‘Carnival Row’ Season 2, Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained – How Did Philo Plan To Tackle The Sparas?


In the seventh episode of the series “Carnival Row” Season 2, the political setup of each and every kingdom was in a state of flux. There were rapid changes happening in the socio-political landscape, and the Burguish parliament knew that they had to adapt and move quickly if they wanted to be in power. The Pact had already attacked the port of Ragusa, and though Burgue might not have been a part of the planning directly, Millworthy and others sitting in the interim government knew that it would affect them. A guilt-ridden Philo wanted to walk on the road of redemption and rectify the mistakes he had committed in the past. So, let’s see whether Agreus and Imogen were able to escape Ragusa and if Philo gets the deliverance he was seeking.

Spoilers Ahead

Agreus And Imogen’s Escape Plan

The arrangements had been made, and it felt like Agreus, Imogen, and Ezra would be able to escape from the port of Ragusa. As they had decided, they had to use the Revolution Day celebration to their advantage and escape from the hall to make their way toward the dock. Imogen had told Agreus in the sixth episode of the series, “Carnival Row” Season 2, that she didn’t want her brother to come with them, but Agreus put some sense in her and told her that she shouldn’t do that. Agreus was a sensible man, and he knew how to not get blinded by hatred and hostility and keep his integrity intact even in the worst of times. He told his wife that, though she was saying that she wanted to leave her brother to die in Ragusa, she wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt of it. Imogen trusted Agreus, and though she wasn’t entirely convinced, she agreed to do as he told her. During the celebration, Agreus and Imogen had their eyes on Kastor, and they knew that they would have to distract him to get a safe passage. Kastor, at this point in time, believed that Imgoen and Agreus had made up their minds to stay in Ragusa and serve the New Dawn regime. He saw them getting drunk and dancing like there was no tomorrow, and he bought what he saw. Imogen asked Kastor to dance with him as Agreus wanted a breather. It was quite an overwhelming situation for Kastor, and there was an expression of accomplishment and satisfaction on his face seeing two non-conformists finally agreeing to stay back, thereby validating the ideology of the New Dawn revolutionaries.

As soon as Imogen started dancing with Kastor, Agreus took Ezra and escaped from the room. Within a few minutes of him leaving, Imogen pretended that she was feeling nauseous and told Kastor that she had to use the restroom. Imogen joined Agreus, and they moved towards the dock. Ivor, the person who had planned everything, had strictly told them that he could accommodate only two people on the ship, and seeing Ezra, he got annoyed at Agreus for not following his orders. Imogen proposed that they double the payment, as leaving behind Ezra was not a possibility for them. They were in the middle of their conversation when suddenly they heard the sirens go off and a rumbling sound coming from the sky. They looked up and saw the entire sky filled with combat aircrafts that had come to settle the issue once and for all. Those aircraft belonged to the Pact, and they had abandoned their posts in Tirnanoc and come to Ragusa to get it back under their control. Kastor came running with other soldiers and told Agreus to pick up arms and fight for their land. He had no clue that they were on their way to leaving Ragusa forever. Agreus and Imogen went inside the armory and took a gun each, though they were still confused about what to do now.

Season 2, Episode 7: Ending Explained – How Did Philo Plan To Tackle The Sparas?

Philo’s conscience was still burdened with guilt as he blamed himself for the Sparas wreaking havoc in the Burgue. He believed himself to be a hypocrite, though Darius reminded him time and again that it was because of him that a lot of humans and Fae were alive. Darius told him that he might have failed in his endeavors, but his intention was never to hurt anybody. Philo wanted the humans and other species to live peacefully, and he was ready to give his own life if it guaranteed the safety of everybody. Philo didn’t feel that he belonged anywhere. The Fae saw him as a traitor who had sided with Dombey and other humans and destroyed their lives, whereas the Police saw him as a Critch who was not worthy of living with them.

Meanwhile, Vignette was trying her best to escape from the Row with her friend, Tourmaline. Tourmaline had a vision in which she saw that the Sparas would kill her, which is why Vignette was adamant about leaving as soon as possible. She went to ask Boz Ghaidos for help, but the man tried taking advantage of her as he knew that she did not have the support of the Ravens and she was on Burgue’s hit list. Somehow, Vignette and Tourmaline saved their lives and escaped from there, and on the way back, they got to know that The Pact had left Tirnanoc and that they could now go back to their home. But the problem was that they were not allowed to leave the Row unless and until the order came from above.

Philo saw an opportunity to bring back peace, and he hoped that it would also make the Sparas go back from where it had come. Philo went to meet Millworthy as he knew that the man was an important part of the interim government and other ministers would pay attention to what he said. He told Millworthy that he wanted him to arrange a passage to Tirnanoc for all the non-human species, as he believed it would be a good diplomatic move that would make the masses support the government. The humans of the Burgue anyway wanted the Fae to leave their land, and Philo speculated that if the government did so, they could kill two birds with one stone. Tourmaline was very happy when she realized that she would finally be able to escape her fate. She went to meet Mima Blodwen one last time and told her that maybe the visions she got didn’t always come true, as she once escaped the Burgue, it would be impossible for the Sparas to kill her. The authorities made arrangements for the mass deportation, but the Black Ravens suddenly attacked out of nowhere and blasted the ship that was supposed to take everybody to Tirnanoc. There was a state of confusion as Philo and all the others didn’t realize why they were doing so. Everybody was even more horrified at the sight of Sparas in the sky and casting his deathly shadow on the residents of Burgue yet again.

The Black Ravens might have been anarchists, but they never hurt people in the Row in the past, and that is why it was quite strange to see them act so erratically, almost as if they had teamed up with the Sparas. Towards the end of Episode 7 of “Carnival Row” Season 2, the Sparas killed Berwick and seeing his mate die in front of his own eyes really affected Philo. Berwick trusted him, and he felt betrayed when he got to know that Philo never intended to find the Sparas as he had told them. He had deceived everybody because he felt that making the Fae leave the Burgue would be the solution to all the problems.

Philo knew that there was some detail that he was missing. He knew that somebody had gone behind his back and played their own games. In the upcoming episodes of “Carnival Row” Season 2, we will know why the Black Ravens attacked their own and if Philo and others are able to ascertain the motive of the Sparas and stop it from wreaking havoc.

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