‘Castaway Diva’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Is Bong Wan Holding Mok Ha Hostage?


We never wanted Castaway Diva to get as emotional as it currently has. The arc of this story keeps surprising us, and it has reached a place where predictability feels deceptive. The drama’s reputation as one of the best to end the year remains strong, so we find ourselves with no choice but to swallow our fear for the fate of the characters and simply move on with where the narrative takes us. The following is a recap of Castaway Diva Episode 9.

Spoiler Alert

What happens after Ran Joo leaves behind Mok Ha?

Yong Gwan had not always been a complicated manager for RJ Entertainment. He had once been an aspiring singer like Mok Ha, and just like her, he had a late debut. Ran Joo had seen something in him, and she was willing to support him with everything it took. She produced his music for him, and it was her money that was invested in his career. Basically, she truly believed in him and was willing to go the extra mile for his sake. But Yong Gwan lacked Ran Joo’s will. He was never able to succeed as much as Mo Rae, so he decided to give up, which is when he took the job of manager at the company.

Ran Joo remembers him as someone who lacked the courage to follow his dreams because, at the end of the day, it was simply his choice to give up even though he had all the support he could ask for. Ran Joo compares him to Mok Ha, and while it is true that the latter doesn’t lack courage, she is making compromises because she is letting others’ words get to her. Even Yong Gwan had quit because he had been discouraged by other people’s immediate opinions. That is why, under the pretense of separating from Mok Ha because of her ‘weakness,’ Ran Joo pushes her to prioritize herself. The immediate thing that Mok Ha does is to call RJ Entertainment and sign up with them, while Ran Joo moves in with Seo Jun as part of her artist contract. She had moved out because of their differences, even though she had the right to continue staying there. She is willing to sign the contract to terminate her rights over the company, and she is waiting for a few things in the meantime, one of them being the artist showcase.

How does Mok Ha convince Yong Gwan for the song?

The fact that Seo Jun wants to give Mok Ha songs from the archive must mean that he was only poaching her so that she did not sign up with anybody else and, by extension, grow her brand with Ran Joo’s, ultimately transferring the company to the latter. He is quite devilish in the way he is able to subtly manipulate situations to his benefit, but he doesn’t realize what he is dealing with. Mok Ha is given the entire archive to choose from to sing in the showcase, but it is considered to be a disaster in the making since it consists of nothing but rejected songs. But Mok Ha is optimistic, and after going through the archive, she picks a song whose composition she absolutely loves.

It turns out that the composer is Yong Gwan, and he refuses to give Mok Ha the song. On the face of it, he says that he dislikes her, but behind that mask, he just can’t seem to stand her optimism and relentlessness, which he had given up long ago. Mok Ha tells him that she wants to risk it nonetheless, and Yong Gwan gives in and allows her to use the song. Mok Ha works on it by changing the lyrics, and Ran Joo helps from the background by altering the music. She tells Bo Geol to act as if these changes are his idea and not hers. This means that Ran Joo and Mok Ha are still working as a team, and the showcase is a success. Ran Joo expresses her wish to produce Mok Ha’s entire album because she knows that only she will do it with the right intentions. The others will either overlook her or play dirty with their favoritism towards Mo Rae, who is trying hard to emulate Mok Ha’s voice.

Why is Bong Wan holding Mok Ha and his ex-wife hostage?

The reason Bo Geol had gone to meet Bong Wan was not for reconciliation but to collect evidence of his abuse. Bo Geol already had the recordings from his childhood, but this time, he was showing how dire the situation was and that they needed to escape from their father. He records his father beating him up and threatens that unless Bong Wan stops looking for them, he will release them to the police. When Bo Geol gets home, Woo Hak is angry at what he is doing and wonders what the result of Bong Wan’s relentlessness may be. Their father overhears this conversation, and he makes plans of his own.

Bong Wan knows that his ex-family must have stolen someone’s identity, and he runs their fingerprints with a friend of his, to no avail. As for Woo Hak, he also begins his investigation. In the case of the hornets, Woo Hak remembers that he had been tailing Bong Wan on the day of the accident, and he had seen the man fiddling in the garden. The deceased’s wife had also said how he kept pestering her husband about Ki Ho. With his suspicions in place, Woo Hak tries to retrieve the contents of the black box, and he does that with his boss’s help. True to his suspicions, at the end of Castaway Diva episode 9, he finds that Bong Wan had released the hornets into the car. This is enough evidence to send the man to jail, and he immediately reports Bong Wan to the police, who make the case against him. However, before the police can take any action, Bong Wan reaches Bo Geol’s house and is holding his ex-wife and Mok Ha at knifepoint. Mok Ha tells Bo Geol to get some soup to prevent him from coming home, but he sees what is going on through the CCTV camera and rushes home. Hopefully, he will get there before too much damage is done.

Final Thoughts

Our suspicion is that the adoptive father knows about the missing family and where they are. That is why, now that Bong Wan is back in their lives, he is trying to make sure that there are no loose ends left in the proof of their new identity. When all else fails, this is going to be their only protection against Bong Wan and anything else that may come their way.

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