‘Cafe Minamdang’ Episodes 15 And 16: Recap And Ending – Who Is The Real Gopuri?


Nam Han Jun found the perfect evidence to interrupt the groundbreaking ceremony of Cha Seung Won’s new construction project. “Cafe Minamdang” Episode 14 ended with panicked politicians trying to save their faces while Han Jun exposed them. The epilogue showed a glimpse of Cha Seung Won’s past and his violent behavior. He appeared to have committed some serious crime, which is why he doesn’t get along with his brother. This creates a strong suspicion of him being the mastermind, Gopuri.

Who Is The Actual Crazy Brother?

Jae Hui has mobilized her team, and they enter the ceremony hall just as Han Jun finishes his quirky presentation. The detectives go after the bodyguards, and Jae Hui notices Auntie Im sneaking out quietly. While Han Jun and the detectives catch other investors, Cha Seung Won tries to leave by making his bodyguards cover him. However, Do Won enters through the same door and arrests him. Not everything goes as planned when Auntie Im disappears, and Seung Won gets released because of the lack of evidence. Seung Won has not involved himself directly in any of the illegal activities, but Do Won thinks that there is one thing that can bring him down.

Do Won wants to reopen Seung Won’s murder case from twenty years ago when he murdered a student by choking him to death. He takes Han Jun and Jae Hui to their old home and shows them the garage where the student was murdered. Do Won tries to remember everything that happened, but he seems to have forgotten some details or remembers them unclearly. He starts feeling dizzy, and Han Jun believes it must be traumatic for him to remember the scene. Han Jun has been out for a while and finds Hye Jun absent from home the next day and finds a doll hanging in her room. He thinks Seung Won hurt her on purpose, but she returns from her date with Seung Cheol. However, Han Jun gets the message that Seung Won wants to give him.

Do Won brings Seung Won’s friend, who also beat the dead student, to meet with Han Jun. However, the friend denies Seung Won killing the student and tells him that Seung Won’s tutor would know as she saw them walking out of the garage. Do Won finds the list of all of Seung Won’s tutors and sends them to Jae Hui. Han Jun finds out the odd one is a psychiatrist and not a real tutor. Seung Cheol and Hye Jun recognize her as they had tailed Seung Won earlier and saw him entering the same doctor’s hospital. Seung Won’s friend told him that Do Won was talking about murder, but Seung Won looks more annoyed than scared. Han Jun and Jae Hui visit the psychiatrist, but she has another surprise visitor. When she goes to fetch her diary, the surprise visitor strangles her to death and takes away the diary.

The biggest plot twist of “Cafe Minamdang” is the revelation of Gopuri. All this time, viewers believed him to be Gu Tae Su, but it turns out, he is Cha Do Won. He has a weird obsession with a sense of justice and kills anyone who doesn’t abide by the law. He killed Jae Jeong because he had found out his truth. He killed the high school student to save him from the constant suffering of his brother. He is likely made to believe by the psychiatrist that his brother is the bad one, when in reality, he is the murderer that his father has been trying to protect from the world.

Why Does Han Jun Help Auntie Im?

Do Won believed all this time that he was judging people by his own rules, but he was brainwashed by the psychiatrist to believe that he was a righteous person and his brother was a murderer. Do Won’s father had no hope for Seung Won to carry forward his legacy as he was already violent, but he was disappointed to know that his second son was a blood-thirsty psychopath at a young age. That’s why he ordered the psychiatrist to brainwash Do Won, and she believed that it was a successful project, but she only found out from Jae Hui that he was still murdering people. Han Jun finds Seung Won’s case file on the table and obviously suspects him of the psychiatrist’s murder.

Hye Jun has been tracking Seung Won’s location, and he only moves after Han Jun arrives home from the psychiatrist’s hospital. Seung Won is heading towards Auntie Im’s temple and plans to get rid of her. Han Jun manages to find her first before Seung Won, by split seconds, and takes her to the cafe. He tries to make her confess, but she holds more cards than Han Jun. She has been planning to flee the country and wants her arrest warrant canceled. In exchange, she promises to give him the ledger that Jae Jong died for. Jae Hui has evidence and a warrant and is ready to arrest Auntie Im. Han Jun has no time to explain things to Jae Hui and makes Hye Jun erase the evidence. Jae Hui is not happy with Han Jun’s one-sided decision but decides to go with his plan as they have no other option.

Han Jun convinces Jae Hui that they can arrest both Auntie Im and her boss if they go with their plan. Do Won has been acting innocent and is still working with the police and Han Jun. He informs Auntie Im to stay quiet as Han Jun is only using her to get the ledger and will hand her over to the police once her work is done. Gu Tae Su is still in prison and finally confesses that Auntie Im ordered him to kill everyone. Tae Su has been working alongside Do Won all this time, and Do Won calls him his lucky magpie. Do Won takes his signature on his confession statement and hands him the keys to the handcuffs. He tells him to escape while he is being escorted.

Episode 16: Ending

Auntie Im takes Han Jun and Jae Hui inside her temple while Hye Jun and Su Cheol stay on guard outside. Hye Jun had hacked Auntie’s bank account and unlocked it after she showed them the ledger. She gives them the ledger but locks them inside the room, and lets Do Won take over. Both Jae Hui and Han Jun faint after the room fills with gas, and Han Jun wakes up with a knife in his hand and Auntie Im dead in front of him. Do Won is playing on both sides and arrests Han Jun for murder while everyone looks at him in shock.

Do Won is the biggest and most shocking reveal these episodes of “Cafe Minamdang” had to bring. The innocent and righteous prosecutor is a psychopath and a serial killer, living a dual life. The series lacks proving logic in many scenes, but a thrilling curtain raiser of the real Gopuri makes up for most of the lack of suspense. Among many unconvincing plots in the series, Do Won being Gopuri is unexpectedly convincing and rather a pleasing and exciting twist that will have you watching in awe.

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