‘Chainsaw Man’ Episodes 10 & 11: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did The Future Devil Agree To Aki’s Contract?


Episode 9 of “Chainsaw Man” ended with Makima using her powers and putting an end to the attack by the thugs on the Public Safety Devil Extermination Divisions 1, 2, 3, and 4. The only other members left, before Makima stopped the assault, were the Fiends: Aki, Kobeni, and Madoka. Madoka resigned from the newly formed Division 4 after informing Makima of the new position assigned to her by the higher-ups. The episode ends with Tendo and Korose temporarily joining the division to train the new members.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 10: Recap And Ending Explained – Which Devil Did Aki Choose to Contract?

“Chainsaw Man” Episode 10 begins with Aki being hospitalized while Power and Denji mess around fighting for a single apple, all the while waiting for Aki to wake up. Aki, at first, seemed to be still in shock and was processing the events that had happened. He asks Denji if anybody from Division 4 has survived the battle, still clinging to a little hope of Himeno surviving, but is left disappointed when Denji replies with the names of Madoka and Kobeni. Denji and Power leave Aki alone to process the situation, and as Denji returns for his manga, he finds Aki crying. During the time he was left alone, Aki was hit by a moment of epiphany when he reached for his cigarettes after he inquired about the years he had left. He realized while trying to light his cigarette that Himeno was really dead. The realization overwhelms him, and he ends up bawling his eyes out. This is an important episode as Denji realizes his inner feelings. Denji’s heart is that of Pochito’s heart; therefore, the only death that affected him on a large scale was Pochito’s. After witnessing the death of a teammate and sharing moments with his teammates, Denji realizes that he does not feel even an ounce of emotion at the news of their deaths. He seems to be slowly losing his human emotions and gradually replacing them with indifference, which is why the deaths of his colleagues did not affect him way too much. He perceives that he must be losing his heart in more ways than just by having it replaced by a devil’s heart. Aki, on the other hand, comes to terms with his feelings for Himeno as well as her death. Denji and Power leave to meet with Makima, while Korose and Tendo visit Aki in the hospital.

Makima assigns a new teacher, a devil hunter from Special Division 1 to Denji and Power to help them harness their powers better and also be able to stand a chance against the Gun Devil if the need to do so arises. Their teacher seems to be every bit as unhinged as his students, and he greets both Denji and Power with a strong hug that crushes their necks as they assess their powers after dismissing Makima. Captain Kishibe challenges Denji and Power to a battle where he constantly emerges as the victor as they are not able to tell his movements apart. He leaves them utterly exhausted after killing Denji and gravely injuring Power numerous times. This incident leaves Denji and Power frustrated, so they come up with a tactic to ambush Kishibe the next day. However, the ambush is in vain as Denji learns the lesson of not trusting a hunter firsthand while Power lies anemic after using too much blood magic. Kishibe compliments their idea behind the ambush and also points out the errors in their plan so that they don’t repeat their mistakes next time. On the other hand, Aki finds out that his contracted Devil, Kon, has ditched him after fighting a losing battle. He is advised by Korose to form more contracts with higher devils so that he can fight against them and keep his position in Division 4. Korose and Tendo inform Aki about what he has to do and what he should do before leaving him to talk to his visitor, who turns out to be Himeno’s sister. She had visited Aki for the sole purpose of informing him about Himeno’s letters. This divulges the information and also provides a glimpse at how much Himeno had worried about Aki. “Chainsaw Man” Episode 10 ends with Aki making up his mind to visit and form a contract with the Future Devil as he is led to the Devil’s chambers by Korose and Tendo.

Episode 11: Recap and Ending Explaine – Did The Future Devil Agree To Aki’s Contract And What Did He Ask For As a Sacrifice?

