‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 2: Recap and Ending, Explained – Is Stephen Really Alive?


Episode one brought Charles Boone and his kids’ Honor, Loa, and Tane, to an ancestral mansion, Chapelwaite in Maine. Charles inherited the house and the family’s timber mill after his cousin, Stephen Boone.

But as the family arrives at the sleepy town of Preacher’s Corners, Charles learns about locals lingering animosity towards the Boones. As a result of such hostility, Charles and the children find it challenging to adapt to the town merrily. But that’s just the brighter side of the drama. A robust paranormal conflict hovers over Charles as he hallucinates worms crawling in front of his eyes. The ‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 2 dives deeper into the mysterious plot.

‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 2: Recap

The episode begins with a strange child-birth where the single mother, Faith Pringle, gives birth to a deformed baby. Due to the absence of a legitimate father, the town questions Faith’s morality. The wife of the town’s governor, Alice Burroughs, lends a hand to Faith to find the father. However, Faith respectfully declines the offer. It is revealed that Governor Martin and Faith are having an affair and the baby belongs to Martin. He had previously lost two twins in his marriage with Alice. Martin’s two daughters were caught by an unknown disease that led to their death.

The town of Preacher’s Corners blames the Boone’s family for bringing a plague of the dreadful disease. Martin’s daughter and Stephen’s daughter, Marcella, were close friends, and the town theorized that the children got infected from Marcella. Though neither Martin nor the Boones’ new governess, Rebecca Morgan, believe in such speculative acquisitions.

Rebecca’s father worked as an attorney for the Boone family and later left for New York to grow his law practice. However, the unvirtuous Morgan started a family in the new lands and never looked back. Rebecca becomes their salient ally in a hostile town and helps the kids get admission to the public school. However, even at the school, the kids get bullied as parents and teachers suspect that the Boones’ kids bring the unknown illness with them.

Amidst all chaos, Charles keeps his head high and passionately explores his vision to expand the family business.

A visionary Charles Boone

After years of drifting in the ocean, Charles finally decided to settle down and fulfill his late wife’s desire. As he abodes Chapelwaite, Charles passionately aspired to expand production at the Boone sawmill and use its lumber to build ships along with the Androscoggin County in Maine.

He speculated that this yard would produce cargo ships faster than any clipper at sea in two years. The trade would bring prosperity to the sleepy town and wealth for its locals. However, the township had their preconceived notions about Boones and the illness that they got to the city. Thus, none of the men showed up to join Charles’ venture. The prejudice dethroned Charles’ ambitions, and he felt miserably helpless.

The Tragedy of Edward and Susan Mallory

In episode one, a worker at the mill, Daniel Thompson, bribed his fellow mate, Edward, to scare off the new Boones’ through violent ways. However, before Edward could accomplish the task, he was killed by a strange man.

Before leaving the town, Edward’s daughter, Susan Mallory, saw his father traveling towards Chapelwaite. Thus, after Edward’s disappearance, Susan (infected with the mysterious disease) arrives at Boone’s manor looking for her father.

After the juncture, Susan suddenly died on the Hallows’ Eve night. In her last words, she muttered about Edward and Stephen Boone waiting at the window. After Susan’s death, her mother hysterically proclaimed that Stephen had come back from the end. She even threatened the new Boone, Charles, for bringing such a curse to the town. Bewildered by the town’s insanity, Charles and the kids quickly left for Chapelwaite.

As soon as Charles arrived, the manor, in rage, dug up Stephen’s grave and, to his astonishment, found the casket empty.

Is Stephen really alive? The further episodes will put forth the necessary light.

Chapelwaite is a Horror Fiction Television series created by Peter and Jason Filardi. It stars Adrien Brody in the lead role.

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