‘Candy Cane Lane’ Ending Explained: Did Chris Become Human Again?


We believe that there are more Christmas movies each year than there is actual Christmas cheer. When are we supposed to celebrate if people keep releasing movies and shows around the clock? But then again, when else will we get something that allows us to be silly and colorful and gives us faith that everything is okay because it is a cosmic Christmassy destiny? There is a reason why things become okay, and not just because of chance, and this line of thought is what makes us so happy and gives us hope to face the year ahead. Perhaps that warrants an avalanche of Christmas movies, and we are being the Grinch for no reason. Coming to Candy Cane Lane, the movie doesn’t have the best structure or even the most heartwarming tingles, but it is a lot of fun, thanks to its wonderful cast, who are impeccable in their performances. The following is a summary and ending of Candy Cane Lane.

Spoiler Alert

How does Chris get mixed up with Pepper?

Pepper is short for Peppermint, and it is a rather noteworthy thing about the film. Coming to the family, Chris loves Christmas so much that he has named his entire family after the festival. He also loves wood carving and decorates his house with everything he makes. His greatest rival is his neighbor, who loves boasting and one-upping him while serving him the terrible box wine that nobody in Chris’ family likes. But these problems turn ginormous soon enough when Chris loses his job a day before Christmas, and it is announced that the person with the best decorated Christmas house will win a huge sum of money. Chris decides to go all out for Christmas and wants to win at any cost that year. But that proves tricky right away because everyone has the same goal, and Christmas shopping is just about empty. That is when Chris and his daughter, Holly, stumble upon a pop-up Christmas shop that has some of the best goodies ever.

Chris meets the shopkeeper, Pepper, who is dressed like an elf, and she gives him a tree and a receipt to sign, which should have looked suspicious to Chris if he hadn’t been so blinded by the shiny Christmas stuff. Needless to say, his decorations for his house are the best, but the very next day, a lot of the ornaments and decorations on the tree are missing. Chris’ initial thought is that they have been vandalized, and he goes back to the shop to see if he can get replacement parts. It is clear that everything was handmade, so replacements are not possible. But within this time, Chris and Holly discover that the tiny figurines around the place are actually real people who had been turned by Pepper. She was a real elf who had been on a rampage ever since she stopped being Santa’s favorite. Therefore, if Chris did not want to end up like them, he would have to solve the riddle that Pepper had given them, and he had to do it within three days before 8 p.m.

How Does Chris get all the rings?

Chris initially believes that he needs to get his hands on five rings, according to the rhyme. He finds two almost immediately, but his mission requires him to include his family in the plan. His wife and kids are initially disbelieving, but when they see the talking figurines, they come on board the mission. This is also the time they tackle some family issues. Joy wants to go to Notre Dame University, but her parents insist on USC. Nick wants to make music but is failing mathematics, and his parents want him to focus on academics more than anything. The other figurines are also caught up in their troubles since they have been confined by the curse binding them. Pepper finds where they are, but she doesn’t break them free because she is positive that she will be able to take everyone home at once.

As for the family struggles, Chris is angry because he believes he is doing everything for his children. However, they point out that his whole spirit of Christmas has always been centered around him and what he wants to do. Chris decides to face the facts, and he accepts his fault. He also tells his family about what will happen to him if he doesn’t get all the rings. The catch here is that the fifth ring is Pepper herself.

The family lays an elaborate trap for Pepper, and it works by getting their hands on the last ring in time. But that is when it was revealed that they were supposed to find 40 rings and not just 5, as that had been a manipulation of the rhyme. There is utter mayhem in the streets because all the animals of the rhyme and the tree are running around with the rings around them, and the family has to scramble together. Even Santa has come there to teach Pepper a lesson, but he cannot interfere with the curse. Therefore, Chris, Holly, and the others try to find all the rings, and since the time is up, Chris ends up turning into a figurine. Pepper picks him up, and she is ready to add him to her collection, but Santa finally decides to work his magic. The deal was that the family collected 40 rings. So far, they have collected 38, but the wedding rings on Carol and Chris’ hands can count for the other two. This is a slight manipulation, but it is also giving Pepper a taste of her own medicine.

At the end of Candy Cane Lane, since they have all 40 rings as per the deal, Chris turns back to human, and Pepper is taken back to the North Pole by Santa. The family has made up, with Chris telling his kids to do what they want and live life on their own terms. One of the figurines, Pip, has become their friend, and the rest are living happily. As for Chris, he has taken over Pepper’s pop-up shop, where Pepper is one of the figurines, as part of her punishment.

Final Thoughts

As said before, Candy Cane Lane wasn’t the most structured movie, but it was fun to watch. Perhaps Carol could have brought more comedy with her character, and the fun could have been amplified without the chaos, but it was still an easy Christmassy watch.

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Divya Malladi
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