C U Soon (2020) Review – Technology is the Main Star


C U Soon directed by Mahesh Narayanan is a story about Jimmy who meets a girl, Anu, online on a dating website and falls in love with her. But it has more to it than meets the eye which makes C U Soon – a masterpiece given by the Malayalam film industry, released on September 1 on Amazon Prime Video

Jimmy Kurien works in a Middle Eastern company and meets Anu Sebastian on an online dating website. In no time, even less than a week, he falls in love with her and introduces her to his mother virtually. Without having any knowledge about her or her family, he proposes to her for marriage. 

C U Soon starts to get complicated when Anu calls Jimmy with bruises on her face. In an attempt to save her he takes her from her home to his apartment, until one day she disappears and sends him a suicide note-video. The police get involved in the case in order to find Anu. To prove Jimmy’s innocence, Kevin, Jimmy’s cousin, tries to acquire information about the girl, only to find the dark secrets underlying her life. 

The girl she is claiming to be is not exactly who she is! Who is she and why did she hide her identity from Jimmy? What secrets are hidden behind the life of this mystery girl? Find all the answers, watching this amazing thriller, C U Soon on Amazon Prime Video today

C U Soon is a perfect example that human creativity cannot be locked down. The whole movie is shot virtually, most of the time, only showing a computer screen. Despite not having any actual outdoor shots, the movie never seems to make that an obstacle in boring away the audience. Just watching two people chat and having video calls, doesn’t make the viewers lose their attention. 

In C U Soon “Technology is the main star of the Film”. The makers have used the pros and cons of technology to the full extent. With all our life revolving around social media, it shows how easy it is to stalk someone and get all the information off the internet, just sitting in your room. What is more peculiar about the movie is, C U Soon is wholly shot on a phone camera. 

The actors have performed really well with special mention to Fahadh Faasil who also produced the movie. Other actors, Roshan Mathew as Jimmy and Darshana Rajendran as Anu, have also portrayed their characters well. The main drawback of having your face on screen most of the time is to convince the audience just by the emotions. The actors of the film C U Soon have well surpassed this drawback, by conveying the emotions vividly through their amazing performances. 

Apart from this, C U Soon also delivers a social message about an issue that is lurking in our society. The movie is a whole package of a suspense thriller, which is shown in a very peculiar way, but one that is very effective. It will surely hold you onto your seats till the end, with an ending you won’t be expecting.

C U Soon is streaming on Amazon Prime Video!

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