‘Caught By A Wave’ Summary & Ending, Explained – A Subtle Romance About Pain


In love, there is always struggle. It’s up to us to decide with whom we want to share that struggle. Caught by a Wave, originally titled Sulla Stessa Onda is an Italian film that revolves around the pain and struggle of two love birds, Sara and Lorenzo.

Sara meets Lorenzo in a sailing summer school in Sicily. They are both caught by a wave, which in literal sense means, they fall in love. During a sailing session, Sara’s leg goes numb, and is saved from drowning. In the beginning, it seems like a normal incident but when Sara requests her best friend not to discuss the details with her mother, it rings an alarm.

Later we learn that Sara is suffering from a degenerative disease that is making her muscles weaker day by day. The doctor warns her parents that there is no cure to the diseases and they can only slow the process but can’t stop it. Unable to accept reality, Sara maintains a distance from Lorenzo and also hides her illness. A rift is created between the couple when Lorenzo is hit with the truth.

For a part, Lorenzo tries to distance himself because he lost his mother to an illness, a tragedy from which he was never able to fully recover. He observed his father through the years, living alone in pain. Though supported by his aunt, Lorenzo gives a chance to Sara who confesses her reasons for hiding the truth. She didn’t want Lorenzo to love her out of pity.

The narrative follows the painful struggle of the lovebirds who try to live their lives like a normal couple.

“Pain is a part of life. We have to learn to live with it.”

‘Caught By A Wave’ Ending Explained – Did Sara die?

After leaving his former sailing club, Lorenzo offers Sara to participate with him in the gulf regatta. Unsure about her physical fitness, Sara denies the offer. However, constant restlessness and the thought of living in fear cripple Sara’s will. She decides to participate in the regatta neglecting the warning that the race could accelerate her muscle weakness.

During the race, Sara’s leg goes numb again and they lose the race. However, Lorenzo and Sara win each other’s love and support. Sara overcomes her fear of death and fulfills her aspiration of participating in a regatta. That’s her victory.

A few months later, Lorenzo takes Sara’s necklace from Sara’s best friend. He visits the church where he used to come with his mother, and Sara was the only girl he brought to that place.

Lorenzo wears Sara’s necklace while lying down on a spot in the church, from where they saw the beautiful painting on the roof. Through Lorenzo’s point of view, we see the birds in the painting flying away, which symbolizes that Sara is finally gone. She is somewhere in heaven where the birds are headed.

Caught By A Wave is a beautiful romantic film that tries to explore pain in a subtle way. However, even with some uplifting moments and heart-whelming music, the film fails to leave an impact. Due to its weak story arc, the necessary emotions are never generated. The film runs like slow music that plays subtly in the background but doesn’t invite you to ride along. If you are looking for a faint drama to fill your hours, then Caught By A Wave could be a nice watch.

Caught By A Wave (Sulla Stessa Onda) directed by Massimiliano Camaiti is streaming on Netflix.

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