“Chainsaw Man” Episode 11 begins with Aki standing in front of the Chamber of the Future Devil as Korose informs him about the risks involved in forming a contract with the Future Devil. Two people have successfully contracted this Devil, but one of them ended up losing half their lives, and the other person lost their sense of taste and smell along with their eyes. Aki enters the chambers confidently, as the door is locked behind him. He meets the Future Devil, who seems to prefer dancing and shouting “The Future Rules” to engaging in conversation. Aki remains steadfast and insists on forming a contract with the Devil. Aki offers the Devil to name his price as soon as he can so that he can move on with his day. The Devil is a little ticked off by the indifferent attitude that Aki possesses and tells Aki to come closer and stick his head into the Devil’s gut so that the Devil can see Aki’s future and then decide on a trade. Aki confidently walks and adheres to the Devil’s commands. The Future Devil sees Aki’s future, and he insists on living in Aki’s right eye to lend him his powers, as Aki’s impending death is intriguing enough for the Devil to forgo any sacrifice. As the Devil goes on to inform Aki about his death, Ami refuses to hear a word of it and instead is impatient to get back to his work and is content with being able to kill his targets. 

Meanwhile, Kishibe trains Denji and Power yet again, and this time he compliments them on their moves. He informs both of them about their live combat scheduled for tomorrow, which is an operation led by the Division 4 to test out their new members and grab Snake Devil Woman and Samurai Sword, who were behind the deaths of their coworkers. If the operation fails by any chance, then that would be the end of Division 4, and the Fiends would be disposed of. Denji is looking forward to facing the combat because of his motivation, which is to engage in intercourse with Makima; this, of course, makes Kishibe judge him. Later on, while Makima and Kishibe share a drink, Kishibe admits to getting attached to Denji and Power. He also informs Makima bluntly that he knows of her schemes and that she could have been behind the assault as well, and he calls her a liar. This indicates that Kishibe and Makima know each other well. On the other hand, the Snake Devil Girl, Akane, and Katana Man have a discussion about how to eradicate Division 4 as Katana Man reveals the zombie horde his grandfather had kept for him. This is not new to the “Chainsaw Man” franchise, as Denji’s first battle as a Chainsaw Man was against a horde of zombies and the Katana Man’s grandfather.

Aki wins Korose’s admiration as they share a conversation about his goals and his drive to try to get to the Gun Devil. Meanwhile, Makima collects all the names of people who have contracts with the Gun Devil in the corporation. She also insists on the names of people from other mafioso families as well, not just this corporation. The leader hesitates, as giving up the names would mean war among the families. To which Makima replies with a bag of eyes belonging to the family members of each of the Yakuza members present there. Her detached persona makes her even more daring, cold, and powerful as she simply kills the person without lifting a finger who threatens her with violence. She dominates the room in minutes, and the Yakuza leader finds himself scared to death while talking to her. Meanwhile, Akane and Katana Man discuss how to best solve the situation by killing as many of the fiends as possible before exiting the situation. The Fiends and Aki are then allowed to deal with the situation as “Chainsaw Man.” Episode 11 uses Kishibe as the spokesman to introduce the new characters of the series. Shark Fiend, Violence Fiend, Spider Devil, and Angel Devil are introduced as they fight their way through the endless groups of zombies. Aki splits up with Denji and Power as they search for Akane and the Katane Man. While Aki comes across an ambush, Makima takes care of them on her own, which helps Aki move forward and confront Akane. Akane then unleashes the Ghost Devil, and the Future Devil simply helps Aki see five minutes into the future. “Chainsaw Man” Episode 11 ends with Ghost choking Aki to the point where he almost loses consciousness.

Final Words

The makers seem to finally take pity on the viewers after killing characters back-to-back and also providing the viewers with action scenes that either put a dent in our hearts or make us cheer for the character. It seems as if “Chainsaw Man,” Episode 10, served as the calm after the destruction caused by the storm. The episode is dedicated to the characters getting used to their teammates’ absence, coming to terms with their emotions, and dealing with the situation accordingly. It explains how Denji has to come to terms with his emotionless self as a result of harboring the Devil’s heart. In the 11th episode of “Chainsaw Man,” I have a feeling Aki’s savior will be the Ghost Devil, as Himeno was its contractor before her untimely death; however, if this happens in the next episode, it will be a real treat. However, I doubt MAPPA would give us that satisfaction, or maybe they could. As for Aki, he is presumably not dead, because if he were dead here, the Future Devil would not be so excited to form a contract with him without a sacrifice. His future death is seen as significant, and I suppose it has something to do with the Gun Devil, as this Devil is the real root of all of the causes.

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