‘Cafe Minamdang’ Episode 9 & 10: Recap And Ending- Why Was Jae-hui Suspended From Work?


Previously, in “Cafe Minamdang,” both Han Jun and Jae Hui went after Jeon Gyeong Cheol while investigating Kang Eun Hye’s case. As usual, Han Jun was faster and made it easy for Jae Hui to enter Gyeong Cheol’s den by eliminating all of his gang members. However, Jae Hui interrupts Han Jun’s operation by barging in and electrocuting him accidentally instead of Jeon Gyeong Cheol.

Why Did Tae-su Kill Jeon Gyeong-Cheol?

Jae Hui electrocutes Han Jun to get him out of the way, and her team arrests Jeon Gyeong Cheol. Han Jun has been taken to the hospital, but Hye Jun has been keeping an eye on Gyeong Cheol’s movements. Jae Hui questions Gyeong Cheol, but he doesn’t reveal anything and tells them to ask his subordinates because he only manages finances and doesn’t know what happens on the ground level. He is carefree because he knows that the police can not do anything to him. As expected, an influential person calls the police chief and orders him to release Gyeong Cheol.

Hye Jun reports this to Han Jun immediately, and now he has to make his moves to make Gyeong Cheol confess. He already knows that Gyeong Cheol has a fear of the unknown, and Han Jun knows how to use it to his benefit. Gyeong Cheol has been set free, but Han Jun shows up and tells him that he is going to face more misfortune and that he will die soon. Gyeong Cheol doesn’t believe him and goes on his way, but Han Jun has an entire plan set up for him. He tows Gyeong Cheol’s car first, and then he has to take a taxi, but Na Dan had bumped into him purposely and stolen his wallet. The taxi driver is Su Cheol, and he leaves Gyeong Cheol alone in the middle of the road. As for the last misfortune, it wasn’t planned that Gyeong Cheol would get beaten by teenage girls.

Gyeong Cheol believes Han Jun and goes to the cafe. Han Jun tells him that someone else is behind him whose sins are also affecting his life. He tries to make Gyeong Cheol speak, but he doesn’t tell Han Jun anything except that he accidentally lets out Gu Tae Su’s name. That is enough for Han Jun for now. Gu Tae Su had tried to attack Han Jun before, but Hye Jun doesn’t find anything about him on Joyce Entertainment’s employee list. Hye Jun has bugged Gyeong Cheol’s phone and hears that he has asked Tae Su for three billion Won to leave the country and give him the evidence of Kang Eun Hye’s death.

Gu Tae Su visits Auntie Im, or The Oracle, a shaman, and she tells him to end Gyeong Cheol because that’s what “he” wants. She gives him a Gopuri knot, and Tae Su calls Gyeong Cheol and agrees to meet him in his office. Han Jun and Su Cheol rush to Gyeong Cheol’s office to catch him before he flees, but they don’t see him coming out for a long time. They enter his office only to find him dead, and Han Jun notices a suspicious movement. He tries to catch the person, who is none other than Gu Tae Su, but he escapes, and Han Jun gets injured again.

Even though Jae Hui knows that Han Jun is not the culprit, she still arrests him as a suspect and makes him undergo hypnosis because she wants to check if he has really seen her brother’s killer. It turns out to be true, but Han Jun starts crying, and Jae Hui sees that it must really hurt him to think about that incident. She is assured that he really wants to find the killer, so she asks for his cooperation in the case. She had asked her team to inquire about Gu Tae Su and got a call from them to come to the office immediately. When she reaches there with Han Jun, they see Gu Tae Su himself present there.

Why Does Han-Jun Go Gambling?

Gu Tae Su walked up to the police station by himself, not to surrender but to file a report against Nam Han Jun for attacking him. This could also put Han Jun at the top of the suspect list for Gyeong Cheol’s murder. Han Jun gets angry at Gu Tae Su and punches him, but Jae Hui puts him into a cell before the situation goes out of hand. Han Jun punched him on purpose to get his blood on his hands. He wipes the blood off with his handkerchief and asks Jae Hui to deliver it to Su Cheol for lab testing. Jae Hui interrogates Tae Su and asks him to consent to a DNA test. He agrees right away, surprising Jae Hui.

Han Jun is bored in the cell, and, to his entertainment, a big gang gets in, but they tire him out because of their constant arguments. Han Jun uses his skills to end their fight, but all the gang members and the police officers get impressed by the Shaman Nam. The police chief also watches him solve the case and scolds Jae Hui for keeping him locked up. She also gets suspended for accusing Gu Tae Su of murder as the DNA test comes out negative. Before leaving the office, Jae Hui releases Han Jun and asks him to let her work with him. However, Han Jun denies her request. He doesn’t tell her that Tae Su’s DNA has been matched to that of the culprit.

The police chief has been sold out to many higher officials, and Hye Jun finds out the reason to be his son, who has indebted himself because of gambling. The chief is gullible, and Han Jun takes advantage of it. He makes a prophecy about the chief’s life and also talks about his son, and agrees to help save him. Hye Jun finds out his son’s location, and Na Dan goes in first and attaches a bug to the gang leader’s table. Hye Jun finds out that the cards have been chipped and, hence, the gambler wins all the games. Han Jun enters the den and starts winning the games, as Hye Jun can also tag the cards. Na Dan gets caught, and the gambler asks Han Jun what his real intention is. 

Han Jun makes others leave by scaring them away with the police’s name. He, then, exposes the gambler for his cheating techniques and offers to play a match with him without any cheating tricks. He asks for the chief’s son if he wins, but the gambler tells him that he will cut off both of his arms if he loses. The gambler has all of his men around him who help him by snitching on Han Jun’s cards. Han Jun locates the man helping the gambler and notices the patterns of his signals. He tells Su Cheol to signal him whenever the man signals his boss. Han Jun puts a fake cutout of the card in his hand and the gambler makes a mistake. Han Jun reveals his real cards and the gambler’s man calls him a cheat for swapping cards. However, Han Jun shows him the cutout and proves that the gambler cheated by making his man snitch on him. The gambler accepts the defeat and lets go of the chief’s son.

‘Cafe Minamdang’ Episode 10: Ending

The police chief is happy that Han Jun saved his son and starts to believe in the powers of Shaman Nam. Han Jun tells him to bring Jae Hui back to work and assign her back to the case because the vengeful spirits are looking at him ragefully. The chief listens to Han Jun and asks Jae Hui to join her back at work and gives her case back to her. However, he asks her to work on the case secretly, as no one should know that the chief has given her permission to work on the same case she was suspended for.

Jae Hui was surprised to see the chief act like this, but she notices Han Jun’s fan in the chief’s hand and realizes that it is all Han Jun’s doing. She barges into Minamdang and records Han Jun and his siblings talking about the case. She threatens to use the recording against them for using personal information illegally. Han Jun is not scared of any of her threats, so Jae Hui has no choice but to reveal the truth. She reveals to Han Jun that she is Jae Jeong’s younger sister and, hence, wants to find the killer with him. Han Jun knew Jae Jeong’s sister as Jang Mi. Will he believe Jae Hui and let her work with him? Let’s find out in the next episode of “Cafe Minamdang.” 

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