‘Burning Patience’ Ending, Explained: What Finally Happens To Beatriz And Mario?


Directed by Rodrigo Sepulveda, “Burning Patience” is a simple story of two lovers who become estranged following an argument, but even after that their feelings for each other didn’t fade. It is based on a novel by Antonio Skarmeta named Ardiente Paciencia, which was translated into English under the title, “The Postman.” It is said that it is better to have loved and lost than to never know how it feels to have been loved. The protagonist of the film, Mario, knew that which is why he was not ready to give up on his love so easily. Often, we see that people become way too logical and stop believing in the magic that exists in the world. We let our fears take charge of our lives and forget that sometimes we have to be patient and give some room for miracles to happen. “Burning Patience” touches upon these themes and weaves them into a narrative that has a rhythm of its own.

If you are looking for something unique, a kind of story that you might not have witnessed before, then “Burning Patience” does not have much to offer you. Though there is no great conflict that would keep you completely engrossed, the picturesque landscape of Chile, the poetry, the dialogs, and the innocence of the characters, cumulatively try to make up for it. The brisk pace of the film also works in its favor, as had it been a few minutes longer, “Burning Patience” would have definitely tried your patience. “Burning Patience” belongs to that category of films that might not offer much in terms of storyline but still leave you in a very comforting and cozy zone. The absence of an antagonist, the creation of a utopian world, and the characters who are nothing less than models of rectitude, are some basic ingredients that form the core of such feel-good films. Obviously, the atmosphere, the music, and the cinematography also play a huge role in making you feel like you are a part of a beautiful dream. You might not like the film or maybe find its narrative a bit weak, but surely you would want to reside in such a world that is devoid of any trouble and where everything just flows in harmony.

Spoilers Ahead

Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

Mario worked with his father in the family-owned fishing business until he decided that he wanted to do something else. Mario’s father and mother told him that they did not have a problem with him not working with them, but he needed to do something to support the family. Mario was thinking about what to do when somebody told him about a vacancy at the El Tabo post office. Mario got the job of a postman, and he was told that only one person got letters in the entire neighborhood of Isla Negra. This man was none other than the famous poet Pablo Neruda. Though Mario knew nothing about poetry, he was excited to meet the writer in person. Pablo Neruda enjoyed celebrity status, and his popularity was such that people wanted him to be a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections. Mario started visiting Pablo almost every day, as a lot of people wrote him letters from different parts of the country. The way Pablo expressed his feelings really fascinated Mario. He started speaking in metaphors, and he loved how the poet could depict anything using figures of speech. It was around the same time Mario saw a girl named Beatriz Gonzalez, and he fell in love with the moment he saw her. Mario wanted to express everything he felt when he saw her, but he always got so gob-smacked in her presence that he couldn’t utter a word. Mario knew that in order to impress her, he would need somebody who had a wealth of words and knew how to express love in an enchanting manner. Mario wanted to allure Beatriz with his own charm. He went and told Pablo about his problem, and the writer decided to accompany him to the cafe where Beatriz used to work. Though once again Mario became too nervous, Pablo’s presence worked in his favor. Beatriz gushed over the kind of efforts Mario was making to woo her. Mario started visiting the cafe more often just so that he could see Beatriz and be around her.

Beatriz’s mother, Mrs. Elba, caught a whiff of the romance that was brewing, and she was very clear that she didn’t want her daughter to meet Mario. Mrs. Elba hated people who had a way with words, as it reminded her of her ex-lover, who had left her stranded after showing her a glossy picture of how their future would be and amping up her expectations. She believed that words were the worst drug that could mislead a person. She felt that all the poetry, metaphors, and the notion of romance showed dreams that were hollow from within. Mrs. Elba always believed that reality was very different from what artists like Pablo perceived it to be. She wasn’t practical in her youth, and she had to pay the price for it for her entire life. Elba didn’t want her daughter to make the same mistake. Mario and Beatriz started finding ways of meeting each other as they could no longer hang out in the cafe. When Beatriz was confined to her house by her mother, she asked her friend Clarita to inform Mario to meet her in the church. One day, Mario met Beatriz and told her that he had written a poem for her. Mario wanted to be like Pablo, and he wanted to impress Beatriz through his metaphors and flowery language. But all his plans backfired when Beatriz got to know that he had not written it. Beatriz had told Mario that she was fine with everything except lying. Not speaking the truth was something that she couldn’t take. She agreed to do what her mother had asked her to and decided to go to her aunt’s, who lived in Valparaiso.

‘Burning Patience’ Ending Explained: What Finally Happens To Beatriz And Mario?

The poem that Mario had given to Beatriz was written by Pablo Neruda. It was not only the plagiarized poem that had hurt Beatriz; it was also the presumption on Mario’s part that he could deceive a naive and illiterate girl who didn’t know anything about poetry. It didn’t matter to Beatriz if he could write poetry or not, but the fact that he disrespected her emotions by lying to her and thought that she lacked a worldview, let her down. Pablo had also gone to campaign for the elections, and Mario didn’t have anybody to talk to or take advice from. Mario made an effort and started writing his own poems, all centered around how much he loved Beatriz and what she meant to him. Through Clarita, he got to know where she was staying, and he started sending her letters, expressing how much he loved her and how sorry he was for lying to her. Beatriz also started responding, but she didn’t know if she could ever forgive Mario for breaking her trust. Meanwhile, Mario’s boss and parents tried to cheer him up and show the brighter side, but it didn’t do any good. In one of the letters, Beatriz informed Mario that she might be in love with another guy in Valparaiso. The news made Mario really insecure, and he lost all hope that Beatriz would ever come back to him.

Pablo came back after campaigning, and as he had wanted, Salvador Allende Gossens became the president of Chile. Pablo wanted to spend his time writing poetry, and he knew that he wasn’t cut out for politics. When he got wind of what had transpired between the two lovers, he just gave him one piece of advice: sometimes, a promise is better than truth. He asked Mario to tell Beatriz that he would love her always and be by her side through thick and thin. A ceremony was being organized for Pablo’s welcome in Mrs. Elba’s cafe. She had earlier come to meet Pablo and told him to ask Mario to stop chasing her daughter. But instead of doing that, Pablo had something else on his mind. He knew that Beatriz was going to be there, and he wanted Mario to seize the opportunity. Pablo distracted Mrs. Elba, and the estranged lovers met after a long time. Mario and Beatriz confronted Mrs. Elba and told her that theirs was not a frivolous affair and they wanted to lead a life together. “Burning Patience” ends on a “happily ever after” note, where Beatriz and Mario get married and soon even have a kid. Mrs. Elba accepted Mario as a part of her family, and maybe the love that she saw in his eyes for her daughter also dispelled the hatred that she had for poetry.

“Burning Patience” is a 2022 Drama Romance film directed by Rodrigo Sepulveda.

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