‘Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix’ Season 2 Theories: Is Dolph Dead? What Is Sarah’s Plan?


The first three episodes of Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix largely revolved around the feud between Dolph Laserhawk and Alex Taylor. Dolph was betrayed by Alex during a heist, which put him in prison with Jade, Pey’j, Bullfrog, and Cody Rhodes (he died almost instantly). Remotely detonated bombs were implanted in their heads, and the remote was in Sarah Fisher’s hands, i.e., the warden of the Supermaxx prison. Laserhawk, Jade, Pey’j, and Bullfrog were sent on a mission to get a special gun that was in Pagan Min’s custody. Things went sideways, Jade got killed, Alex unleashed Kaijus from another dimension, and he then went on to manipulate the minds of humans and started a civil war between humans and the animals living in Eden.

Pey’j perished while trying to save the animals, and Bullfrog got arrested and was sent for execution. Sarah and Dolph left for the New Wasteland because that was where the leader of the revolution against Eden’s fascism resided, i.e., Marcus Holloway. Sarah wanted to warn him about the impending doom that Eden was about to unleash, but she and Dolph ended up getting captured by Holloway. Initially, it seemed like Marcus had the upper hand as he unpacked Sarah and Dolph’s minds. However, the tables were turned as soon as Marcus let down his guard. Now, at the time of writing this article, we don’t have any confirmation regarding the greenlighting or cancellation of Captain Laserhawk Season 2. So, we can only speculate on what is in store for the aforementioned characters.

Spoiler Alert

Is Rayman going to take control of the board of directors?

Away from the central plot, but not too far away, Rayman was undergoing an existential crisis. After a specist (discrimination against species) remark from Red (the leader of the Njii 6), the poster boy of Eden had a public meltdown, and his services were put on hold by the Board of Directors, i.e., the governing body of Eden. He received a cryptic message about meeting Bullfrog, who used his soothsaying powers to predict that if Rayman continued doing propaganda for Eden, it would lead to genocide and the recruitment of children into the armed forces. That sent a shiver down Rayman’s spine, and he realized that he didn’t owe Eden anything just because they put him on a pedestal. Eden did that out of their own volition. And the fact that Eden didn’t back him when he was embarrassed publicly meant that the Board of Directors didn’t really care about Rayman.

Eden kept him around as long as Rayman towed the line and discarded him when he defended himself. So, he decided to take up arms and finish the Board of Directors. However, before riddling everyone with bullets, Rayman canceled Bullfrog’s execution. With the Board of Directors gone, Rayman might take control of Eden in Captain Laserhawk Season 2. He knows that he has been mistreated. He knows that his kind is being harassed by humans. He also knows that if things don’t change, the situation in Eden will devolve drastically. But the issue with power is that it corrupts people very easily. Rayman isn’t really stable. So, there’s a good chance that this newfound power is going to turn him into a dictator, much like the Board of Directors. Hopefully, Bullfrog will knock some sense into him and keep him on the right track. That’ll be possible if Rayman decides to join hands with Bullfrog. Either way, Rayman has to face Sarah, and he’ll need all the help he can get.

Will Marcus Holloway join hands with Sarah Fisher?

Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon’s biggest twist is that Sarah isn’t on Marcus Holloway’s side, and she doesn’t want to serve Eden anymore. Sarah and Marcus have a lot of history between them. Sam Fisher, Sarah’s father, came to Marcus to fight against Eden. But the brainwashed Sarah exposed Marcus, and Eden imprisoned him and his team members in their VR prisons, where they were tortured with games that ran on a loop. Sam rescued Marcus, and later on, they captured the prison facility and turned it into their headquarters. Sarah, who had joined Eden’s armed forces, watched as Eden turned Marcus’ locality into a literal wasteland and killed her father. Marcus assumed that Sarah’s decision to meet him after all these years meant that she had started to see beyond Eden’s propaganda. He was wrong. Sarah was pretending to be concerned about Marcus and the New Wasteland, whereas, in reality, she wanted to take control of the New Wasteland. She lied about fixing Dolph’s metal arm (that was damaged during the civil war caused by Alex) and used him as a Trojan Horse to install a virus into Holloway’s system as soon as he plugged Dolph into the VR system to give him a little therapy. She also lied about being human because she had mechanical spider legs.

Well, there was nothing human about Sarah. She was a total android. She had the symbol Σ etched on her head, which indicated that she was a member of the Board of Directors. However, she lobbed yet another surprise in Holloway’s direction by revealing that she didn’t want to help Eden anymore. She actually wanted to take control of Eden and make it better. Since Holloway wanted the same thing, Sarah asked him to join her cause. Now, do you see why Rayman needs to worry? I don’t think Sarah is aware of the annihilation of the Board of Directors. She doesn’t know that Rayman has taken control. Rayman probably doesn’t know about Sarah’s existence or her power. So, as soon as he announces that he’s the leader of Eden, he is going to paint a giant target on his face. One look at him will convince Sarah that she can take control of Eden without Holloway’s help and take control of the VR prison as well as Eden. However, I don’t think the writers are going to make it that easy for Sarah. I’m hoping that Rayman will come up with something that’ll give him the upper hand against Sarah. That said, there is the possibility that Rayman will relinquish control over Eden and hand it over to Sarah on a platter so that he can live to see another day. If all else fails, the resistance will have to rely on Dolph’s return from the great beyond.

Is Dolph Laserhawk dead or alive?

The answer to that question is yes and no. As mentioned before, Sarah infected Laserhawk with a virus that, in turn, infected Marcus Holloway’s VR program. She expected him to die instantly, but Laserhawk not only managed to fight off the effects of the virus, but he also killed Eden’s armed forces, including the Niji 6. When he went back to the New Wasteland, he tried to kill Sarah by detonating the bomb in his head. But that ended up obliterating his body and only erasing Sarah’s flesh and exposing her metallic and demonic visage. So, yes, technically, Dolph Laserhawk is dead. We see all the parts of his body strewn all across the floor of the VR prison facility.

However, during the mid-credits scene of the final episode of Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix, we see that Dolph’s consciousness has been uploaded to some kind of afterlife program, where he meets Sarah’s father, Sam Fisher, who is also apparently “alive,” despite dying during Eden’s first attack on the Wasteland. Now, I’ve no clue how this thing works. We’ve seen a version of this afterlife program earlier in the show, and it seemed like a clever way of showing the characters’ stealth missions. This revelation, though, confirms that there’s an in-world mechanism that allows people to exist in an 8-bit reality. Sam says that they are going to fight the revolution from that space, which can mean that they can access the system that runs Eden. Given the evolved nature of android bodies and whatnot, it’s possible that Dolph can get a version of his physical self and put a stop to Sarah’s activities. I don’t think Sam will make a return because he hates inorganic body parts. It does look like Sam has a plan. So, we can hope that he’ll be able to help Dolph before Sarah begins her reign of terror.

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