‘Captivating The King’ Episode 5-6 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Killed Deokseong?


In the first four episodes of Captivating the King, a lot had happened in the kingdom, and now finally, the reins were in the hands of Grand Prince Jinhan, who had now become the emperor. For a very long time, Jinhan had denied his fate for the longest time, but now he was ready to take the challenge and do things his way. He made some hard calls at the end of the previous episode, and he realized that, as a ruler, he could not let his own biases affect his judgment. So, let’s find out what happened in the 5th and 6th episodes and the kind of challenges and obstacles Jinhan has to face.

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Who killed Deokseong?

For the past three years since Jinhan assumed the title of king, he has been playing baduk with Deokseong. One evening, when Deokseong was sitting in Jinhan’s chamber, he said something that angered the king. They were talking about the political upheaval that happened in Qing and how Prince Rui was not made the heir, but the late king’s son was made to sit on the throne. Deokseong, without thinking, said that it was quite natural that the king’s son was made the heir and not the brother. He didn’t realize that even Jinhan had become the king like that, but when he saw the look on his face, Deokseong immediately apologized. Deokseong enjoyed the patronage of the principal director of the privy council, Park Jong Hwan, who also happened to be Jinhan’s uncle.

Park Jong-Hwan was in touch with the queen Dowager, and both of them got all the information from Deokseong. But soon after Deokseong had that conversation with Jinhan, his dead body was found near the river. Obviously, anybody would have suspected the king to be behind the murder, but the reality was not so simple. Jinhan had a conversation with his uncle, and he said with a lot of confidence that he knew that it was him who had gotten him killed. Jinhan said that he could have appointed the special unit, and the killer would have been found in a matter of days, but he didn’t do that because he knew that it was his own uncle who was behind the act. Jinhan had clearly changed as a person since the time he sat on the throne. He was not the same calm, cool, and composed person that he used to be. He lost his temper quite often, and at times, he mistreated people. He had become this arrogant and angry man, and the people were scared and intimidated by him. They chose their words very carefully because they knew that anything could pinch his brittle ego, and then they would have to face the consequences.

Did Jinhan punish Kim Myung Ha?

In Jinhan’s regime, the three “Hwans” had the most power, and they made decisions from behind the curtains. The principal director of the privy council, Park Jong Hwan, the great lord Oh Wook-Hwan, and the minister of war, Min Ji Hwan, were the three most important people in the court, and Jinhan had grown wary of them. He wanted them to be in check, and he also wanted to show the people that their king was not a puppet whose strings were being pulled by his officers. A complaint was made against Kim Myung Ha, as he had let a few prisoners escape because he believed them to be innocent. Also, he was making many decisions of his own accord, and at times, he didn’t adhere to the orders of the king if he didn’t feel it was right. A request was made to dismiss him from his position, and though Jinhan removed him from his position, he gave him another important position, which shocked the officials. Kim Myung Ha was made the sixth royal secretary, which was a prestigious position, but nobody wanted to take it. The main role of the royal secretary was to revive a peach tree to which the king was very attached. Many had come and gone, but nobody could achieve the feat. Myung Ha knew that this was the best possible opportunity he could get, so he accepted the position and went about his business. Through this decision, the king reinstated his authority and established the fact that he was not going to be deceived or influenced by anybody.

How did Hee-soo become the Gidaeryeong?

In Captivating the King episode 6, Jinhan came to the decision that he needed a good baduk player to play with him as he was bored of playing all by himself. He said that he would create a new position called Gidaeryeong, and the only duty of the person who was selected for it would be to come and play with him whenever he was summoned. Hee-soo was already there in the kingdom after she miraculously escaped from captivity. She knew she was the best candidate for the job, and once again disguised as a boy, she entered the championship. Each of the “Hwans” had their own candidate, but Hee-soo knew from the very beginning that she would win the battle. Hee-soo met Myung Ha during this time, and we got to know that the latter still had a lot of feelings for her. He was concerned after what had happened to Deokseong that even Hee-soo would meet a similar fate. He warned her about the king, and he told her to run away from there and not put her life in jeopardy. But Hee-soo had made up her mind.

In Captivating the King episode 6, even Jinhan came to know about her presence after he came to the playing arena and saw her sitting there. It still amazed me how he could not understand that she was just pretending to be a boy. Even the king felt insecure when he saw her with Myung Ha, and he felt like coming in between them and taking Hee-soo away. He didn’t like it, but obviously, he was not in a position to say anything to her. Yi In also knew that Jinhan liked Hee-soo, and that’s why his mood was elevated the moment he saw her. Jinhan finally had something exciting to look forward to, and he immediately went to the Queen Dowager’s chamber to tell her about it. Queen Dowager wanted the Baduk player to be under her patronage and give her secret intel, and that’s why she wanted Park Jong Hwan’s candidate to win it.

Was Hee-soo planning to take revenge?

Jinhan, since he realized that Hee-soo was back, has had doubts about her. Jinhan knew that he had killed her friend, and she had all the reasons to take revenge on him. Jinhan also got to know that Queen Dowager wanted to talk to her, and he asked Hee-soo not to tell them anything about it. When Hee-soo was taking Queen Dowager and Jinhan’s elder brother’s wife, Jinhan barged in and asked them what they were talking about. At that moment, Hee-soo said that she came to meet Queen Dowager as the Grand Prince Munseong had asked for a baduk table, and the queen wanted Hee-soo to train him. Jinhan knew that it was not the entire truth, but in front of everybody, he didn’t say a word. Surprisingly, he agreed to the queen’s request and allowed Munseong to be trained by Hee-soo. Jinhan was the exact same age when he started playing, and he just couldn’t say no to those innocent eyes who just wanted to learn the game.

At the end of Captivating the King episode 6, we saw that Hee-soo met Myung Ha and gave him an offer to join forces with him and take revenge on the king. As of now, I personally don’t know what’s going on in Hae-soo’s mind, but listening to her made me realize that Jinhan was probably right, and she did want to take revenge. In the subsequent episodes, we will get to know what Hee-soo has on her mind and whether Jinhan has changed his outlook and become close to her or not.

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