‘Castaway Diva’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is Mok Ha Planning To Do?


There was something very freeing about the tenth episode of Castaway Diva, and that is a surprising emotion considering everything that happened in it. But it is to be remembered that the writing of the drama has been consistently exemplary. Problems don’t mean the end of the world, but the start of solutions, after the characters are allowed to have their journey. That is why this episode gave us so many good feelings, even though it was full of angst. We are almost sad that the drama is going to end next week, but either way, this has been a wonderful journey so far, and here is the recap of Episode 10.

Spoiler Alert

What happens after Bong Wan finds his family?

Mr. Lee meets Mok Ha to give her some medicines for Bo Geol. He only tells her that he knows what Bo Geol is doing and asks her to keep it a secret that he knows what his son is doing. When Lee pretended to go to flower arrangement classes, he was actually meeting the police for questioning because he had confessed the crime of identity theft to them. Bong Wan’s only card against the family was that they were lying about who they were and that they couldn’t report him without being exposed. But as long as they held back, he would keep terrorizing their family. Therefore, the only solution was to come clean and face the consequences, hoping for the best.

Woo Hak had hoped that the evidence in the Hornet case would help them get rid of Bong Wan, but that was ruled inconclusive. The officer tells the woman that if the witness wakes up, (Dae Woong is alive. We had incorrectly assumed that he was dead) then he could give the evidence needed to put Bong Wan behind bars.

In the salon, Bong Wan has cornered both women, and he demands that his family be reunited at any cost. The reason Mok Ha had texted Bo Geol to delay him was so that he did not meet Bong Wan, and the latter left them alone. Bong Wan is already getting violent, and luckily, Lee and Woo Hak arrive just in time to protect them. Woo Hak would have hurt his father if Mok Ha had not held him back, and for now, Bong Wan has been taken away by the police for stalking Mok Ha. However, Bong Wan is confident that he won’t be prosecuted for the case. He demands that the identity theft be investigated first because that would prove that he was just trying to meet his family, and that is not a crime. But he is told that as long as he tries to meet them against their wishes, it is a crime, and he can still be held liable. Bo Geol and Woo Hak’s entire family has to face the heat of identity theft. The bodies of the missing family have been uncovered in a reservoir, and since Lee has confessed, the case has blown over. The family cooperates with the police, but their lives have been affected, especially in the neighborhood, where everyone is taking special pleasure in further maligning their reputation. Though Mok Ha gives them an earful, there is a difficult decision waiting for her. Mok Ha is the only witness outside of their family who is aware of Bong Wan’s abusive nature. But she is told soon enough that she has her career to think about.

Why does Mok Ha move out?

Bo Geol and Ran Joo are working together to help Mok Ha while keeping her in the dark about their collaboration. Ran Joo tells Mok Ha that she is ready to produce her music album as long as Mok Ha proves her desperation to her. Ran Joo tells her a story from her childhood when she promised a fortune teller all her money if she predicted a bright future for her. She wants to see that zeal in Mok Ha to the extent that she would distance herself from Bo Geol’s family. Their current scandal would affect Mok Ha’s reputation and, by extension, make things worse for them if they were in the public eye that much. Mok Ha has a tough choice to make, but she decides to move out and cut ties with them. Bo Geol has already prepared an apartment for her, and he asks her to work as hard as she can, though he wishes that she would also take time out for herself once in a while. Bo Geol was always perfect, but he has also gotten better with age.

What is Mok Ha planning to do?

The moment Mok Ha seemingly cuts ties with the family, Ran Joo signs the contract, waiving away her rights to the shares of the company. It is wonderful how she has dedicated herself to Mok Ha’s career, and even Seo Jun is surprised by it. Ran Joo is happy to be working, and she admits that the last time she worked so hard was when she was producing Yong Gwan’s album. The investigation continues, and Bo Geol and Woo Hak hand in their resignations. It looks like Bo Geol left his job, but Woo Hak seems to have held on to it, though we will know for sure in the coming episodes. Woo Hak may also start getting over Mok Ha since he has finally admitted that he likes her. Admitting your feelings is the first step to learning to deal with them. Meanwhile, Mok Ha is also working very hard, and Ran Joo is very happy. Seo Jun is starting to look like the good guy, and he may just show a change of heart in the finale.

However, at the end of Castaway Diva episode 10, an article is published about Ran Joo by a reporter, Bong Du Hyeon, and it says that Ran Joo may have used Mok Ha as a substitute singer to get the shares of RJ Entertainment. Ran Joo decides to come clean with the truth that she cannot sing, so she resorted to this. But Mok Ha counters that she should add her own selfish interest in helping her idol, which was to be able to debut with the agency if Ran Joo got the shares. Ran Joo wants to protect Mok Ha’s image because her album is about to be released, but Mok Ha says that she is not being benevolent or altruistic by wanting to help Ran Joo; she simply does not want to leave more people behind. Mok Ha has a plan, and it is to fix the problem by tackling it head-on without losing Ran Joo in the process. What she wants to do will only be revealed in the next episode.

Final Thoughts

It is the ending of the episode that gives us the feelings we mentioned in the introduction. Secondly, we are simply wowed by how the transition happened between Woo Hak and Bo Geol as the primary love interest. We feel bad and surprised in ways that are difficult to explain. Only a sweet and explosive finale will set things right now.

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