‘Castlevania’ Season 4 Ending, Explained


Major Spoilers for Castlevania Season 4. Don’t Scroll Further if you haven’t finished the Season.

Castlevania is an adult animated tv series that tracks down the revenge of a powerful vampire, Vlad Dracula Tepes. He unleashes wrath upon humans after they killed his wife, Lisa accusing her of witchcraft while in reality, she was just a scientist. The first two seasons portray the journey of three heroes, a knight Trevor Belmont, a Magician Sypha Belnades, and Dracula – Lisa’s mix-breed son, Adrian “Alucard” Țepeș. They attempt to kill Dracula and save humanity.

The fourth season plots the journey of Trevor, Sypha, and Adrian while they try to stop the devilish elements from resurrecting Dracula from the depths of hell.

Who wanted to Resurrect Dracula and Why?

It was an elemental spirit called death portrayed as a Grim Reaper, who schemed to resurrect Dracula from hell. In Season 1, Dracula unleashed his army of the dead upon Wallachia. This army belonged to Death or the Grim Reaper but he didn’t have the power to raise it himself. So in exchange for the army, Dracula promised that he will bring unimaginable human death upon the world. The murder on this scale will feed Grim Reaper and eventually turn him into the strongest creature on this Earth.

During the opening sequences of Castlevania Season 4, while fighting against different magicians and dark lords, Trevor spotted idols of Death in different places. He suspected that these minute evil spirits won’t be getting any advantage out of Dracula’s resurrection and knew that their act was a part of larger destruction. From the beginning itself, he was preparing to fight Grim Reaper aka death.

How Grim Reaper planned on Resurrecting Dracula?

To resurrect Dracula, the Grim Reaper needed two elements, Dracula’s spirit, and a body to hold that spirit. To bring back Dracula’s spirit from hell, he tricked a mysterious Alchemist named Saint Germain who has the power to open an Infinite corridor.

According to Saint Germain himself, the Infinite Corridor is a route to many worlds. A set of doors that lead to other lands, separated from our own by space and time. Once upon a time, Saint Germain lost his love in the Infinite corridor and Death took advantage of it. Inside the corridor, a disguised Grim Reaper assigns him to commit the greatest alchemy. He is required to create a Rebus (an artificial body that can hold two soils, both order and chaos in one case). The Death bluffs that this Rebus would be able to control the infinite corridor and through it, Saint Germain would be able to bring back his love.

Rebus, on the other hand, was prepared by a Dracula’s minion named Varney. He was the one who showed Saint Germain the spot where Dracula died, which was the location to open the portal. Later he realizes that Varney was the Grim Reaper in disguise and was plotting the plan in the shadows.

Death is an elemental spirit and thus couldn’t accomplish the task with his spirit hands. He needed greedy humans who blindly carried out his vile ambitions.

How did Trevor fight Death?

Trevor not only killed the Rebus that held Dracula and Lisa’s spirit but also challenged the Grim Reaper in the end. In an extensive and impossible fight against death, Trevor uses a mechanized dagger blended with magical stones through which he pierces Death’s skull.

In the end, he explains to Alucard that while on his journey he met some fighters in Targoviste who were hiding in the royal chambers of the royal treasury. From there he collected certain talismans, among which one was a four-blade weapon that he used to kill Rebus.

Is Trevor still Alive?

Yes, in the last episode of Season 4, he returns back to Alucard’s village, Treffy, in a wounded state. Alucard and Sypha thought that Death’s elemental energy soaked Trevor’s body when he destroyed Death. But according to him, Saint Germain opened the infinite corridor before dying thus transferring Trevor to the banks of the Danube.

Trevor and Sypha will peacefully welcome their child and Alucard will undo his father’s mistake by building a peaceful village.

What happened to Dracula and Lisa?

The ending sequences reveal that the death of Rebus didn’t kill the spirit of Dracula and Lisa. They survived. They are now living a concealed life away from Wallachia. They decide not to visit Dracula’s castle in order to give closure to their son. In fact, Dracula mentions shifting to the north coast of England which is a reference to Transylvania, the hometown of Count Dracula in Bram Stoker’s original novel of 1897.

The Unusual Rings

Season 3 was extensively an exploration of other vampires, especially the sisters, Carmilla and Lenore. Carmilla wanted to take the place of Dracula and rule the world and for it, she enslaved a forge master named Hector who created the army of the dead for Dracula. Carmilla wanted the same army to fuel her ambitions and to control Hector; her sister Lenore forged special rings that would cause great pain to anyone trying to flee or remove it.

During Issac’s invasion of Carmilla’s castle to stop her from becoming another threat to humanity, we see Hector cutting off his finger in order to get rid of Carmilla’s control. A similar ring was visible on Saint Germain and Rebus’s hand. Saint Germain stole the design in order to control Rebus so that he can become the greatest alchemist and also bring back his love. But before his ambitions are fulfilled, Trevor rips off the Rebus. Saint Germain dies in the end.

What happened to Hector and Lenore?

After killing Carmilla, Issac requests Hector to put an end to his struggles and pursuit of bringing back Dracula. After Lisa’s death, he was living the same night again and again falling into oblivion. Perhaps he earned his rest and we should not disturb him.

It is time for the forge master to forge a future and not new destruction. Black Clouds of Chaos should evaporate. Issac urged Hector to use their skill to build a better future.

Issac kills Carmilla but he traps Lenore in the castle to live unending captivity. Hector loves her but he also understands her pain. Lenore refuses to exist in a cage. exposes herself to the sun that turns her vampire body into ashes. Hector cherishes their last interaction.

Castlevania is 4 seasons long and holds 32 episodes in total. I am sure there would be many confusing points that might worry the viewers. While I have tried to solve the most conflicted queries of Season 4, if you think I have missed any point or you hold a doubt, please do share it with us in the comments below.

Castlevania Season 4 concludes the series. In the end, Dracula and Lisa will spend a peaceful life in a castle near Transylvania. Our three heroes, Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard will help the village to establish the destroyed settlements while starting a new life of their life. Like Issac, the forge master said, “I am interested in building a way to live.

Castlevania is an animated adult series created by Warren Ellis for Netflix.

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