‘Cat’ Season 2: Expectations – Will Gurnam Go To Canada To Take Revenge From Sehtab Singh?


Season 1 of “Cat,” the 2022 Netflix spy thriller, left us on a cliffhanger where Gurnam Singh, a.k.a. Gary realized that the person who had ruined his entire life was still alive. He still had family in Canada, and he knew that he had to put up a fight to save them. Gurnam was a good man at heart, and he longed for the day when the world was not broken into fragments, and there was not a single drop of blood spilled in his beloved Punjab. Those weary eyes had seen a lot, and they waited amidst all the gloom for a new dawn to bring some light into the lives of the people who had been tortured for so long. Gurnam had already lost his parents, and now he didn’t want to lose his younger brother, Sunny. He was ready to go to any extent to make sure that Sunny was released from jail and that he got the visa to go to Canada. Sehtab Singh just wanted to take advantage of his situation and use him as a pawn in his dirty game. Though Sehtab pretended to be a well-wisher of Gurnam, the shrewd man, in reality, only cared about himself. He pretended to be this messiah who wanted to wage a war against drugs in the state, but in reality, he was just trying to feed his bloated ego and, in the process, earn as much money as he could. He asked Gurnam to win the trust of Madam Aulakh and become a part of her inner circle. Sehtab had promised that if Gurnam adhered to his commands, then not only would he get his brother released from jail, but he would also make sure that he went to Canada legally. Gurnam Singh did what any elder brother would have done in those circumstances. He signed his own doom without regretting his decision one bit, as he knew that his brother desperately needed a second chance to start things over. Gurnam had to make a lot of difficult decisions after he started working for Madam Aulakh. He was the kind of man who always prioritized relationships over everything else in life. He had grown fond of Laadi, and he knew that the man not only trusted him blindly but considered him more than a brother.

When Gurnam’s cover was blown, he had no option but to kill Laadi. His conscience was laden with guilt, as he knew that Laadi had a daughter and a wife, and they didn’t deserve such suffering. Gurnam once again found himself standing at a crossroads when he had to do something to tarnish the image of Shamsher Singh. Shamsher was probably the most honorable man Gurnam had met in his entire lifetime. He had been the backbone of the Aulakh empire, and it was because of his loyal service that Madam Aulakh established her dominance in the area. Gurnam had a conflict surging within his core, but maybe he was able to end his dilemma by telling himself that Shamsher and power brokers like him were responsible for trafficking drugs and ruining the lives of many youngsters like his brother. After Shamsher died, Gurnam knew that Sehtab would ask him to lay the trap for Madam Aulakh and end the drug trafficking racket once and for all. Gurnam was in a bit of a predicament, but once again, he believed Sehtab Singh and trusting the deceitful man proved to be his biggest mistake.

What Should We Expect From ‘Cat’ Season 2?

Gurnam had put so much trust in Sehtab Singh that he didn’t realize that he had been playing all along. Sehtab had promised Gurnam that he wouldn’t kill Madam Aulakh and would just get her arrested. When the time came, he didn’t even blink an eye before firing at her. The situation would have still been under control if Baljit Singh Rajpuria hadn’t come in front of Gurnam. We still don’t understand why he voluntarily exposed his identity when he could have waited a bit longer until Gurnam left. Maybe he thought that Gurnam wouldn’t recognize him, but people don’t easily forget the face of a person who is the cause of all their suffering. When Gurnam saw Baljit, he was shocked to see that the murderer of his parents hadn’t met his fateful end as he had thought. Gurnam tried to attack Baljit Rajpuria a couple of times, but to his disappointment, he couldn’t kill him. In the eighth episode of the series “Cat,” we come to know that Sehtab Singh still had a few tricks up his sleeves. He asked Baljit if he could use his contacts to kidnap Sunny in Canada so that they could blackmail Gurnam and make him surrender. Sunny was taken into custody by Rajpuria’s men, and Gurnam was forced to turn himself in.

Till now, Sehtab was the one who had pulled the strings, but for the first time, Gurnam tipped the scales in his own favor. He gave Chandan Kumar a lucrative offer to betray Sehtab Singh and join forces with him. The money offered was such that Chandan Kumar wasn’t able to say no to him. The kingmaker, Sehtab Singh, and the treacherous Baljit Singh Rajpuria flew to Canada thinking that Gurnam Singh was dead, as that is what Chandan Kumar told them. Gurnam had a plan in mind, and the war was still not over. Though Season 1 of “Cat” left us on a cliffhanger, it established the premise for the second season and gave us an idea of what we could expect from it. We see towards the end of the series “Cat” that Gurnam Singh had crossed borders and gone to meet the acquaintances of Heera and Saaba, who used to make people enter other countries illegally. Gurnam had earlier told his brother Sunny that the chances of survival after entering a country in such a manner were very low, but now he didn’t have any other choice. Gurnam knew that a passport or a visa could not be issued in his name as, according to the records, he was dead. He had to resort to such illegal means because he had to reach Canada at any cost and make sure that his brother and sister were safe. Apart from plotting against Sehtab and Baljit, Gurnam will have to stay cautious of the foreign authorities as well and make sure that his presence in Canada doesn’t attract any attention.

Gurnam didn’t like being a “cat,” but now circumstances were such that he was forced to live the life of a spy. Once again, the safety and well-being of his family were at stake, and in Season 2, he wouldn’t want to commit the same mistake of trusting someone again. Gurnam was all set to go on an undercover mission to Canada, and he was ready to do whatever it took to save his family. Sunny and Raman, his brother and sister, were unaware of what had happened to their brother in India. It is quite possible that Sunny gets triggered by the news of his brother’s demise and decides to take revenge on those he believes would have been responsible. Sunny had an idea of what Gurnam was up to, and it might lead him to Baljit Rajpuria and Sehtab Singh. On a lighter note, we might see a romance brewing in “Cat,” Season 2, between Babita and Gurnam since we saw them have a soft corner for each other. Gurnam would have taken things forward, but he realized that Babita was still stuck in her marriage because her husband was not ready to give her a divorce. Maybe in Season 2, she finds a way out of it and goes to Canada, following Gurnam Singh, to help him in his mission. We can hope for an action-packed “Cat” Season 2 where Gurnam faces the challenges of being in a foreign land, takes revenge for the deaths of his parents, and saves his brother Sunny and sister Raman, who are the only family he has left.

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