‘Champion’ Season 2 Theories: What To Expect Next From Netflix Series?


Champion was one of the most well-made stories on what it means to break out of generational trauma. It rightly showed just how much continuous work that takes, and this is what we will see more of in season 2 if there is one.

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Will Bosco get out of prison?

This was the greatest cliffhanger of Champion season 1. Bosco had been pampered in the unique way that only men are, where they are not allowed to grow emotionally to deal with the pressures put on them at all times. That led to him getting a lot of panic attacks and general anxiety, which he did not know how to deal with until he disappeared from the public eye to gather his head. At the end of the first season, Bosco was in a much better space, and he had learned to appreciate and recognize the people around him who made him what he was. But yet again, he was let down by his father. Beres was in a lot of financial trouble, and he was using his son as his ticket out of that. Instead of being honest with his family, he was pushing them more and more into a corner, and locking up Bosco was just an extension of that. Whatever first started Bosco’s anxiety, it was related to his time in jail, but Beres never took the time to understand that. By sending him back, he had probably undone the months of work that Bosco put in himself.

In Champion season 2, perhaps Beres will admit what is going on. Bosco and Vita may agree to help him, but the man has a lot of work to do to let go of his destructive pride and entitlement. He did not know that the police would get involved with Bosco, but even if he did, there was no guarantee that he would have behaved differently. Champion season 2 will have to see Bosco doing the mental health work with the love and support of the rest of his family, without any such obstructions.

Will Aria and Lennox be together?

It is unclear whether or not Aria spent the night with Beres in Jamaica, but we suspect that she is lying to Lennox or is at least not telling him the whole truth. Even if she was not with Beres, they were very close, and Lennox deserved that information. In so many ways, Aria is doing to Lennox what Beres did to her: she took him for granted, and when he was about to leave, she lied to keep him with her. Beres is unable to stand the fact that Aria is breaking free of him. When he finds that his children also don’t want anything to do with him, he may come to her with his hurt pride. Aria will probably not be sympathetic, but if Lennox overhears their conversation, he might come to know that she lied to him about Jamaica, and he may reconsider his proposal.

On the other hand, Aria has indeed given up a lot for the sake of the family. It would be fair to say that she was robbed of it through sheer manipulation by Beres. She may have a chance to get back to it with Vita in Champion season 2. Aria is a good songwriter and singer, so if Vita asks her to join her team, it may be one way for her to achieve her dreams once again.

Will Honey be Vita’s friend?

Honey has proven to be a great friend for Vita, but at the first sign of disagreement, she was the one who stole Vita’s book of songs and took it to Bosco. Honey became Vita’s friend once again when she had nothing going on for herself, and Vita helped her out. In Champion season 2, if Vita goes to America, she would be a direct competitor to Honey, and we may see the latter’s destructive side again. Perhaps she would try to sabotage her friend to get ahead or act in a similarly unfriendly manner. The bottom line is that Honey cannot be trusted completely. 

Is Vita dating Memet?

The women of Champion, namely Vita, Aria, and Chantelle, are unable to get over the men who treat them badly. Aria was hung up on Beres until she knew he had cheated. Chantelle is still waiting for Bosco, and Vita is stuck on Memet, who chose her brother and only came back to Vita when he saw that she was more successful than Bosco, so he wouldn’t be on the losing boat. It is possible that we are judging Memet too harshly, but only Champion season 2 will tell whether he is worthy of forgiveness and a second chance. Vita may also face some problems from Laurent, who may prohibit her from using any music they created together, sending a lot of work down the drain.

Secondly, there is the matter of Vita distancing herself from the toxicity of her family. There is no doubt that her brother and her mother need her, and Vita is allowed to help them. But the dysfunctionality of the household is such that even though everyone recognizes the toxicity, old habits die hard. None of them would know where to draw the line when asking for Vita’s help. At some point, even if she decides to keep some distance, Memet may think differently because he is Bosco’s best friend, so his priorities and duties are completely different.

Will Vita be allowed to spread her wings?

Bosco has understood that Vita is better off alone, without her family to bring her down. Beres doesn’t care about that at all, as long as his debts are settled. As for Aria, she refuses to see the obvious because, in so many ways, she is also the victim, and her oppression of Vita is because she did not think that her daughter could have a different life, so it was her way of protecting her.

In the last episode, Vita’s manager had to remind Aria to prioritize Vita the way she did her son. That means that Aria will have to learn that Bosco is a grown man who shouldn’t need his sister catering to his needs and emotions all the time. As for Bosco, he doesn’t want to get in the way of Vita, but he may need her influence to get out of the situation his father has created. Vita needs to be away from her family, and they also need to learn to let her go.

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