‘Champion’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: Why Was Bosco Arrested?


Champion focuses on the South London music scene, with a family drama unfolding at its center. The series makes social commentaries and is thoroughly entertaining at the same time. Candice Carty-Williams delivers a show that does not for a second lack drama, and most characters are well-layered. Champion Season 1 revolves around the siblings Bosco and Vita. From a young age, they dreamed of becoming a part of the London music scene, and we soon found out that Bosco made it to the big stage. Vita gave up on her dreams to support her brother, only to realize that she was not valued enough. Even after being by Bosco’s side every second and writing the lyrics of his songs always, Bosco never considered making Vita his manager. Vita felt invisible around her family members, and she decided it was time she did something for herself.

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What led to the fallout between Bosco and Vita?

Champion is largely about sibling rivalry. Bosco took his sister for granted, and he had to pay a huge price for it. Vita was the only person in the room who cared about Bosco’s well-being, yet she was treated miserably. Her best friend, Honey, tried to motivate her to start her own music career, but Vita was happy to be behind the scenes as long as her brother agreed to make her his manager. Bosco never took her proposal seriously, and Vita was too tired to carry on working without any respect. Honey invited her to Big Bulla’s studio, who also happened to be Bosco’s rival.

While both Honey and Vita were supposed to sing the chorus, Mark and Big Bulla were absolutely mesmerized by Vita’s voice. Mark was Bosco’s ex-girlfriend’s present fiancé, and he had his own reasons to worsen the sibling rivalry. Honey felt cheated when she was asked to leave the studio while Vita received all the praise. Honey believed Vita owed it to her for showing her the right path. Vita felt betrayed by the people she trusted. For the first time in her life, she wanted to do something for herself, but her parents did not support her; her brother was bitter about the entire situation, and her best friend misunderstood her. From a young age, Vita was told by her mother to always support her brother’s dream. She grew up believing it was her only job, and she never got the chance to become her own person. Bosco was so used to his sister covering up for him that he did not learn to value her. He had taken her for granted, and he did not consider that she could one day choose to leave.

At first, Mark took advantage of Vita by recording everything she said that was critical of Bosco to strain her relationship with her brother. Mark was Bulla’s manager, and during one of his shows, he used the recording to tarnish Bosco Champion’s name. Bosco was a changed man after he had to spend time in prison. Making a comeback was tough on him, and losing his sister’s support had mentally impacted him. But with the encouragement of his best friend and DJ, Memet, he decided to show support to his sister during her performance, but it ended up turning into a trap set by Mark and Bulla. But Bosco did not disappoint the crowd, and he ended up rapping on the spot. When Mark realized that Bulla did not have a chance to win the rap battle, he played Vita’s audio. The scandal had spread like wildfire, and the relationship between the siblings was now impossible to mend. Vita’s mother, Aria, asked Vita to leave the house, and she ended up crashing at Tayo’s place.

What secret was Beres hiding from his family?

Beres only cared about building his legacy, and in the process, he failed to become a dedicated father to his children. Bosco needed support for his mental health, yet Beres never paid heed and pushed him to continue making music. Bosco was so desperate to impress his father that he never understood that his old man was causing him more harm than good. Beres ran a radio show, and he barely made money out of it. He never took an interest in the restaurant that he and Aria started, and his only hope for financial security was Bosco. He came up with the idea of starting their own family label, Champion Crown, to make the most of Bosco’s music. Bosco trusted his father, and he assumed that the label would bring him more profit and would allow him to have complete control over his music. He did not realize that his father was simply finding a way to exploit him further.

While the confrontation between the father and son comes later in Champion, his relationship with Aria and Vita was completely ruined on their trip to Jamaica. Even after separating from Beres, Aria always sought his permission before taking any decision. He had failed to be a responsible husband, but he had always been a charming man. She had a soft corner for him, and it was evident to her partner, Lennox. Lennox was a simple man who was madly in love with Aria and wanted to marry her. He cared for her children like his own, and he always found ways to make Aria’s life a little easier. When Aria announced that she would travel to Jamaica to attend Beres’ father’s funeral, Lennox decided he had had enough. He found her decision impossible to accept, and he ultimately chose to give up on their relationship.

Aria and Beres had spent considerable time together in Jamaica, and even though they knew getting intimate was a bad idea, they failed to stop themselves. Just when Aria thought her relationship with Beres had improved, she found a secret that she could never forgive him for. Junior, the boy Beres had introduced to his family as his little brother, was, in reality, his son. Junior was born six months before Bosco, and Aria was completely oblivious to the affair. Beres abandoned Junior, and his father was ashamed of his decision. Beres’ father left everything he owned to Junior to compensate for his son. After finding out the truth, Aria decided to leave immediately, and so did Vita, who was equally disappointed in her father.

How did Bosco make a comeback?

Bosco suffered from PTSD after his time in prison, but unfortunately, he never got the time to heal from it. Losing Vita’s support had left him devastated, and all of a sudden, he found himself in a helpless position. Everyone on social media seemed to be talking negatively about him, and his manager constantly reminded him of how little money he was making. Bosco needed to act fast before the tour began, and to his surprise, Honey came to his rescue. She believed Vita had betrayed both Bosco and her; therefore, they could together destroy her. She got hold of Vita’s music diary and stole the lyrics of her song to perform it onstage. The crowd enjoyed the music Bosco produced, and he once again felt hopeful about his career. But the high did not last long, and Bosco suffered from paranoia and panic attacks.

