‘Catwoman: Hunted’ Ending, & All The Villains, Explained


The DC Comics animated film “Catwoman: Hunted” follows the mischievous burglar Catwoman, aka Selina Kyleon, on a mission to help Batwoman capture Barbara Minerva, aka Cheetah, and bring down her crime syndicate named Leviathan. But there’s more to Leviathan than meets the eye, and let’s find out what the fuss is all about.

Plot Summary

Black Mask arrives at Barbara Minerva’s evening party at her manor and hands Barbara the Cat’s Eye Emerald, which is his entrance fee for joining Minerva’s Crime Syndicate Leviathan. Unknown to them, Selina Kyle, who is also present at the party, steals the stone and escapes, only to be picked up by Batwoman. She is then offered a chance to lose all her warrants around the globe. But for that, she will have to help Batwoman, Julia Pennyworth, and King Faraday bust Minerva, Black Mask, and their crime syndicate, Leviathan.

The plan is to foil an upcoming meeting that will have all the bosses of the Syndicate from different parts of the world. What follows is an action-packed sequence that begins with Selina confronting Chesire and ends with both Selina and Batwoman fighting the entire Leviathan Crime Syndicate bosses, including Oyabun Noguri, Dr. Tzin Zhao Tzin, Amparo Cardenas, Moxie Mannheim, Black Mask, and Barbara Minerva, as well as their guards. Solomon Grundy also makes a special appearance in the final fight. In the end, all the bosses are taken into custody, other than Minerva, who is killed by Selina.

As was the deal, Selina gets a clean chit from Interpol. But the story is far from over, as the final scene shows Talia al Ghul enraged with Selina and plotting her next move.

All The Villains Portrayed In ‘Catwoman: Hunted’

DC animated movies are known for their bewitching character background stories and marvelous action sequences, which sometimes even live-action fails to depict fluently on screen. Though the action sequences played out in “Catwoman: Hunted” is a total disappointment, there are a bunch of menacing villains that bring both nostalgia and surprise elements to the animated film.

  • Black Mask: A supervillain, Black Mask (real name: Roman Sionis) is a crime lord who has a thing for masks and is notorious for his torture techniques, from which he derives his pleasure. His ebony mask represents the “mask” that we all wear to conceal our true intentions behind our phony behavior.
  • Tobias Whale: He is a crime lord and the leader of the 100 gang, and he is often referred to as “the Great White Whale” due to his enormous stature (he weighs around 400 lbs). He is more like the Kingpin of DC. In the movie, he works for Barbara Minerva.
  • Barbara Minerva: Also known as Cheetah, She is the leader of the Leviathan Crime Syndicate. The Syndicate is an offspring of the League of Assassins, now commandeered by Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. There have been four versions of the Cheetah, and Barbara is the third. An archeologist by profession, an expedition led her to become the immortal guardian of an African tribe, aided by Chuma, a tribal priest, and caretaker of Urzkartaga, the ancient plant god. She got her powers by drinking a potion that gave her a cheetah-like appearance, along with heightened senses and quick reflexes.
  • Chesire-Jade Nguyen: Chesire is a trained combatant with high expertise in different forms of martial arts. Her artificial fingernails are dipped in jellyfish toxins that make her a fatal foe. Here, she is hired by Barbara Minerva to kill Selina. Both clearly have a past, as it is made evident that Jade knows Selina.
  • Nosferata: She is a villainous vampire who aids Chesire in fighting Catwoman and Batwoman.
  • Oyabun Noguri: Also known as “Mr. Yakuza,” Noguri is the head of the Japanese Cartel. The yakuza is a crime syndicate based in Japan.
  • Dr. Tzin Zhao Tzin: Also known as Dr. Tzin-Tzin, Zhao is a crime-lord and head of the Chinese Cartel. His formidable intellect and manipulation skills give him the status of one of the most notorious hypnotists in the DC universe.
  • Amparo Cardenas: La Dama or Amparo Cardenas is the head of the Central American cartel. As for her past, she is known to be as old as time itself and possesses magical powers, as evident when she summons Morax and Abbadon from other dimensions.
  • Morax: It is a bull-beast and a demon lord from Hell.
  • Abaddon: It is a fallen angel who circles over the Pit of Hell, a place where demons and monsters banish their own kind. 
  • Moxie Mannheim: He is the founder of Intergang, an organized crime group that has access to weapons technology across the universe. In “Catwoman Hunted,” her gang is the interstellar arms dealer for Leviathan.
  • Solomon Grundy: Who doesn’t know about Grundy? He is a murder victim brought back to life, which gives him his zombie form. His ability to regenerate gives him new abilities every time. So, although he dies in “Catwoman Hunted,” we can expect his return in the next sequel.

‘Catwoman: Hunted’ Ending Explained – Why Did Selina Steal The Emerald?

While Selina was on the plane, she called someone named Holly and asked about Anya and other girls. Later on, at the end of the movie, we figure out that Minerva was trafficking young girls in Sochi, Russia. The last scene shows Selina on a cruise on the way to London with the Emerald in her hand. The robbery of the Cat’s Eye emerald would cost Minerva a fortune for her crimes as well as bring Selina a lot of money with which she can provide a better future for all the girls. She also tells Holly (on the phone) that she has to make a stop at London, before arriving at Gotham, to pick up a few things at the Tower. This Tower is presumably the Tower of London. And from her reputation, the “things” that she needs to pick up are nothing else but the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. 

At the end of “Catwoman Hunted,” we get to meet Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s al Ghul. With Minerva dead and the other villains in custody, she will have to appoint new leaders of Leviathan. But that will come later because her next step is clearly to chalk out her revenge strategy against Selina Kyle. So, the sequel will probably show Selina face-to-face with Talia al Ghul. 

“Catwoman Hunted” is a 2022 Animated Film directed by Shinsuke Terasawa.

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