‘Chainsaw Man’ Episodes 6 & 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Denji Get Away From The Eternity Devil?


Till the end of “Chainsaw Man” Episode 5, Aki, Denji, Power, Himeno, and her new recruits Hirokazu and Kobeni venture out to scout their new mission at a hotel. With the help of a piece of a bullet from the Gun Devil, the Devil everyone is after, they travel to seek out other such pieces. Upon consuming the piece of the bullet, devils seem to undergo an expansion in Power, which helps them grow immensely strong. Thus, after receiving the information about the bullet and locating it, the group begins scouring for the Devil. They seem to be puzzled to be in a dilemma where they are unable to escape the floor they were currently on after they have already killed off a lower devil. However, the piece of the Gun devil they were after was nowhere to be found, and they ended up stuck in an everlasting time loop with no escape in the hotel. 

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 6: Recap And Ending Explained

Episode 6 began with a replay of the incredulous expressions each member of the group had on their face after they realized their dilemma. They realize they are stuck in an endless loop where time stops too, therefore cutting off any access to the outside world, rendering them the use of backup in time of the casualty. Kobeni starts panicking, and she is the first one to crash in the group while the others check out other rooms to see if there are any means to escape or any food and water to sustain them. Kobeni starts cracking under stress and pressure and has to be calmed down by Hirokazu and Himeno, while Power, being a fiend, laughs at her fear. Kobeni ends up being knocked out by Himeno after she panics to the point of trying to drink water from the toilet. Denji catches up on his sleep while Aki and Himeno scout the floor by taking turns. She also divulges her background, and she tells them that her choices were either prostitution or hunting Devils to send her brother to college. She breaks down to confess that she wants to go to college as well.

Before they meet the Eternity Devil, the one responsible for the time loop, “Chainsaw Man” Episode 6 shows the viewers a flashback to give them an insight into Aki and Himeno’s relationship and how they ended up being a team. It sheds light on the deep understanding that they have toward each other. The camaraderie they had built taught them new things. Aki learned to act out when he felt that his teammate was insulted unfairly and to let loose a little, while Himeno learned to trust and depend on a teammate again after she survived where her teammates could not. The years with Aki on her team allowed Himeno to learn from, observe, and protect her new teammate better. She would not hesitate to sacrifice Denji, who has been introduced to her as a fiend, to save Aki.

“Chainsaw Man,” Episode 6, proves to be one of the crucial episodes where the team exercises their trust toward each other and realizes who would save them in their hour of need. Aki comes across the Devil on his way back from scouting and promptly informs his teammates. The Eternity Devil seemed to be the overgrown lower Devil they had slain previously. The Devil offers them a deal where they could kill Denji and offer his corpse, upon which he would release them from its stomach, where it is holding them imprisoned. Kobeni and Hirokazu are the first to react; they try to sacrifice Denji immediately to get out of the loop. Eventually, Aki and Himeno stand up to save Denji. However, after endlessly waiting, Kobeni cracks, and she rushes toward Denji with the intent to kill him out of fear for the Devil. This fear feeds it, and it grows immensely and starts chasing them. Kobeni’s attempt to kill Denji injures Aki instead, as he comes in to help Denji. Himeno agrees to sacrifice Denji as well, only after she realizes that Aki would use his katana to help them get out, as using the katana would result in Aki losing a lot of years of his life. With the exception of Aki, everyone agreed to sacrifice Denji, even if it meant giving the Devil what it wanted. After almost an endless wait, the deal seemed to be the only way out. With the help of Power’s blood magic to keep Aki stabilized, Denji jumps in to kill the monster after activating his chainsaws.

Episode 7: Recap And Ending Explained

The episode begins with Denji activating his powers and jumping inside the Devil to destroy it. The Eternity Devil retaliated by attacking him back as well. Denji proves to Himeno that he is the insane Devil hunter teammate she had been looking for, the one she could count on to kill the notorious Gun Devil. Aki already knew of this fact after the various incidents he had to rescue Denji from. Denji retaliated against the attacks of the Devil by drinking its blood to regenerate his body and keep himself alive by using his chainsaws. As soon as he lost more than enough blood, his chainsaws retracted, which left him in a vulnerable position. To counteract this, he remembered that the devils would regenerate their bodies after drinking or eating his blood or body parts. Using this knowledge and technically being a fiend himself, Denji drank the blood and rejuvenated himself to continue slashing through the Devil to the point of the Devil’s exhaustion. After days of continuing to slash, the Eternity Devil presents its own heart to Denji and begs him to kill it. After killing the Devil, the group automatically finds its way out of the building. Denji is carted off by Hirokazu, while Power helps Aki to the hospital. The group reunites only for an after-party to celebrate their victory over the Devil. They are joined by other members of the Public Safety Devil Extermination Division as they all celebrate together.

This after-party served as an event to be remembered in Denji’s memory as he reached his second milestone, which was to have his first kiss. However, his partner was Himeno and not Makima, and the kiss took place in front of her, so Denji got to tick off yet another one of his goals. Although it wasn’t a very pleasant experience on his part, as the kiss was induced by a very drunk Himeno and also ended in her vomiting during the kiss, Denji ended up in the bathroom vomiting his guts out after accidentally swallowing her vomit. Hirokazu ended up caring for her and bonding over this incident. While Aki confirmed his suspicions that Makima was holding a big secret about Denji, he ended up not knowing what the secret was as Makima won the drinking bet, and Aki ended up being very drunk. Power was simply herself throughout the episodes and did not seem to have any mentionable growth, although she did end up bickering about her IQ with the other members in the middle.

“Chainsaw Man” Episode 7 ended up being a revelation for the newbies. Hirokazu and Kobeni get disheveled with the harsh truth that the division ends up losing their new members and their other team members quite often. The other members emphasize this fact by saying that all of them drop like flies. Their conversation about their teammates’ deaths has stemmed from them being desensitized to the very topic of death after surviving so much by themselves. The episode ends with Himeno proposing to Denji after carting his tired self-off to her home.

Final Words

It is unclear as to why the Eternity Devil wanted Denji’s corpse; it could be because of Pochito’s heart, which the Devil wanted to consume and become even stronger, or it could be that the Chainsaw Devil was actually an all-powerful devil that had the potential to become a bigger devil than the Gun Devil. Makima seemed to be the only one aware of the bigger secret behind Denji, which even Denji had no idea about.

In episode 7, the anime went so far that I’ve never been this grossed out after watching so many gory and vomit-related episodes. This really tests out the limit of gross content a person can take before tapping out. The clip keeps playing, and I get grossed out by the minute. Why, oh why, did they deem it necessary to show this too? Of course, after the initial gross act, it did seem a little humorous and was needed to help Hirokazu tell his own story as he was the only one left out of all the members of the group. He ends up sharing his story about helping his drunk mother after she returns from work, which is why he is good at taking care of people. This sheds some light on how Hirokazu always takes care of Kobeni, who panics and breaks down quite easily. “Chainsaw Man” rather is turning out to be more about Denji’s approach toward understanding, experiencing his intimate needs, and also attaining maturity through his experiences. 

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