Everything slipped out of control when Bosco directly attacked Big Bulla onstage by discussing his former career as a policeman. Bulla had no place to hide, and the revelation ultimately resulted in a fight. The situation attracted police attention, and once again, Memet came to Bosco’s rescue. Bosco was not in his right mind, and he ended up crashing their car. The entire episode resulted in the cancellation of Bosco’s UK tour. Vita returned home to meet her brother, and for a minute, the relationship between the siblings seemed to have improved, with Bosco discussing how caged he felt even after stepping out of prison. Vita wanted to listen to her brother, but at the same time, she had work commitments to fulfill. Bosco once again felt disappointed in his sister and left. Bosco had to take up birthday gigs to keep afloat, and he was ashamed of himself. His only respite was his ex-girlfriend, Chantelle, and his daughter, Milan, but he was unaware of Mark’s plan to shift to New York with his family.

When Beres returned from Jamaica, he managed to manipulate Bosco into trusting him, and his mother was not happy about it. Even after being warned about his father several times, Bosco decided to go ahead with the launch of Champion Crown. Thankfully, in Champion episode 7 of Champion, his manager, Dawn, came to his rescue. She intended for Bosco to make the right decision because she could see he was struggling and that he had already been deceived by too many people. Dawn went on to explain that Champion Crown was a subsidiary of Bosco’s old label, and his father had named himself the director, and he would receive all the money Bosco would make. All his recordings belonged to Champion Crown, and Bosco realized his father had lied to him all along. He decided to have a word with Vita, and in the process, he found out that Chantelle and Milan were leaving for New York. Bosco’s entire world came crashing down, and he could no longer think straight. When Chantelle showed no interest in getting back with him, Bosco took Milan with him. He spent the entire day hiding from people on a terrace and chatting with his daughter. In the meantime, Mark informed the police about the incident, and when Chantelle found Milan, the police siren followed her. Bosco escaped that night, and for the next six months, he stayed in hiding. By taking a break from the world, he could finally focus on the things he cared about. After a long hiatus from music, he made an impactful return, speaking his truth through his lyrics. Aria and Vita realized that Beres had played Bosco, and they showed their support for him.

Did the siblings reunite?

In the past six months, Vita’s life has drastically changed. She was a celebrated musical talent at the moment, and she was nominated for the Best Newcomer award at the Best British Music Awards. Her tour was extended because it was selling like hotcakes. Vita was living the life she had dreamed of, but she missed the support of her family. It had been long since she had last heard from her brother, and she never stopped worrying about him. When she heard his new track, she was relieved and impressed. She wanted to leave her rehearsals to show support for Bosco, but her manager was against it. All her life, Vita was told to prioritize her family, and she felt immensely guilty for focusing only on herself. Vita always found herself surrounded by people, but there was no one she could pour her heart out to. She eventually decided to break up with Laurent, and he did not take it well. He accused Vita of taking advantage of him, and before leaving, he asked her not to perform on any of the tracks that he composed.

Vita had only a day to produce an original track, and she relied on her brother’s feedback to come up with something worthwhile. Vita’s manager, Yemi, was quite against the sudden change, but after listening to the track, she agreed to make all the necessary arrangements. At the end of Champion Season 1, Aria and Lennox came to show support for Vita during her performance. Honey traveled from New York to cheer on her best friend. And to everyone’s surprise, Bosco finally decided to come out of hiding and support his sister. He went on stage to perform with Vita, and it was evident that he was proud of her. Bosco realized that he and his family had treated his sister wrongly all her life. She would have never discovered her potential if she had not ventured out alone. Their parents had always treated them differently. They poured all their love and affection onto their son in the hopes that he would build their legacy someday, and Vita was taught to become Bosco’s invisible support system.

Why was Bosco arrested?

Beres was not happy with the lyrics of Bosco’s new song, which vilified him. Moreover, he could not make a profit out of the new release, and the investors in Champion Crown were furious about it. Beres was warned by the representative of Detector Records that he could either bring Bosco back or return the advance they made. They even went on to suggest that if Beres wanted, he could prove to the world that Bosco was not in his right senses when he wrote the lyrics, but Dawn was completely against the idea. She begged Beres to bring Bosco back to the label for the right reason, but Beres cared about no one but himself.

During Champion‘s ending, things were finally changing for good. The sibling rivalry was over, as Bosco and Vita hugged it out on stage. The family was happy at last, but that was before Beres stepped in. Vita had won the award, and the family was leaving the show together in a celebratory mood, but all of a sudden, Beres interrupted them. Beres and Mi had arrived to take Bosco away to a mental health facility after Beres confirmed that his son was ill. He once again proved that he was capable of stooping low for his own benefit. The company wanted to establish that the song Bosco had released was a cry for help, and his father had consented to their statement. They could make decisions on behalf of Bosco by proving him mentally unstable. Police arrived at the scene to forcefully take Bosco away under the Mental Health Act of 1983. Mi did not disclose the entire plan to Beres, and in the end, he, too, was left surprised. The series ends with Bosco’s arrest, and the incomplete ending confirms the possibility of a second season.

Will There Be A Season 2?

In Champion Season 2, we can expect Vita and Bosco’s relationship to strengthen, and the family together will hopefully find the courage to stand against Beres. They might as well take legal action against him for all the lies and deceit. Beres seemed to be guilty of his decision when the police arrested his son, but has he learned a lesson? In the next season, either the record company and Beres will demand a deputyship, or Beres will finally do the right thing and protect Bosco. The ending of the first season suggested that Chantelle might have a change of heart, and we can expect Bosco’s family to become his support system. In the next season, we can also expect to see how Vita handles her fame along with her music career. Also, we hope to see more of Vita and Memet’s relationship. Along with the baggage from the first season, it will be exciting to see a few new characters to spice up the story. While a second season has not yet been confirmed, we surely will not mind another dose of drama and music.

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