‘Captivating The King’ Episodes 11-12 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Chu Dal-Ha Kill King Yi-In?


In Captivating the King‘s previous episodes, we saw that Park Jong Hwan realized that some other court maid had substituted Princess Jangryeong, and nobody from the Qing contingent had any clue about it. So, Park Jong-hwan took matters into his own hands, and he left with Yoo Hyun-bo to find out the truth. Hee-soo realized that she didn’t have much of an option now, as the king would get to know the truth sooner or later. So Hee-soo decided to go to the king and tell him the truth before it was too late. So let’s find out what happened in Captivating the King episodes 11 and 12, and if King Yi-In is able to find a solution to the ongoing conflicts.

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Did the King punish Hee-soo and Myung-ha? 

Park Jong Hwan had gotten to know that instead of the princess, Bun Jeong had been sent to marry Prince Rui. He wanted to investigate the matter, and he didn’t want the perpetrators to go unpunished. Park Jong Hwan wanted to have some leverage, and he knew that of late, his influence over the king had been diminishing. The king didn’t agree to any of his demands, and Jong Hwan didn’t know what he should do to win his trust back again. There was a time when King Yi-In did whatever Queen Dowager and Jong Hwan told him, but now he acted on his own accord because he had realized what their intention was. Park Jong Hwan was already angry about the fact that the king had appointed Hee-soo as the Gidaeryeong, and he didn’t like the fact that the king gave her so much preference. But now Park Jong Hwan believed that he genuinely had a chance to turn things in his favor, and so, together with Yoo Hyun-bo, he went to find out the truth. Jung Je-pyo, the leader of Qing’s contingent, didn’t suspect that he had been deceived, and that’s why he came in Park Jong Hwan’s way when he tried to pull the veil off Bun-jeong and find out who she was. Though Park Jong Hwan wanted to see the face of the woman, he realised that she was not Jangryeong because of the way she hid her face.

In Captivating the King episode 11, Park Jong Hwan hatched a plan and he went back to the king and told him that he knew that the princess had been substituted and that Jung Je-pyo knew about that fact. But Hee-soo had already told the king everything, just moments before he met his uncle, and that’s how he came to know that Park Jong Hwan was bluffing. King Yi-In got to know that Myung Ha and Hee-soo both conspired together, but he still didn’t punish them. Probably somewhere deep down, the king was happy since he knew that the princess would be in a much better space. He saw how miserable she became when she learned that she was going to marry Prince Rui. She begged for help, but as the ruler of the kingdom, Yi-In couldn’t make that decision. For him, the safety of his people was more important, and he had no choice but to sacrifice the princess for the greater good. 

Why did the King appoint Munseong as his heir? 

In Captivating the King episode 12, we saw that there was a huge storm in the city, and the peach tree got burned as it got struck by lightning. The king, as we saw in the previous episodes, was quite attached to that tree, and he believed that his fate was intertwined with it. He started believing that, just like the tree, his reign would also come to a disastrous end. He had heard rumors accusing him of poisoning his own brother, and he had this feeling that they would never accept the fact that he was innocent. In reality, King Yi-In had not murdered his brother, as it was probably lady Dong who had poisoned his brother. But now the king felt as if the ghosts of his past were once again coming to haunt him. Queen Dowager didn’t understand why her son was in such a troubled state of mind. She feared that, amidst all this, he would end up making some decision that would spoil her plans. Jong Hwan decided that he would ask his colleagues, Great Lord Oh Wook Hwan and Minister of War Min Ji Hwan, if they wanted to get their daughter married to Grand Prince Munseong. Park Jong Hwan knew that these were the people who could be a threat to him in the future, and so he wanted to push them into a position where he knew that they or their lineage wouldn’t be able to come in his way.

At that juncture in Captivating the King episode 12, Park Jong Hwan believed that the grand prince would never be made the heir to the throne, but he didn’t know what was brewing inside the king’s mind. Hee-soo pitched this idea to Queen Oh, saying that the only way she could secure the future of the child was by making sure he was named the heir to the throne. Queen Oh was suffering from some terminal illness, and she knew that her end was near. Before departing, she wanted to see Munseong become the crowned prince, and so she expressed her desires to Yi-In. After giving it some thought, the king came to the decision that he would adopt his brother’s son and make him the crown prince. Park Jong Hwan tried to protest against the decision, but the king obviously didn’t listen to him. Park Jong Hwan saw his plans getting spoiled in front of his eyes, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. When Queen Oh got the news of Munseong becoming the crowned prince, she took her last breaths as if she were just holding on to life somehow, just to hear the news before she departed. 

Did Chu Dal-ha kill King Yi-In?

Up until the end of Captivating the King 12, Hee-soo believed that the king loved Munseong as his own son, and he didn’t perceive him as a threat. But that thinking changed when Park Jong Hwan came to talk to Yi-In about the decision he had made earlier that day. They entered into a heated argument, and Yi-In got annoyed with his uncle’s condescending tone. He told his uncle that he was not as naive as they all perceived him to be. He said that though he was making Munseong the crown prince, he would kill him with his own hands if he felt that he was a threat to him. The conviction with which he said those words made it feel like he meant every bit of it. Hee-soo was hiding nearby, and she overheard the entire conversation. Hee-soo was shocked, as she had never seen that side of the king, and she just couldn’t process whatever she saw and heard. It was then that she, together with Chu Dal-ha, decided that the king would have to be assassinated, as Munseong was not safe until he was alive.

Chu Dal-ha knew that he would be killed for trying to murder the king, but he was ready to take the risk. He knew that he wouldn’t come back alive, but he was still ready to sacrifice his own life for the greater good. But there was another twist that Chu Dal-ha didn’t foresee. Hee-soo, just before the king was about to enter the palace where Chu Dal-ha was hiding, told him that he shouldn’t go inside. The king asked her if there was an assassin hiding inside, waiting to kill him, and Hee-soo just couldn’t say anything. Hee-soo loved Yi-In, and maybe that is what made her conscience guilty. In the upcoming episode, we will learn what action the king takes, considering he now has an idea about what he thinks about him. Though the episode left us on a cliffhanger, I personally believe that Hee-soo’s indecisiveness will cost Chu Dal-ha his life. 

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