‘Captivating The King’ Episodes 7-8 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Jinhan Come To Know About Hee-Soo?


In the last week’s episode of Captivating the King, we saw that Hee-soo once again came to the king’s court, and she was appointed to a newly formed position called Gidaeryeong. Her duty was to just play the game of baduk with the king. There were a lot of rumors floating around the kingdom about the king, and he was taking the criticism very nicely. Jinhan was of the opinion that constructive criticism would help him become a better ruler, and he didn’t like the people who complimented him just because they were too scared or diplomatic to voice their real opinions. So, let’s find out what kind of conflicts the king faces in the 7th and 8th episodes, and if he finally comes to know that Gidaeryeong is a girl.

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What did Yoo Hyun-bo come to know about?

In the 7th episode of Captivating the King, apart from Jinhan, not a lot of people knew who Gidaeryeong was or what he looked like. Jinhan had kept it like that because he didn’t want any unnecessary rumors, and he knew that people would get to know that it was the same person whom he had punished for treason a few years ago. But Hee-soo was moving freely throughout the city, and so it was impossible for her not to be spotted by someone. The inevitable happened, and Yoo Hyun-bo saw Hee-soo, and he immediately realized who she was. Obviously, at that juncture, he also didn’t have any clue that she was not a boy but a girl. Kim Myung Ha was the only person who knew that Hee-soo was a girl, and that is why he was worried for her safety. Hyun-bo saw her, and he immediately went and informed the principal director, Park Jong Hwan, and Min Ji Hwan about it. Min Ji Hwan decided to inform the council of ministers about the matter and get their approval to banish Mong-woo, aka Hee-soo, from the land. Yoo Hyun-bo accidentally came in front of Jinhan when he was talking to Hee-soo. He requested there and then to the king to take some action against Hee-soo. Jinhan, without even thinking for a moment, told him that he was not going to do any such thing. Later, when the council of ministers also came, Jinhan was very firm about the fact that he was not going to repeat the same mistake again. Hee-soo had literally come back from the dead, and Jinhan was too fond of her to punish her.

What did the grand prince want from Jinhan?

The grand prince Munseong requested the king let him accompany him for the Gisinje rituals, as it was for honoring the legacy of his late father. Jinhan hesitated for a moment, but then he agreed to the little prince’s request. Jinhan loved the boy and probably knew that he needed all the love and care that he could get. Jinhan was a sensible man, and he didn’t want to drag a little kid into palace politics. So he agreed to take him, and he also told Hee-soo that she would accompany him and take care of the grand prince. Once again, the ministers were uneasy, and they disapproved of their king’s decision. They told the king that it was not safe to take the little one with him, but Jinhan did not agree. Queen Dowager, meanwhile, was getting a bit stressed as Jinhan, time and again, did something that irked everybody. He didn’t have an heir, and he rejected each and every request made by his council of ministers. She believed that if he went on at that rate, he would soon make a lot of enemies.

What was the rumor about Jinhan?

A few workers in the king’s palace saw Jinhan expressing his love for Hee-soo, and because everybody considered the latter to be a boy, a rumor was started that the king is attracted to people of the same sex. It became the talk of the town, and the queen Dowager got very restless when she heard about it. She tried to confirm it with Lady Dong, who told her that the rumor was not baseless and that the king never made love to any women but gave his undivided attention to Hee-soo. Min Ji Hwan came with a request to the king, and he told him that it was in the best interest of everybody if Hee-soo was banished. The king told him in plain words that he would have to come up with another alternative, as he was not going to do that. So, in Captivating the King episode 8, the minister said that the only option left for the king was to bed Lady Dong and then give the kingdom an heir. Min Ji Hwan said that the moment the news of his having a kid spread in the kingdom, then the people would stop creating rumors. Jinhan was in a fix, and he didn’t know what to do. He agreed to the request, as he didn’t want him to go anywhere. Lady Dog came to his palace, and moments before that, the king was told that Hee-soo and even Yoo Hyun-bo had gone missing. Jinhan assumed the worst, and he was desperate to find where Hee-soo was. But that’s when Lady Dong came, and he had to go inside the palace and fulfill his duty. Jinhan tried to get intimate with Lady Dong, but he was unable to. At last, he gave up and ran out of his palace in order to search for Hee-soo.

Did Jinhan come to know about Hee-soo?

Jinhan very explicitly told Hee-soo that if she had been a boy, he would have definitely married her. Hee-soo felt overwhelmed, and Myung-Ha noticed that, though he spoke about taking revenge on the king, in reality, she was falling for him. Hee-soo was in denial for the longest time, but anybody who knew her well understood what she was feeling. When Hee-soo went missing, she passed out under a tree, and soon Jinhan found her. Jin Han brought her back to his palace, and because she was sleeping so uncomfortably, he decided to open her robes and make her lie down. That’s when Hee-soo woke up, gave a sudden jerk, and moved aside. Jinhan realized at that moment that something was not right, and maybe his baduk partner was trying to hide a secret. At the end of Captivating the King episode 8, Jinhan finally got to know that Kang Moong-woo’s real name was Hee-soo, and she was actually a girl. Hee-soo knew that she would be punished for keeping the king in the dark, so she asked him to grant her last wish. Hee-soo came close to the king, and they both made love to each other. In the subsequent episodes, the revelation would have an impact on a lot of things. The entire dynamics are going to change, and the king will have to take each and every step very carefully henceforth.

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