‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 10 Recap/Ending, Explained – Love That Vanquished Evil!


Chapelwaite Episode 10 concluded the journey of Charles Boone. He arrived in Maine looking for a new abode for his children. But a tragedy followed. The quiet whaler was deceived by his cousin, Stephen. He brought Charles to Chapelwaite to find a cursed book, De Vermis Mysteriis. The Boone family had a curse of hereditary Vermiphobia brought upon the family by James Boone in 1780.

When Charles discovered the intentions of his mischievous dead cousin, another perpetrator, Jakub, a vampire lord, approached. Due to their hereditary curse, only a living Boone could find the book of the undead, and Jakub wanted Charles to find it. Jakub needed the dark bible to summon his Worm God. In his vision, Charles saw the destruction that would follow if Jakub brought his lord to the human world. The human body would become flesh for the creatures of the dark. Chapelwaite Episode 10 chronicled the final battle between Jakub and Charles Boone that decided the fate of humanity.

‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 10 Recap

Charles teamed up with his salient allies, George Dennison, Rebecca Morgan, and a few others from Preacher’s town. He attacked Jakub’s church in Jerusalem’s Lot.

During combat, Charles discovered that vampires could be killed by a fatal blow on their dear hearts. The humans killed blood-drinking creatures, but their large number overpowered them. After a series of deaths and bloodshed, George sacrificed his life to create a diversion to help Charles enter Jakub’s church. Loa helped Charles to combat Jakub, and valiantly, the whaler chopped off Jakub’s head.

However, taking advantage of the brawl, Stephen stole the book to finish the ceremony to wake up the Worm Lord. But Charles was on a killing spree and mercilessly stabbed Stephen’s heart to save humanity from eternal darkness.

After Jakub’s army perished, Charles and his living companions burnt Jerusalem’s Lot to ashes and brought Loa back to Chapelwaite. Though Charles had defeated Jakub and Stephen, the curse on his family was still intact. The curse demanded Charles make the ultimate sacrifice for his children’s future.

‘Chapelwaite’ Ending Explained

In Episode 7, when Charles finally found De Vermis Mysteriis, the book of the undead intensified his hereditary madness.

Charles tried to destroy the book, but it was indestructible. It couldn’t be burnt or tampered with. Looking at his delusional state, Rebecca forcefully took the book and tied it to Mary Dennison’s body. Mary was an undead vampire, and the book belonged to their kind. As soon as the book found its roots, it silenced Charles’s madness. Through this journey, Charles understood that the book had to be with the undead to keep the curse away from his lineage.

In the end of Episode 10, Charles decided to become a personal keeper of the book. He didn’t want to leave it with undead Loa because he knew that the likes of Jakub would come looking for the book. Charles couldn’t trust anyone else but himself, and thus he decided to sacrifice his soul, his humanity, for his children’s future. Charles re-united Loa, Tane, and Honor and requested Loa to let him drink her blood.

Later, Loa killed her father, and in his moment of unconsciousness, Doctor Guilford stitched De Vermis Mysteriis inside Charles’ chest. The book was returned to the undead Charles, and thus Tane and Honor were freed from the hereditary curse.

Doctor Guilford prepared a fake death certificate for Charles Boone, and Able dug up a grave for him outside the manor. Charles was dead to humanity, but a new vampire woke up. Charles bid final goodbye to his children and left Tane, Honor, and Loa under Rebecca’s protective guidance.

Chapelwaite Episode 10 Recap Ending Explained Adrien Brody

The whaler who came seeking peace in Maine, unfortunately, had to leave without a soul. Charles Boone sailed towards an unknown land in an unpredictable future, promising to look after his children always. The children lost their father, and Rebecca lost her only lover. They saw Charles washing back to the sea, the place he always belonged.

In the end, it was Charles’ love for his children that vanquished evil. And what he left behind were seeds that rose from the ashes, looking out for a better future.

Chapelwaite is a horror fiction television series created by Jason Filardi and Peter Filardi. It stars Adrien Brody in the lead role.

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