‘Castlevania’ Season 4 Recap & Review – A Satisfactory Closure Of Character Arcs


Castlevania Season 4 has been much awaited by fans and anime enthusiasts as it marks the end of all beginnings. The conflict started when the beloved human lover of mighty Vampire, Vlad Dracula Țepeș was mercilessly burned by the humans. It transformed the charming Dracula into a ferocious antagonist pledged to ruin humanity. It is when three heroes surfaced to end his terror and destruction.

In the preceding three seasons, the knight Trevor Belmont, Magician Sypha Belnades, and Half-Vampire Dracula’s son Adrian “Alucard” have been struggling to finally meet an end. In the opening scene, Trevor spells his weariness, “We killed Dracula and now we have to spend the rest of our lives making sure nobody brings him back from the dead.” Trevor and Sypha are exhausted in their endless pursuit and need closure, while Alucard has no objective left and is spending his days drowned in wine. Season 4 brings closure to these weary souls and also to other sub-plot characters showcased in the series.

Castlevania‘s animated series showcases some visually enchanting graphics and background score. The gruesome monsters and blood-spurring actions are key highlights. Castlevania Season 4 comparatively has the best fighting sequences and Trevor finally makes his presence as a knight in shining armor, not literally but metaphorically. At some moments, the series incorporates deep philosophical dialogues which might not be a thing for everyone, but I found them engaging.

The core of the series lies in its vibrant character arcs. For example, take Dracule for instance, his character transformation followed a journey of him becoming more humane with the arrival of love, but suddenly falling into a pit of despair as it ends. Similar metamorphosis is visible in his son Alucard, whose struggle lies in “not ending up like his father.”

When Season 1 and 2 came out, it literally lured me. However, the third season was painfully boring and the subplot of Carmilla – the witch sisters felt like a burden on the narrative. Season 4 tries to provide closure to all the characters and the subplots. The show concludes each character arc which feels like a satisfactory end.

With 32 episodes, Castlevania is extremely binge-worthy. Anyone planning to spend a weekend with Vampires, Knights, and Magicians should look no further and stream Castlevania from beginning to end.

Castlevania is an animated television series spread over 4 seasons with 32 episodes of 22 minutes(approx.) each. The show has been created by Warren Ellis for Netflix. It is based on a video game of the same name developed by Konami.

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Shikhar Agrawal
Shikhar Agrawal
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