will probably haunt him for days to come. This could be the reason why he wants to end his life, which is full of pain, loneliness, and suppressed emotions.

By the time Hwal arrives, Eul Tae has left, leaving Do Yun in the puddle of blood. Hwal is taken over by the fatherly compassion of seeing his son, but also by regret and anger that he couldn’t recognize his son earlier. In the past, his son had died in his arms, surrounded by a puddle of blood. For the first time in 600 years, tears rolled down Hwal’s cheeks. At that moment, it didn’t matter if he was a human or a monster; he was a father who was seeing his son die for the second time. And, this time as well, it was his mistake. Can Hwal save his son this time? The upcoming episodes will reveal further.

‘Bulgasal: Immortal Souls’ Episode 9 & 10 are streaming on Netflix.

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