‘Castaway Diva’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained:  Why Does Bong Wan Kill Mr. Lee Uk?


Have we mentioned before that the drama Castaway Diva is simply beautiful? Its emotional communication is spot on, and the way the complexities of the characters have been written and judged is beautiful. It is possible to rave about this drama for days, so before that, let us go through the recap of Castaway Diva Episode 11.

Spoiler Alert

What happens at the press conference?

Mok Ha is determined not to let Ran Joo take the complete fall for the scandal. Everyone is advising her to play it safe for herself, but Mok Ha is not that person. On the other hand, she also doesn’t know what to do. Mok Ha meets Woo Hak, and he guides her a bit regarding how to conduct herself during the interview. Bo Geol is still staying away this whole time to avoid any association between his family and Mok Ha, but the latter is done pretending she doesn’t care. When Bo Geol drops her home, Mok Ha tells him that she likes him. She had not said it earlier because she was shy and caught off-guard by the question, but her feelings have been the same for fifteen years. She is confessing now so that there is no doubt regarding her feelings afterwards, when the outcome of the identity theft case is announced. Mok Ha tells Bo Geol that she will stay by his side no matter what the verdict. If they are sentenced to prison, she will wait for him and take care of him and his family in the future.

At the press conference, Mok Ha says she wants to support Ran Joo because she doesn’t want to lose herself to such frivolities as fame and reputation again. That is why she makes it clear that she wanted to support Ran Joo because she was a fan and wasn’t coerced into it. Later, the reporter also revealed that he had published that article after he heard Seo Jun say the same things to his investors. Once again, it was Seo Jun who let down Ran Joo. The fact is that Seo Jun has known Ran Joo for a long time. They have had their ups and downs, and frankly, to an extent, Seo Jun cannot be blamed for being ruthless with his business. However, there is no need for him to get so disrespectful again and again. When Ran Joo was angrily confronting him, he could have just apologized and said that it was what the investors needed to hear, so he said it. Ran Joo would have been angry and later let go of it. But he felt the need to hurt her by saying that she wasn’t worth anything and was a liability. It is this push-pull tactic of his that has made Ran Joo believe every word of his over the years. He is not outright insulting, but he picks his time and delivers the blow. It is never an impulsive move either, and that just goes to show how much he stands to gain from Ran Joo’s low self-esteem.

Does Ran Joo have the shares?

Ran Joo finds out from Mok Ha that her name was formerly her mother’s stage name. It is not that her mother believed that she was Ran Joo. It was more like she had only retained memories of her stage name and pushed her real name to the back of her mind. She had to give up singing when her daughter was born, and yet, as much as Ran Joo feels guilty about it, her mother considers her to be a great gift. Mok Ha recreates one of Ran Joo’s mother’s songs and arranges for Ran Joo to sing it. The new song became popular, and Ran Joo’s name was once again cleared. The three women achieved what they set out to, and it was probably the last gift for Ran Joo’s mother before she passed away. That is when Ran Joo discovers an invoice left behind by her mother that shows that Ran Joo had long surpassed the requisite number of sales of her albums required for her to get half the shares of the company. Technically, in such a case, the termination of the contract should be null and void unless Seo Jun has managed to sneak in some hidden clause there.

 Why Does Bong Wan Kill Mr. Lee Uk?

There is something magical about the conduct of those in power who take responsibility for it. The prosecutor in charge of the case calls Bo Geol’s family along with Bong Wan and asks them to cross-examine them together. Initially, Woo Hak is convinced that this is to favor Bong Wan since the cross-examination has no point. But what the prosecutor ends up pulling is a classic tale. Remember the story of the two mothers who were fighting over a child, and the king suggested cutting the child in half? One of the women agreed with the suggestion, and the other decided to let the woman have the child instead of putting him through such agony. This is the same trick the prosecutor used with Bong Wan, and Lee UK. Bong Wan was ready to send Bo Geol and Woo Hak to jail for using violence against him, while Lee Uk was trying to protect the boys at any cost. This gave them a look into the psyche of Bong Wan and helped prove why the family may have been so desperate to escape him.

Additionally, Lee Uk had tried to take complete blame for the crime, while Bong Wan wanted to hold everyone responsible for it. At this time, they also call Dae Woong, who has regained consciousness in the hospital. He immediately tells the prosecutor that Bong Wan had spoken about wanting to punish his kids. Dae Woong’s wife tells them about the dash cam footage that showed Bong Wan releasing the hornets into Dae Woong’s car. The footage may not be enough to put him in jail, but in this scenario, it strengthens Bo Geol’s family’s case. When they come out of the courtroom, Mok Ha is waiting for them with umbrellas, and she reconciles with the family. Bong Wan gets an umbrella from his ex-wife, and we must say that she is too kind.

At the end of Castaway Diva episode 11, the verdict is announced that the family is cleared of all charges, and they can get back to their lives. Mok Ha and Bo Geol meet their old friends, and when everything is said and done, they share their first kiss. The lovebirds are finally free to be with each other without any obstacles. However, Bong Wan is not one to give up. The reason he wanted his family back was not because of love but because of a sense of ownership. According to him, Lee Uk is the thief who has stolen his family, so killing him is the only way to set things right. Therefore, while walking on the street, he slices open Lee Uk’s neck, and the man is lying in Woo Hak’s arms, sputtering blood and holding on to dear life.

Final Thoughts

It is too soon for the drama to get over. The story has so much promise that an ending won’t do justice to it at all. Additionally, Castaway Diva is a story for which our love has surpassed what we have for its characters, which is a rare feat. We are simply not ready to say goodbye.

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