‘CBI 5: The Brain’ Ending, Explained: Why Was I. G. Unnithan Caught? What Was Unnithan’s Motive?


Directed by K Madhu and written by S.N. Swamy, “CBI 5: The Brain” is a crime, mystery, and thriller movie that talks about a case that had the entire C.B.I. department puzzled. A movie about betrayals and murders, “CBI 5: The Brain” is an exciting Mallyali movie that snares the interest. Although the film is unnecessarily long, it does have its twists and turns and is a good watch. It was released on May 1st, 2022, in India and premiered on Netflix on June 13th, 2022.

‘CBI 5: The Brain’ Plotline

The story starts with a C.B.I. officer taking the class of an upcoming batch of I.P.S. officers. The officer from C.B.I. decides to teach them a lesson about the unexpected events they will face while working in the force and narrates a story of a case that had their minds boggled. He recounts the case with great detail and gives an account of the case of the basket killings. In this case, a lot of people were murdered, but the murders were ruled as deaths by natural causes. The students listened with rapt attention and also used it as a case study to get further into their futures.

Why Did D.Y.S.P. Sathyadas Help The CBI?

The case of the “Basket Killings” was a very baffling case for both the C.B.I. and the Kerala Police. It started with the death of Minister Samad, followed by the deaths of his doctor, Dr. Venu, a freelance journalist, Bhasuran, a police officer, Josemon, and a sand contractor, Sam. After the death of Minister Samad, autopsy reports had ruled it a natural death due to a heart attack. However, Bhasuran had raised suspicions about the death and suspected foul play. After the deaths of both the doctor and Bhasuran, the media started jumping on the case and had their doubts as well. The final straw was served with Josemon’s killing. The police of Kerala, led by D.Y.S.P. Sathyadas, had their hands full and decided to pursue a lead toward sand contractor, Sam. Sathyadas believed Sam was responsible for Josemon’s death. However, he made sure all the blame fell on Sam so that he could save his friend Subhash, another sand contractor.

Sathyadas had his fair share of dealing with bribes and was also a corrupted official. However, he detested the C.B.I. and abhorred how they took over all their interesting cases. He vanished the pieces of evidence and simply handed minute details of Josemon’s case to the C.B.I. when he transferred the case to them. Advocate Pratibha, Sathyadas’ wife, was the person who had shifted the case to the C.B.I. Sathyadas was first angry, and then adamant about not helping the C.B.I. and made away with the evidence.

The C.B.I. found out the real reason behind Pratibha’s decision. She was adamant about not letting them win the case and wanted to see them fail. Another reason behind this step was her affair with Sam. If her husband, Sathyadas, caught wind of the affair, there would be a huge argument at home. There was already a tiff between them due to her handing the case to the C.B.I.

After the C.B.I. made the discovery of her affair with Sam, they accused her of killing Josemon. However, Pratibha denied it with proof, because she was out of town when the incident happened. Although her affair had come to light, she still wanted the C.B.I. to lose. Sathyadas heard about the affair and realized that the C.B.I. had no new breakthroughs in the case. Therefore, he suggested they keep investigating the suspicious guesthouse that belonged to Sam, near Josemon’s murder location. He had a change of heart and provided Sethu with directions for the breakthrough.

 I. G. Unnithan Caught, Why?

It started to take a turn for the worse for Unnithan after Sethu and his team caught Paul Meyjo, who had many aliases. Meyjo was connected to all of the murders. The pen drive around his neck served as ground-breaking evidence. The first time they caught Meyjo, they had to let him go due to his strong alibis. They followed the piece of paper that Meyjo had left behind and connected it with the two passengers who had missed the flight Minister Samad was on when he took his last breath. They realized that Susan George, one of the passengers, was the individual whom Meyjo was paid to kill.

Meyjo was a genius, although he used his genius for all the wrong reasons. He developed software that could hack into the pacemakers and stop the heart while making it seem like a natural death. He went to complete his mission and traced Susan. He had started to hack into her pacemaker, fitted by Dr. Venu, and was about to finish her. However, the C.B.I. arrived at the opportune moment, catching him in the act and making it impossible for him to escape. They finally heard the story behind the motive for killing Susan. Before this, the C.B.I. was utterly perplexed about the motive and the mastermind. However, after listening to Susan, they understood the motive and realized who the mastermind was but could not connect him to Paul Meyjo.

‘CBI 5: The Brain’ Ending Explained – The Motive Behind Unnithan’s Kills. 

Susan’s ex-husband, I.G. Unnithan, had acquired a contract killer to kill her off after their divorce due to his paranoid tendencies and schizophrenia. He was very suspicious of her and in his twisted mind always doubted her loyalty. This made him torture and harass her due to his own paranoia, and after divorcing her, he wanted to kill her. He contacted Sam, his sand contractor, and met Paul Meyjo through him. He had denied knowing Paul Meyjo. However, the piece of paper he had torn and handed to Meyjo to make sure he didn’t miss his target again was his downfall. However, he had not mentioned anything about Susan to Paul due to which Minister Samad, who also had a pacemaker installed by Dr. Venu was killed. The others were simply dealt with because they came too close to the truth. 

I.G. Unnithan had grown overconfident in how he had taken care of his trails. This overconfidence served as his downfall. He had helped the C.B.I. and was sure that the investigation would not lead back to him. He had forgotten to take care of the strong evidence that he thought was of no consequence. According to Freud, this behavior stems from the guilt of his criminal activities. He had the tendency to brag and was ecstatic that neither the police force nor the C.B.I. could trace the killings back to him. Some subconscious part of him wanted to get caught and had been working toward it. He had not planned for the murder he had committed; he simply wanted to kill his wife and was sure that it would not be traced back to him. However, the murders had started to take a toll on his conscience, and his subconscious screamed for help. The entire time he helped the C.B.I., unconsciously, he was pushing them toward his trail, begging them to help. Criminal psychology points to this behavior as a guilty conscience and unchecked mental issues that give rise to more illegal activities as a call for help. Instances of criminals bragging about their kills and robberies before they are apprehended are due to a pang of subconscious guilt. I.G. Unnithan, similarly, had forgotten to take care of the newspaper from which he had provided the torn page to Meyjo as a means to identify Susan.

This case served as an example to the new batch of I.P.S. officers to remain calm while solving cases that’d test their patience and resolve. They might come across unexpected betrayals that might crush their spirits, but they have to keep a calm mind and power through to finish their job and also help their conscience.

“CBI 5: The Brain” is a 2022 Indian Drama Thriller film directed by K Madhu.

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