‘Cafe Minamdang’ Episode 3 & 4: Recap and Ending- How Did Nam Han-joon Become A Shaman?


In the previous episode of “Cafe Minamdang,” Jae Hui had barged into the cafe and was hidden inside Han Joon’s closet. Han Joon was about to catch her, but she hit him with her head, making him collapse. However, he has found a piece of her bag charm. Jae Hui is suspicious of Han Joon’s activities, which also involve her brother’s murder, and she is adamant about finding it out.

Why Does Shin Gyeong-ho’s Wife Want To Expose Him?

Jae Hui barely managed to escape from Han Joon last night, and yet she showed up at the café in the morning. Her subordinate also arrives at the cafe after her and tries to avoid her but gets caught. He had made an appointment three months before he was even hired as a police officer. Jae Hui goes inside with him as it is a good chance to meet Han Joon. Her subordinate wanted to ask personal questions but left first when Jae Hui and Han Joon started bickering. Jae Hui asks him why he fabricated the evidence that got him into jail, and does he not feel guilty at all?

Han Joon was framed in a crime that led to the death of Han Jae Jong, and prosecutor Jung Cheong Gi was the one who planned it all out. Gong Su Cheol was also fired because of the same case and by the same prosecutor. Han Joon served his time in jail for three years, and Su Cheol opened his detective agency meanwhile. However, when Han Joon visits Su Cheol after getting out of jail, he finds that Su Cheol is so broke that he is sharing his office with a shaman temple. A woman comes into his office but gets scared after looking at him and all the shamanistic setup. Han Joon stops her and asks her if she is looking for her son.

Han Joon had heard the woman talking on her phone and knew it, but the woman believed that he was a shaman and promised to pay a large sum of money if he found her son. Han Joon solves the case, and he decides to work as a fake shaman, but they cannot be obvious about it, hence, opening the Cafe Minamdang. Han Joon’s sister has been fired and also decides to work with him under a load of conditions. While solving their first case, they meet Na Dan, a teenager who also joins their team despite Han Joon telling him to study.

Gyeong Ho’s secretary catches Gyeong Ho’s wife meeting Jung Cheong Gi in private and immediately reports it to him. Gyeong Ho is dumb and thinks that his wife has an affair, and when his secretary tells him that she must be planning to expose his crime, he thinks it is better than his wife cheating on him. Before Cheong Gi could give the evidence to Gyeong Ho’s wife, he was summoned by Gyeong Ho. Hye Joon reports it to Han Joon, and he immediately understands that Cheong Gi is going to die and he needs to save him. His job is to help Gyeong Ho’s wife become vice president, but he has a personal issue with Cheong Gi.

Na Dan and Hye Joon follow Han Joon and Su Cheol to Gyeong Ho’s villa, and Na Dan, being a rookie, brings the wrong toolset. Han Joon and Su Cheol follow Gyeong Ho’s men who are dragging Cheong Gi inside the forest and decide to use another strategy. Gyeong Ho’s girlfriend, who is a witness to the hit and run accident, tells the police that he must be doing drugs at his villa and that they should catch him red-handed. Jae Hui rushes there with Prosecutor Cha Do Won and hears a sound from the forest. She hurries over to the source of the sound and sees two people doing shamanistic rituals. Han Joon had a plan in his mind, but he did not expect Jae Hui to appear so quickly.

Will Jung Cheong-gi Finally Tell The Truth?

Han Joon and Su Cheol dress up in traditional clothes, wear masks, and start running through the forest. Gyeong Ho’s men fight with them but end up collapsing thanks to Su Cheol’s fighting skills. Na Dan had been trying to contact Han Joon and Su Cheol, but to no avail. Hence, he runs into the forest himself and informs Han Joon that the police have arrived. Han Joon and Su Cheol start the exorcism while Na Dan and Hye Joon keep Cheong Gi hidden from Jae Hui.

Gyeong Ho has been hallucinating and seeing the ghost of the woman he killed since Han Joon told him that her spirit is following him around. He comes running out of the house and puts on a hilarious show when Na Dan and Hye Joon scare him more. The police catch him later, but he still sees the ghosts and tries to run away from them. The police find the evidence of the crime with him, and now they have to find Cheong Gi. In exchange for his freedom, Cheong Gi takes Han Joon to Superintendent Lim, who has ordered him to frame Han Joon. Before he can talk to him, Lim dies of an overdose, and Han Joon suspects that it is a murder.

The police receive a call and go to an amusement park to find Cheong Gi tied up to a ride. It turns out, Han Joon had planned everything. Han Joon sees Jae Hui outside his cafe and catches her red-handed as a stalker. She tries to explain herself, but Su Cheol and Hye Joon start spreading rumors that Jae Hui has a crush on Han Joon. Jae Hui has come to ask Han Joon why he played with Gyeong Ho like that, to which he replies that Gyeong Ho isn’t his client, his wife is, and he has done only what she wanted.

Cafe Minamdang Episode 4: Ending

Gyeong Ho’s wife is happy to become the vice president of the company and gives out a suitcase full of cash and a document to Han Joon. It is a prenuptial agreement, and she expresses her wish to marry Han Joon by proposing to him with a ring. Han Joon rejects her and tells her to live without any trouble going forward so that she won’t have to come to the cafe again. Han Joon gives the bag of money to the family of Shin Gyeong Ho’s victim. Jae Hui sees him and wonders if Han Joon is a good guy or a bad guy.

Han Joon is disappointed because he lost a big lead in his case. However, his mood brightens up when he gets a call from a VIP client who has seen a ghost at her house. While investigating, Han Joon finds out that it is a young boy who has been going in and out of her house via a sewer. Su Cheol finds one of the accomplices, who calls the police on him and complains that Su Cheol was trying to kidnap him.

Han Joon explains the situation to Jae Hui, and they jump down into the sewer to find another young kid who tells them that they used to sneak into the house at night to eat. The kid is not the only one they found in the sewer. Han Joon notices a white cloth and gets suspicious. They follow the cloth and find a dead body wrapped in it. The cloth is known as Gopuri, and it was also used to murder Jae Hui’s brother. Who is the Gopuri killer, and whose dead bodies have Han Joon and Jae Hui found? We will see in the next episode of “Cafe Minamdang.”

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