‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending


The affairs of Chapelwaite come to a standstill in Episode 4. The narrative lazily revisits the stakes and prepares the ground to introduce some titular characters. Their arrival brings eeriness to the ambiance and will probably influence the upcoming turn of events.

‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 4: Recap

Episode 3 unraveled a peculiar mystery about Boones’ hereditary Vermiphobia. Like his ancestors, Charles suffered from similar horrors. Until now, Charles never discussed his hallucinations about worms with anyone. But after Charles attacked Loa in paranoia, he revealed to Rebecca that only his late wife knew about his situation. Charles felt the weightage of his family’s curse and feared that he would descend into madness like his cousin Stephen, uncle Philip, and his father, Robert. All the Boones’ who lived hallucinated worms, which became a reason for their death/suicide.

Charles also communicated that after he found Philip’s empty grave, he visited Frigate Island. At the mental asylum, Doctor Frost informed Charles of his hereditary condition and requested him to be admitted to the hospital for the safety of his children. Charles believed he would end up like his late father, Robert. He tried to bury Charles alive in his childhood, and Charles feared he would inflict similar harm upon his children.

However, before these curiosities could be explored, Charles’ youngest son, Tane, found a hidden tunnel in the barn. Charles followed the tunnel and discovered that it was connected to a passageway inside the manor’s walls. The moment Charles stepped into Chapelwaite, he heard rats moving inside the walls. However, with the tunnel’s discovery, Charles speculated that his dead cousin, Stephen, used the passageway to eavesdrop on him and his family and probably might have tried to play with Charles’ sanity. Charles decided to wait for Stephen with a gun to hunt down, menacing Stephen.

‘Chapelwaite’ Episode 4: Ending

The strange woman that visited Tane in the barn in Episode 3 caught Faith outside the house. Faith was a pregnant woman who had an affair with the town’s minister, Martin. But hit by a tragedy, Faith gave birth to an deformed baby. The eerie interaction between the strange woman and Faith underlined that Faith was a slave to a mysterious person named Jakub. Faith gave her blood to Jakub, and maybe the exchange compelled her into an unbreakable bond with the worm (or Jakub).

At night, Rebecca visited the town sheriff, George’s ailing wife, Mary Dennison. Like many others in the town, Mary was down with a deadly fever that had no cure. The town believed that Boones’ family brought the diseases. The suspicion became clear when Rebecca saw a dead Philip attacking Mary. By the end of the episode, Mary’s husband, George found bite marks on her neck that was probably inflicted by the blood-sucking vampire, Philip.

At Chapelwaite Manor, a cold-blooded Stephen faced Loa on the staircase. Charles heard their words and came out of the tunnel and saw Stephen standing in front of him. Charles shot Stephen when he tried to run away. However, later, Charles and Able witnessed that the bullet did not affect Stephen. He bled badly yet managed to stand and leave. To add to the curiosity, Stephen sported the familiar fangs, which could probably mean he feeds on blood too.

Later at night, the strange woman visited Chapelwaite with a small group of white-blooded people. The odd woman told Charles they were called the “promised” and requested him to visit Jakub in Jerusalem’s lot tomorrow. According to her, Jakub had the answers to the worm madness growing inside Charles.

The strange suggestion in Episode 4, were the fang marks that appeared on everyone’s body. They were connected with Jakub and the mysterious fever. For some reason, Faith, who was Jakub’s slave too, had fang marks on her neck. And the only two creatures that flaunted fangs were Stephen and Philip. Hence, it could be speculated that Jakub brought the dead Boones’ back to life and turned them into blood-sucking creatures who fed on human blood for their survival. Charles suggested that Stephen only visit the manor at night. And until now, the audience saw the mischievous dead Boones only at night. The fact hints at their vampiric essence, which could be a curse given to them by the mysterious Jakub.

According to the strange woman, “Jakub never loses a lamp,” and maybe these fever-stricken towners and “the promised” were Jakub’s poultry, his means of survival.

Episode 5 will resolve further.

Chapelwaite is a Horror Fiction Television series created by Peter and Jason Filardi. It is based on a short story, “Jerusalem’s Lot” written by Stephen King.

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