‘Chamak’ Ending Explained: Did Kaala Avenge His Parents?


Chamak aims to tell a story of ambition and vengeance set in the music industry of Punjab. Unfortunately, it goes in a lot of unnecessary directions to justify its six-hour-long running time, thereby losing track of Kaala’s character arc. So, even though it’s interesting to see the traumatized and confused dude start from somewhere awful and end somewhere more awful, it fails to make an impact on an emotional level. But for the purpose of this article, let’s talk about the possible reasons behind the death of Kaala’s parents, how Kaala tried to look into it, and whether or not he managed to successfully incriminate his parents’ killer (or killers), thereby avenging them.

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What Were the Theories Surrounding Kaala’s Parents’ Death?

Kaala’s parents were Tara Singh and Navpreet, and they were killed during a shootout at Tara’s concert. Kaala was raised by Satnam. So, he was under the impression that Satnam was his father. But it was cleared up that Satnam wasn’t actually Kaala’s father. It was Tara Singh and Navpreet. By the way, Tara and Navpreet are undoubtedly dead. Hence, I don’t want anyone wondering if they are not really dead and if they’ll show up in a yet-to-be-announced Chamak Season 2. Tara and Navpreet are gone, as in, clinically deceased. The makers can choose to flesh them out via flashbacks or the ghosts of Kaala’s past. However, they are not coming back in the most literal sense of the word. Now, there was a lot of mystery surrounding the deaths of Tara and Navpreet, and I don’t think it was resolved in a concrete fashion. Was it an act of terrorism? Were the shooters jilted fans of Tara? Well, a drunkard journalist named Gurpal came up with some theories based on his coverage of the rise of Tara Singh, along with his friends Pratap, Jugal, and Baldev.

A cult called “Warriors of Punjab” was against Tara and Navpreet’s inter-caste marriage. When Tara advertised it on a stage, two goons were sent to gun him down. One of the goons died by suicide, and the other lost his mind due to the torture inflicted upon him by the police. Hence, that was a dead end. The cult could’ve acted on their own accord, or they could’ve been directed by someone close to Tara. Pratap turned “Teeja Sur” (the music company crafted by Tara and his friends) into the biggest music record in Punjab, which kept his good-for-nothing children employed. Pratap was a gangster. Therefore, it can be surmised that he was the one who got Tara killed so that he could hog the limelight. Baldev became one of the biggest politicians in the state of Punjab after Tara’s death. Although it doesn’t seem like he could’ve benefited from Tara’s death, given how Baldev was using his right-hand man, Jagga, to stop Kaala from investigating Tara and Navpreet’s murder, he could be guilty in one way or another. There was Jugal, who was one of the most popular singers and singing teachers in Punjab. He seemed to be the most innocent of the lot. That said, his fame indicated that there could be something fishy going on. In addition to all that, there was a fourth guy who remained mysterious even after the last episode of Chamak.

How Did Kaala Get Close To His Parents’ Potential Killers?

Kaala went to one of the shooters, who was still alive but was slowly losing himself in a mental asylum. Kaala took a very weird approach while jogging his memory. He started intimidating the assassin in an awkward and unintentionally hilarious way. I think Rohit Jugraj and Paramvir Singh Cheema wanted to show that Kaala was failing to control himself after confronting his parents’ killer, but it just came off as a joke. After or during that whole tangent, Kaala befriended Jazz, and Jazz got him in touch with Guru Deol, the son of Pratap Deol. Guru was impressed by Kaala’s singing and decided to bring him to “Teeja Sur” for a session in front of Pratap. That gave Kaala the opportunity to confront Pratap, but Kaala got nervous and ran away.

Given how the doors to “Teeja Sur” had been closed, Kaala focused on Jagga. He was impressed by Kaala’s singing and attitude. He introduced Kaala to Dimpy, a music producer. Dimpy gave Kaala a big break, and Baldev attended that function. It seemed like Kaala was going to kill him there, but he only took a photo of Baldev’s “Warriors of Punjab” tattoo to add to his wall of evidence. Jagga caught him in the act, and it seemed like he was going to kill Kaala. Instead, he advised him to die with his secret about his parents or be as big as Tara Singh so that Tara’s fans would get behind him. Kaala wooed Lata, Jugal’s daughter, and got into Jugal’s good books. Jugal trained Kaala after Kaala secretly injured one of Jugal’s opening acts to become the top choice for the event that he was organizing. That event was attended by Pratap, Baldev, and, of course, Jugal, thereby giving Kaala the opportunity to catch them all off guard at once.

Did Kaala avenge his parents?

No, he didn’t. You see, somewhere down the line, Kaala realized that vengeance was impossible if he didn’t really know who he was going after, which is something that makes sense. So, instead of trying to confront his parents’ potential killers, he wanted to provoke them and force them to show their hands. That was why he got Pratap, Baldev, and Jugal in one place and revealed the information that he was the son of the deceased Tara Singh and Navpreet. By the way, the unsolved murders of Tara and Navpreet seem to be based on the real-life unsolved murders of Amar Singh Chamkila and his wife, Amarjot. There’s an Imtiaz Ali movie, starring Diljit Dosanjh and Parineeti Chopra, that’s in the works. The movie sounds like a proper biopic, while Chamak is clearly a conspiracy thriller that has taken a page out of history and unfolded the story through the son of the fictional versions of Chamkila and Amarjot. Anyway, coming back to the plot, after Kaala’s revelation, the aforementioned trio exhibited a wide variety of reactions. Unfazed by all that, Kaala began to enjoy the fact that he was being recognized across the nation and the world as the son of Tara Singh and Navpreet and being hailed for his singing. He went home and, randomly enough, decided to take a nap. He remembered a village elder’s prophecy where she said that as soon as Kaala became as famous as Tara, his parents’ murderer would appear before him, and something like that did happen. When Kaala opened his eyes, he saw the police standing before him, framing him for possession of drugs. The news spread like wildfire, and his newly acquired fans became his haters. His friends and family felt worry and shame for his current predicament.

At the end of Chamak, it became clear that Baldev had arranged for Kaala’s arrest because one of the police officers called him to let him know that Kaala had been framed. That said, I don’t think Baldev did it all by himself. I think that Dimpy was in on it because there was no way for the police to plant all that evidence so quickly. Kaala was living in Dimpy’s apartment. Baldev must have paid him off after learning about his connection with Kaala and then sent the police in Kaala’s direction. Hence, Kaala’s search for his parents’ murderers remained incomplete. Additionally, there is another guy, who you can spot in that group photo with Tara and his friends, who continues to be in the shadows. It’s possible that that’s the guy that Baldev is trying to protect. What’s Baldev’s connection with this mystery figure? Did this mystery guy get Tara and Navpreet killed? Was it really about caste, or was it about fame, or was it a combination of both of those reasons? Well, we have to wait till Chamak Season 2 arrives to get the answers to these questions.

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