‘Cafe Minamdang’ Episode 7 & 8: Recap And Ending – Why Has Jae-hui Become A Problem For Han-jun?


Last week on “Cafe Minamdang,” Han Jun and Jae Hui found a dead body wrapped in a white cloth inside a sewer. The person was murdered in the same way Jae Hui’s brother, Jae Jung, was killed. Both Han Jun and Jae Hui had their suspicions. While Jae Hui believed Choi Yeong Seop was the culprit, Han Jun thought it was Gopuri. Hye Jun saw Yeong Seop in the CCTV footage, and Han Jun and Su Cheol started tailing him. However, Jae Hui also found out his location and started chasing him. Yeong Seop got hit by a car and collapsed.

Han Jun convinced Jae Hui that the real murderer was someone else, and he tried to kill Yeong Seop, who had been taking the fall for every murder. Han Jun had almost caught the real killer when he attempted to kill Jae Jung and had seen a scar on the killer’s wrist which was not on Yeong Seop’s wrist. Han Jun, Jae Hui, and Jae Jung worked on the same case before that involved Yeong Seop as a murderer. Jae Jung had found the connecting link between Yeong Seop, the victim, and the real killer but died before he could show it to Han Jun.

Choi Yeong Seop was still at risk of getting murdered, and hence, Han Jun faked his identity as Yeong Seop to deceive the real killer. However, Jae Hui told the secret out loud to Prosecutor Cha and Gopuri, who had dressed up as a Nurse, found Yeong Seop’s real room. He entered his room, pretending to give him a shot while Cha interrogated Yeong Seop. Hye Jun had bugged his room, and Han Jun noticed the scar on the Nurse’s wrist. He ran toward Yeong Seop’s room when Gopuri had already injected him with poison. Prosecutor Cha called the doctor, and Jae Hui chased Gopuri, but Han Jun was the one who finally caught him. However, Gopuri is not a weak player, and Han Jun could not handle him alone.

Did Han Jun Catch Gopuri?

Hye Jun sees Han Jun and Gopuri fighting at the emergency stairs and immediately informs Su Cheol. Gopuri runs away, and Su Cheol chases him while Han Jun goes to check up on Yeong Seop. Jae Hui has already lost Gopuri, and Han Jun reminds her that Yeong Seop’s life is at stake. Before dying, Yeong Seop confesses that he didn’t murder anyone and that his boss would kill more people by making someone else a scapegoat. Han Jun’s guess was correct, and he gets angry at Jae Hui for not believing in him. Gopuri manages to escape from Su Cheol, but Han Jun has his DNA in his hand, and he makes Jae Hui apologize to him for getting the DNA. However, the DNA doesn’t match anyone on record, and Han Jun gets disappointed.

Kang Eun Hye, the teenage girl, found dead in the sewer, is the last clue to reaching Gopuri. Unlike other victims, Eun Hye’s body was wrapped in the Gopuri cloth, and she had her shoes on. Eun Hye was reported missing by her parents, but according to her friend, she had joined Joyce Entertainment Company to debut as a K-pop group. She had asked her friend to keep it a secret because she didn’t want her parents to find it out. Han Jun wants to solve the case before Jae Hui, and both of them are trying hard to find something about Joyce Entertainment.

The CEO of the company, Park Jin Sang is a son of a conglomerate and has been charged with many felonies before. Hye Jun finds his chats with Eun Hye, and he sounds more like a pimp than a CEO. Joyce Entertainment is holding an audition, and both Jae Hui and Han Jun grab this opportunity to enter the company. Han Jun enters the company as a shaman to help in the audition, and Na Dan enters as a participant. Jae Hui’s juniors accidentally expose their identity, and Jae Hui has to go in with her senior. Jae Hui’s identity also almost gets exposed due to Na Dan’s mistake, but Han Jun handles the situation at the right time.

The CEO is suspicious of Nam Han Jun and asks his assistant to do a background check on him. When the secretary tells him that Han Jun is a former lieutenant, Park Jin Sang orders him to get rid of him right away. CEO Park has covered his wrists and was the one who gifted Eun Hye the white shoes on the day she died. He could be Gopuri or be related to him, and Han Jun has once again put himself in danger.

What Are Han-jun And Jae-hui After Ji-eun’s Phone?

Park Jin Sang’s assistant follows Han Jun inside the men’s restroom, and just when he was about to attack Han Jun, Jae Hui goes inside and starts arguing with Han Jun. She was about to blow her cover, but Han Jun hid inside a stall with her and made the assistant leave. Both Han Jun and Jae Hui know that this is not a simple case and decide to cooperate just this once. Jae Hui shows Han Jun a message from Eun Hye’s anonymous friend, and he finds out that she is Lee Ji Eun, whom Jae Hui met earlier.

Ji Eun tells them that she had seen Eun Hye dancing in front of some unknown people, including a woman, who told her to take off her clothes after dancing. Ji Eun had recorded the video but ran off, deleted the video, and sold her phone because she was scared of getting caught. Han Jun and Jae Hui have decided to cooperate, but they are as competitive as ever. Both of them want to reach the new owner of the phone first to show each other who the real winner is. They reach the new owner’s place at the same time, but Han Jun gets the phone by offering the owner two million Won. Jae Hui tries to steal it from him, and their team gets into a fight with each other while Hye Jun watches the last ride of the day pass by.

The phone was going to go to Hye Jun anyway, and still, Han Jun and Jae Hui got into a childish fight over it. Hye Jun retrieves the data, and they watch the video that Ji Eun had recorded. The woman in the video sits with her back to the camera, but two men with her are visible. Hye Jun captures their faces, and Jae Hui confiscates the phone from her as it is crucial evidence. Back in their office, Jae Hui’s team has been taken off the case and has been transferred to the illegal election activities department. However, it doesn’t matter to Jae Hui and her seniors as they decide to follow this case until the end by investigating it undercover.

‘Cafe Minamdang’ Episode 8: Ending

Hye Jun finds out that one of the men in the video is Jeon Gyeong Cheol, a notorious loan shark who also runs a live stream channel that is no less than an adult content website. Ji Eun secretly tells Jae Hui about the bus station that Eun Hye frequents. Jae Hui asks around and discovers that Eun Hye used to live in an apartment with her uncle named Jeon Gyeong Cheol. While Jae Hui still lurks around the city, Han Jun finds out the hideout of Gyeong Cheol’s gang and raids it, saying that it is haunted by the ghost of a woman whom they wronged. He has the entire setup with a fake voice and Na Dan posing as a woman’s ghost. The gang members get scared and ask Han Jun to help them. He locks them up inside a room and orders them to not look out of the room.

As they stay locked inside, Han Jun goes to see Gyeong Cheol, who has dragged another teenage girl with him and has ordered his men to sell her body as payback for the debt she owes him. Han Jun and Su Cheol have almost gotten Gyeong Cheol to confess everything, but Jae Hui arrives and electrocutes Han Jun instead of Gyeong Cheol. Han Jun has got a lot of evidence on his hands. Will Jae Hui’s interference make him lose Gyeong Cheol, too, just like Yeong Seop? We will find out in the next episode of “Cafe Minamdang.”

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