‘Chainsaw Man’ Episode 3 and 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Did Power Betray Denji?


Until now, Denji was hired by the Public Safety Devil Extermination Team, and he partnered up with both Hayakawa and Power. Hayakawa and Denji had a brawl and fixed their relationship among them, while Denji and Power’s mission went completely haywire. Power jumped into the mission and rushed to kill the sea cucumber devil. “Chainsaw Man” Episode 2 ended with Power overpowering the demon and enjoying her kill, standing and grinning with specks of devil blood all over her while Denji watched on with perplexed emotion.

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Episode 3: Recap and Ending

Episode 3 in the “Chainsaw Man” installment put forward the dynamic between Power and Denji. It opened with both Denji and Power being grilled by Makima for making a show out of the extermination of the sea cucumber devil, obstructing and scaring the pedestrians. Power blames Denji for ordering her to kill on the first chance, while Denji argues that she acted too soon and did not give him a chance to cooperate. Makima issued a warning to both of them, assuring them that the team would be disbanded if they could not work together. It is obvious that Makima has something on Power that helps her keep Power in line. This could very well indicate the enormous Power Makima herself beholds. This leads to Power and Denji having a heart-to-heart where she opens up about her kitten Meowy, who is held captive by a devil. Power confesses to feeling at home with cats and not liking the human race; she also dangles the promise of letting Denji grope her breasts and fulfill his dream if he helps her rescue her cat from the demon. Denji, who had been indifferent till now, suddenly regained his vigor and set out to rescue Meowy.

On reaching the dilapidated building where Meowy was held captive, Power turns on Denji and hits him with her blood magic, rendering him unconscious. She then drags him to the building as a sacrifice in order to get Meowy from the bat devil. The Bat Devil accepts Denji’s blood, however, betrays Power’s expectation and gobbles up Meowy trapped inside the cage. The Bat Devil then tries to fly away in search of better blood to cleanse his palate after drinking Denji’s horrible blood, but he is attacked by Power, who he retaliates against by gulping her down as well. In the meantime, Denji regains his energy, heals himself, and heads after the Bat Demon himself. He attacks the demon with his Chainsaws hacking away at his limbs and ultimately killing him in an epic action sequence. The Bat Devil lies dead with all his intestines out, and Denji lets out a breath of relief, ending the “Chainsaw Man” Episode 3 with another bang.

Even after repeatedly being slighted by Power, Denji does not hesitate to save her, granted it is because he thinks that his chance of groping a female’s breast would have lost his drive; it is commendable how many second chances Denji could give Power. The episode was an absolute thrill ride where Denji just rode the waves and effortlessly handled a Devil 10 times his size.

Episode 4: Recap and Ending

“Chainsaw Man” Episode 4 begins with a Flashback into the cause of why Power reacted the way she did. Meowy, her pet, kept her company through the lonely times, while Power used to spend her time in the wild, hunting animals and drinking their blood to keep herself sated. Meowy came to her weak and withered, so she nursed it back to health, all the while bonding with it. The bond between Meowy and Power sent her running to civilization, taming her wild ways, and settling to find a human to defeat the Bat Devil and get Meowy back safe and sound. Although Power tricks Denji into following her, she has an inkling that maybe he will be able to help her get Meowy because he is a Fiend too. His powers might just help him save her. Denji exceeded her expectations and saved both Power and Meowy from the Bat Devil, thus earning the right to live his dreams. Power was perplexed as to why Denji helped her; however, the moment of bonding between the two was ruined by Denji making his wishes clear. When he does go to fulfill his wishes, the Bat Devil’s girlfriend, the Leech Devil, takes the stage and instead cuts through Denji’s arm and gulps it down.

Denji cannot fully transform into his Chainsaw form due to the loss of blood and instead relies on the small chainsaw on his head to kill the Leech Devil. He eventually exhausts himself and is rid of her with the help of Hayakawa and his contracted devil gulping her down. He loses his mind and is carried toward the hospital, where Hayakawa keeps a watch over him. Aki, realizing that Denji means no harm, helps him cover Power and takes him under his wing to teach him the ways of this world. He releases Power and goes over to report the incident to Makima, not before fixing his hair and tie. He defends them and chalks the incident up to their stupidity and rash behavior, saving them from being terminated.

What begins as a calm day for Aki eventually ends up in chaos. Aki accepted Denji as his roommate and worked his way around him because Denji did not give him much trouble. However, his simple and calm lifestyle went up in smoke when Power was assigned by Makima to be his roommate as well. Both the boys are left disgusted and perplexed by Power’s behavior. Aki complains to Makima; however, she placates him by telling him how much she trusts him and that he would be a good leash for the tykes. Aki is swayed by the words and instantly agrees to house Power too, and he regrets it the next moment. “Chainsaw Man” Episode 4 ends with Denji earning the right to squeeze Power’s breast as he had wished for. Power keeps the two boys on their toes with her antics.

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